Vanessa Hudgens in a Bikini

September 16th, 2011 // 103 Comments

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens vacationing in Maui yesterday where she delicately held the line between doughy and an acceptable amount of padding on an attractive woman. Or, “Damn! She pregnant,” as LeAnn Rimes just told me to put it.

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  1. Brad Brown

    Is it just me, or has her weight gain shrunk her boobs?

  2. This is a sad prelude of things to come. Some chicks have small boobs even as they get fat…I assume Jesus hates them. If she’s this pudgy and still has A cup boobs, it’s not going to be a pretty picture.

    But then she’ll probably get globular double-D breast implants next month, and everyone will say how brave she is.

  3. She’s texting me to let me know that her period is over and I can come over and spoil that shit. Bring wine coolers.

  4. I’d button her pea.

  5. Crusty Drawers

    She had to chop off her hair and put on a few pounds to play a homeless, pregnant teenager. Clearly she’s almost back down to her Coachella body already.

  6. Beefarino

    Looks good to me and props to her shorts for reigning in the thunderbush.

  7. lily

    she looks good! i know she gained some weight for a movie roll, but it all went to the right places

  8. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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    I’d still smash

  9. Anon

    I really don’t think she looks out of shape out all. She’s not as toned as a lot of celebrities, but I think she looks great.

  10. muhammad helmi

    ye….true …in….bali……is my big boss company bus travelling touris internasional

  11. Bret Michaels

    What she lacks in a figure she makes up for in aura. She definitely gives off the vibe that she’s the kind of girl that up for anything dirty and slutty.

  12. Mitch

    She looks like an illegal some coyotes just smuggled across the mexican border.

  13. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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    She can’t decide whether to text on her iphone or Morse it out on her itwat. The kids today are so wired.

  14. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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    I don’t understand how this can be considered “doughy.” At all.

  15. Dan

    Looks alright to me.

  16. Lydia

    gees, she looks like a boy who man boobs!

  17. dontkillthemessenger

    The hair is still my biggest issue with her. I’d hit that in two seconds despite the obvious drop-off.

  18. right

    Compared to the nude pics she intentionally leaked a while back, she definitely needs to hit the gym. Her new look aint doing it.

  19. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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    I think she is butt ugly, even when she is done up to the nines… her face is ugly and her lack of boobs is unfortunate and I mean that in a nice way, that sucks

  20. terry

    Bitch needs to get that rack worked on like ASAP! I ain’t playing!

  21. Kaywoodie Sucker

    that is a nice style of tits.

    One thing about them, though, is they are hell to grab ahold of with lotion on them.

  22. ManiacFive

    She has no boobs. her curves are non existent, except for perhaps the arse, but anybody under the age of 12 has the same arse, male of female.

    ‘Acceptable amount of padding’ demands a C cup. not an A.

  23. OutofOrder

    Funny how when you’re a “celebrity” people will say you look great and that you’re special when you’re not.

    Hudgens couldn’t have a more plain and unimpressive body. She’s well on her way to being matronly in every way. Not hot, not ugly, just there is all.

  24. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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  25. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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  26. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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  27. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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    It never fails, everytime she gets a post the hater’s come out in full force, it’s just so sickening how much hate we have in the world today. Vanessa looks great and is tarting to get herself back into shape lay off her already!.

  28. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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    wholly retarded??? did you just say doughy?? really? re-adjust yourself, and your view of what is doughy…she looks absolutely fine. Much thinner than the average american. Stop confusing the pretzel in your mouth with the person in the photo. Her stomach is probably flatter than yours will ever be.

  29. forrest gump


  30. SMB

    RE: the title of thi post:
    …yeah, and?

  31. Burt

    Now I get why those oversized sunglasses are so popular in Hollywood…It’s to shield us from what these actresses look like without makeup and Photoshop.

  32. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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    hannah, it’s because she doesn’t have dd’s, if she had, they wouldn’t notice.

  33. Hoovo

    Y’all are insane. This girl looks healthy. Sorry she doesn’t have fake tits, fake hair, lip injections, and a starvation diet. She has got great curves, natural beauty, and nice skin. You all are fuckin nuts.

    • Mike

      You know, I looked at the pictures again, and I’m surprised she doesn’t have fake tits. Some pictures looked like she had bolt-ons, but from the nice shot above, she ain’t bad. I think it’s the Disney rap she has, and she’s got all those naked photos leaked, so if you were in her shoes, you’d probably get hit with shrapnel.

      Other than that, right on the money. Fake tits = FAIL!

  34. Bill

    You just have to laugh at all the clearly gay guys here criticizing her. What are they going to do with her, anyway? Go fuck some dude’s asshole and leave her alone.

  35. Mark

    She could wear a burlap sack and she would still be sexy as hell…..

  36. Esther

    The men who have commented on this post are disgusting pigs. Women probably hate you. Have fun letting women steal all of your money before they laugh at you for being shallow, insecure, easily-manipulated men who think they have the power to pass judgement on a woman’s body. You guys suck, and it’s not attractive.

  37. What a retard

    C’mon guys; every dude here knows she’s a hot piece of ass, and I’d still fuck her silly.

  38. Dennis

    Smokin’ hot. I love her!

  39. Darnell "the Truth " Jackson

    Call the police ! someone stole her boobs!

  40. Wendy

    Wow I never realized how big of a gay following this site has…

  41. Kip Winger

    She is nearly without a waist indent and has small boobs. How does this makes her Hot ? She’s very average . I saw a much cuter and bustier Girl at the mall pretzel shop

  42. Annie

    What chub?

  43. Ash

    She looks good. Pretty sure shes a dike

  44. Manowl

    She is gonna a be such a great sidekick to Michelle Rodriguez! Bar-woman and Pudgin! Coming soon to a theater near you!

  45. Savannah-Shivaughn Snowbear

    A.K.A-”Vanessa PUDGINS”!LOL!:0.Open your ORAL GAPING HOLE+fill er’ up with your man-boy troll’s tootsie roll whanket! Ooh ooh baby can u come over and shake my belly gravy?! Is she growing another bastard troll like so many Disney Porno Whore’s? “From a Goodie 2 shoes to a stretch mark mama, who is gonna go psycho nuts ‘like that poor white trash talkin’gum chomping Britney Spears. Fat farm here I come:0! Chomp Chomp! I bet she shits like a trucker and pushes out log jammers in her bowl!

  46. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
    Michelle's weave
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    she is wipping my semen from her crotch before it runs down her leg.

  47. Canada Guy

    If thats dough-y, pass the butter cuz I would gladly eat them buns.
    All you holier than thou liars would turn that down if she asked you for a go?

  48. Ana

    People like you are the reason young women are fucking dying of anorexia.I hope everyone who insulted this photo dies in a fiery crash.

  49. BrandiLye

    She looks nice and natural.

  50. Vanessa Hudgens Photos Bikini
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    Who the hell is this? Is she famous or something? She’s an ugly bitch whoever she is.

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