Vanessa Hudgens Won’t Stop Wearing Bikinis

January 26th, 2012 // 34 Comments

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens in Hawaii yesterday where she did a little topless sunbathing if topless means you don’t see anything awesome even though we’ve all stared directly into her spread eagle vagina, so technically she owes us for the free gynecological exam. This isn’t socialist Canada, lady. (Teach the infidel a lesson, Liam.)

Photos: Fame/Flynet


  1. Vanessa won’t stop wearing bikinis because blogs like this keep posting the pics everyday. Can we get some hot chicks on here today please.

    • Artofwar

      …Seen more ass on a one leg 11 year old boy. Not that I’m into one leg 11 year old boy’s butts. Two legs perhaps, but one leg—-that would just be plain wrong….Artofwar

    • Chief

      She might be sporting bikinis everyday because they are in Hawaii?
      It’s pretty much what you do there, while surfing and drinking and kickin it.

  2. On behalf of everybody with a penis, fine by me.

  3. Weirdo

    Me likey lickee lickee!

  4. Kodos

    Such a cry for attention… Obviously, her boy isn’t doing it for her. OK, I’ll bite (and suck, and fondle, and penetrate…)

  5. Coyote

    She is not as Hot as she thinks she is, But I would Do Her

  6. V

    I don’t get all these girls that are around or over the age of 20 and still have the bodies of 14 year olds. No breasts, no waist, no ass, no hips. and I don’t think we can balme it on eating disoders 100% of the time. Like, legit girls don’t have shape in their 20′s now. WTF.

  7. vgirl

    Perfectly coifed and styled hair. Check.
    Full face of make up. Check.
    Fake lashes in place. Check.
    Paparazzi with HD camera on deck. Check.
    Prancing around acting lovey dovey. Check.

    Checklist from the Lindsay, Kim K, Paris, Ashley Green, Kellan Lutz, Leanne Rymes, Kate Bosworth school of Famewhores.

  8. OnTheRealThough

    I love that she’s a happy little whore…but she has an awful body.

  9. She has to get the bikini pictures out now because she will be a big fat burrito in the very near future.

  10. She’s just so cute and adorable. I don’t know whether to buy her ice cream before or after I molest her.

  11. Razor

    She shaved her arm hair, and her back hair. Looks like she got the full body job. Shaved her mustache, this bitch even had hair on her forehead but it’s not there in these pics.

  12. Plinkett's Older Brother

    Her and Selena Gomez could be sisters and I would totally believe it. I would also believe when no one’s looking they explore their moist hot bodies in the name of, umm, science. Yeah, that’s it, science.

  13. Vanessa Hudgens Topless Bikini
    Commented on this photo:


  14. Vanessa Hudgens Topless Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Why do we even care anymore? She is so not hot….
    I’ve seen cuter girls at my local JCC Pool!

  15. Schmidtler

    who is this chubby flat chested puerto rican chick? she’s famous for what now?

    • I think basically parading her around in bikinis every day is the studio’s idea for publicity for the upcoming “Journey 2: Shortened Because It’s Not to the Center of the Earth This Time.” And hopefully no one will notice the discrepancy between her real cup size and the ones in the movie poster.

  16. Billy Rays Taint

    I have an odd feeling that her twat reeks of old, musty library books…I would be willing to find that out…

  17. SIN

    Not bad but we want to see naked tits. Real, fake, we don’t care.

  18. Problem?

    Is conveniently losing her top in front of the paps replacing her usual naked photo “hacking”?

  19. whim


  20. I don’t usually get all haterade on this piece, but this girl is a total cock mongler. I would totally hit it, but I guarantee every rumor that’s been said about this girl is probably true..and some probably involve pool tables and multiple guys.

  21. nahhbicthitsme

    need someone to talk to

  22. Vanessa Hudgens Topless Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she is shaped like a chubby kid

  23. lily

    shes got a cute face but her body is completely average

  24. Vanessa Hudgens Topless Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she needs to do some crunches ASAP

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