Vanessa Hudgens is a Sexy Dresser

December 20th, 2010 // 84 Comments

In case there was any doubt Vanessa Hudgens would land back on her feet after breaking up with Zac Efron, here she is looking sexier than ever in Studio City over the weekend. If the clitoris wasn’t a mythical creature, I’m pretty sure these would Sarah Palin‘s a boner so big it could fly a helicopter. Which is literally a compliment. Mine can only work a unicycle and even then it’s touch and go.

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  1. BONZO420

    yea ts been so loong


  2. CptCreep

    First time in my life I’ve fascinated about humping an Ewok…

  3. RoboZombie

    I have this Nine Inch Nails song going through my head…

  4. Cody

    She’s dressed as Pedo Bear?

  5. Colin

    She’d better take that thing off before Khloe Kardashian tries to mate with her…

  6. Cock Dr

    Could we convince the Snookie to wear this hat & then go for long rambles through rural woodlands?
    Where is it hunting season right now?

  7. Um, so this isn’t the lead singer of “The Cult”?

  8. I know it’s cool to be into retro video games but I didn’t think there was such a huge market for the raccoon suit from Super Mario Bros. 3.

  9. Inmate 12236969

    Well this looks good! Looks like she’s a meat eater! Don’t get wrong I’ll bang a vegetarian/vegan chick as a long is they don’t mine me eating a Big Mac while I’m humping them.


    What the HELL is that thing anyhow??? And get a load of the bags under her eyes. She looks all that she’s CRACKED UP to be … hehehehe. Nice legs and I love the knee/thigh high stockings. That ‘thing’ on her head has to go though. Good lord I hope that’s not a fashion trend because if it is, there are going to be a lot of teen boys running around humping puppy dogs mistaking them for high school freshmen females!!!

    • Cock Dr

      Dante, I thought garb like this was normal in Canada.
      It DOES look kinda warm.

      • I actually saw a few girls wearing the ‘bear carpet hat’ over the weekend and … I still don’t get it. Looks stupid to me. Besides, she’s in California, how cold was it there? 60 farenheit?

  11. macho man

    Weee’ve all seeeen you naaaaked….weeee’ve all seeeen you naaaaaaaakeeeed
    haha SKANK

  12. Deacon Jones

    ” I need your bearskin, boots, and your motorcycle”

  13. GravyLeg

    She just left the casting call for “Clan of the Cave Bear 2: The Musical”.

  14. Nyub nyub, mmmmm eechooo nakatee adu!!! (Oh no! The Hairy Bush skinned Wicket!)

  15. jojo

    Hello Darkness, my old friend.

  16. Drew

    “sexier than ever” lol right.

    Your sponsorships and ad/link campaigns are starting to show through. I liked this site better when you posted filth from your own head, rather than posting filth that you’re told to post to coincide with the opinions of your “affiliates”. See ya.

  17. Drew

    To add to that, when are we going to see TV spots of Superficial like that cunt Lainey is now doing?

  18. Vanessa Hudgens
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like an olsen troll

  19. She looks like a caricature of a cold war era russian prostitute.

    “I make ze sex with you, da? Fifty ruble for mouth, sixty for babushka”

  20. i wana commit beastiality wit dat

    • Cock Dr

      You have to catch it first.
      And remember, always eat what you catch.
      She must be dying for a good one after years acting as pretty boy’s gf. I wonder how much the Mouse paid her over the years for that acting gig.

  21. hellokittylover

    She looks so dumb with that on her head. Fake fur or not, wearing something that looks like road kill isn’t cool nor is it stylish. It just makes you look like an idiot who has no heart for the poor animals who are skinned alive for their fur. When will this disgusting trend end?

    • S'up Bitches

      Hey hippy. Why don’t you lead by example and jump off a cliff. I know that doesn’t make any sense. I just want you to shut up.

    • Have you ever find yourself beween a rock and a rough place?

      Have you washed your muumuus for the upcoming holidays yet?

      Very few things are more things are more important than looking HOT…

  22. I see they’ve changed the costumes at the Mickey Mouse club.

  23. Randal

    Better watch out Vanessexy, for the huntress may become the hunted. You, beautiful, may become the trophy of more than one young H-wood bachelor if you don’t stay on the attack. Rawr!


