Vanessa Hudgens Got Wasted at Coachella

Let’s put it this way: The easiest question to answer at this point would be, What didn’t Vanessa Hudgens do at Coachella? When she wasn’t wearing a bikini and rubbing a white substance from a baggie in her mouth, she was downing shots as her new 18-year-old boyfriend Josh Hutcherson stood in the background patiently waiting for the naked pictures to start. Which raises another question: Could she have found a more nondescript, pale white kid to bring with her? Christ, he looks like a French horn player at band camp who wants everyone to know he just learned “Santeria” on his acoustic. Which is impressive because it takes a special talent to make Zac Efron look like a hardass. Now there’s a guy who wouldn’t pop a boner just looking at Vanessa in a bikini. Or even naked. He’s that good.

UPDATE: And here comes the bullshit…

Photos: Pacific Coast News