Justin Bieber’s Indian Tour Rider Is Full Of Completely Reasonable Stuff

The Biebs is doing an Indian leg on his next world tour and his rider has just nip-slipped itself onto the internet for your sick pleasure. It’s exactly what you could expect from a guy who gets pissed if you talk to him while eating ice cream or spill something on his pants.

Couple of my favorite highlights include:

  • Forcing 5-star hotels to redesign their suite with Mogul paintings, antique furniture, and Kashmiri bed sheets.

Gimmie some Indian shit, like that Indian movie that I like- uhhhh, Love Guru. Yea. Hilarious movie, bro. RIP Robin Williams.

  • 5 gourmet meals a day, each named after one of Bieber’s songs.

Is it too late now to say Tandoori Chicken? How unsurprising is this guy’s ego? I thought he was going for a “tough-guy” look with all the lion tattoos and Kardashian booty calls? Unless you’re Elton John or Martha Stewart, I’ll never respect a man that specifically asks for purple flowers ‘but NO lilies’.