  24. Vanessa Hudgens
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey! Its the missing Kardasian twin!

  25. Demi's Coke Binge

    I’d hit it, whatever the hell that is.

  26. Well you know Japan just came.

  27. Khloe Kardashian

    “Breathtaking. I shall call her… Mini-Me”.

  28. I’m gonna’ be honest. I kinda’ like the way she’s looking at my pic-a-nic basket.

  29. Radlad

    Snookie pelt???

  30. Have you ever find yourself beween a rock and a rough place?

    The shoes are nice, but they should’ve been heels…

    I’d like to place a special bounty on Vanessa’s whereabouts at night, for the simple fact that when some girls end a long standing relationship, they will go on a banging rampage at their local bars or club. And they don’t include these men when they are counting how many men they have been with in retrospect…Oh so sexy, as long as she doesn’t belong to me.

  31. Hey, I like Jamiroquai too, but this is taking it a little too far…

  32. ….This shot was taken early morning out front some flea bitten, off road motel. She is clearly doing the walk of shame, yet remarkably with a clear conscious.

    A shining example of post breakup pro-hoe mastery at its finest. Ladies, watch and learn.

  33. Vanessa Hudgens
    Commented on this photo:

    if u like the faux animal on her head…check out

  34. The Listener

    I don’t care if it’s real fur or faux fur. I hate it. It looks like she decapitated a bear and then carved out the head so she can keep warm. Really? She couldn’t buy a hood without bear ears on it?

    And why does she have bags under her eyes? Maybe not enough sleep or she has a cold.

  35. Richard McBeef

    Wickett!! NOOOOOO!!!!!

  36. Matt

    I’m pretty… These would… Sarah palin’s a boner? What the fuck are you talking about? You’re starting to get a little sloppy Super Fish. How about we cut back on sniffing magic markers and start tightening up a little. You’re snarky comments aren’t going to write themselves.

  37. Vanessa Hudgens
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like an Ewok!

    • buzz

      I definitely agree with you! haha! A drugged Ewok she is! I wonder what animal she killed for that fur, looks like a bear cub. Calling PETA! Somebody’s wearing fur here and she’s a celebrity! Well…sort of! haha!

  38. GingleJanglez

    Johnny Depp you sly dog! I didn’t know the new Pirates of the Caribbean came out!

  39. M

    That’s also filth gross blech. Get that horrible, nasty shit off your head… Fer Chris’ sake. Gross!!!

  40. wim

    when you’re a GRIZZLY…………………SHE IS, folks!!

  41. Vanessa Hudgens
    Commented on this photo:

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

  42. Vanessa Hudgens
    Commented on this photo:

    Fucking fur wearing bitch!

  43. taresabrendy

    Well this looks good! Looks like she’s a red animal protein eater! Don’t get incorrect I’ll bang a vegan/vegan chick as a long is they don’t mine meeting a big Mac while I’m humping them.

    motorcycles for sale

  44. stench orifice

    I don’t care about any of it. I would still place her on her elbows and knees and then administer deep and hard anal tongue thrusting. Deep enough to find out what she had for last evening’s dinner. She is one hot little shminx. Ever notice her perfect feet and legs?

  45. Why do I get the image in my head of Sarah Palin masterbating to these pictures??? “Ohhh golly, nothin hotter than a woman in bear skin … fap fap fap”

  46. Yogi Bear: “Heyyyy ya BooBoo, lets a go steal some picka nick basketS!!! Booboo? Heyyya Booboo my boy where are y …. Youuuu Killed Booboo!!! YOU BASTARDSSSS!!!!”

  47. Vanessa Hudgens
    Commented on this photo:

    she is furry ?

  48. eatme

    …besides this being the fucking stupidest looking fur coat i have ever seen, rich cunts that wear fur deserve to have their puppies stolen from their yard and curbed: what goes around comes around.

    Vanessa Hudgens, you are fucking disgusting.

  49. lori

    Great. Now everyone’s trying to be funny and posting the lamest, unfunniest crap possible so that they can be one of The Most Important People on the Internet. Nice going, Superficial writer. Now I have to sift through 65 idiotic comments to find one clever one.

  50. London

    NO one mentioned the hugeass NOSE

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