Usher’s wife suffered cardiac arrest prior to liposuction

February 13th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Usher’s wife Tameka Raymond suffered a cardiac arrest last weekend forcing the singer to scrap his Grammy appearances and fly to Brazil. She was having liposuction performed just two months after giving birth to their second son when things went wrong. People reports:

“Tameka Raymond came here on Friday to do a liposuction. Shortly after she went under [general] anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest,” Dasptry tells PEOPLE.
Raymond never had the liposuction. According to Dasptry, after her cardiac arrest, Raymond was immediately revived and placed in an induced coma.
“When an attack like this happens, the doctors put the patient to sleep… and make sure that everything is okay and that there has not been any damage,” explains Dasptry. “This is the protocol every time and this is what was done.”

Tameka is doing “very well,” according to the doctor who shot down criticisms that two months after giving birth is too soon for liposuction:

But Dasptry says Raymond met with her Brazilian surgeon Feb. 6 to undergo tests and was determined to be “in good health.” “In plastic surgery all over the world, there is no rule that says a woman can’t have plastic surgery performed two months after childbirth,” says Dasptry.

You know who’d say something like that? A doctor who’ll help me fulfill my dream of becoming a centaur. Get me on the next flight to Brazil.

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  1. Alex

    It’s pretty sad that most Americans can only name 1 country with UHC: Canada, when in reality, pretty much every other country in the world has it.

    Take a good look:

  2. ted

    It’s pretty sad that when Canadians need serious medical attention they come to the USA.

  3. William

    Canadian Liberal MP Belinda Stronach went to the United States for breast cancer surgery in June 2007. Stronach’s spokesperson Greg MacEachern was quoted in the article saying that the US was the best place to have this type of surgery done.

    When Robert Bourassa, the premier of Quebec, needed cancer treatment, he went to the US to get it.

    In 2007 a woman from Calgary who was pregnant with quadruplets was sent to Great Falls, Montana to give birth. An article on this incident states, “There was no room at any other Canadian neonatal intensive care unit.”

    Champion figure skater Audrey Williams needed a hip replacement. Even though she waited two years and suffered in pain, she still did not get the surgery, because the waiting list was so long. So she went to the US and spent her own money to get the surgery.

    A January 19, 2008, article in The Globe And Mail states, “More than 150 critically ill Canadians – many with life-threatening cerebral hemorrhages – have been rushed to the United States since the spring of 2006 because they could not obtain intensive-care beds here. Before patients with bleeding in or outside the brain have been whisked through U.S. operating-room doors, some have languished for as long as eight hours in Canadian emergency wards while health-care workers scrambled to locate care.”

  4. meknow

    Too expensive for the Ushers to have the Lipo in the USA? Nice to try to save a couple bucks when you have MILLIONS. Never mind the surgical mortality rate there is probably 50%. Or should she have it in Canada & wait 25 years on a waiting list?

  5. bnihi

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  6. lola

    Canadians get in and out of the doctors office MUCH faster than in the US. IN AMERICA, When I got sick I had to wait 5 hours in the waiting room to see a doctor. The American doctors had NO IDEA what they were doing. They tell me and my husband we are fine when he is suffering from Guillan Barret syndrome. He could hardly walk and the doctors told him he walked fine. We had to have other family members come in and yell at them for hours before he could get treatment. He was in the hospital on human donor immuglobin for a week when “there was nothing wrong with him.” He told them what to do and he got better.

    I needed to have my intestines scoped and see what was going on (chrohn’s runs in my family aand they had been bothering me for a year). I go to the doctor 5 times and tell them what is wrong with me. I end up going in for the wrong thing repeatedly; radioscope of my stocmach (not bothering me) and the esophagus? My insurance ended up running out before I could get this solved so I hope I don’t end up dying over this.

    The American doctors are taught HOW TO WRITE A PRESCRIPTION and that is where it ends. They don’t know anything about fluoridated chlorine filled city water or genetically engineered foods, or chemical preservatives and flavorings. THEY PUSH DRUGS. You get an hour in the office and they reschedule you again. I am not saying that doctors don’t care, but the care sucks.

    LOBBYISTS DO OWN WASHINGTON and they bought Obama. Obama helped write and push the bank bailout that Bush got all the blame for. Obama gets the second half to himself without any of the blame. He is a Democrat’s wet dream. There are puppetmasters really running this country and they want to take every last penny from the middle class. The super wealthy are making the most money off of the current system and any change to it is a threat. These LOBBYISTS will do anything to hold onto he current system of health insurance.

    Tell me if I have less than $100 left a month after my bills- how do I pay my $500 a month insurance (not including deductibles and copayments)?

  7. Marianne

    I can´t believe how judgmental you guys can be…
    It doesn´t make any difference wich country Tameka got her liposuction.
    I live in Brazil and I can guarantee that we have great doctors that are even teaching you, americans, at your universities.
    Get real! Stop talking about other places you´ve never been and giving opinions about you don´t actually know.
    I feel bad for her, but it was her choice also.Every kind of incisions are risky, and she was willing to take responsability for her option.
    While you are hating, we, the “3RD world country”, are not even feeling the crisis that took over the planet these last months.

  8. Andrea

    Marianne, I live in Brazil too and you’re so completely delusional I don’t even know what to say. Took over the planet? Not feeling the crisis? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Mdiz

    53… Your right…. And if not elective surgery – The gov’t paid for it. If they cannot treat you in province – they will foot the bill.. So when our system gets overloaded, we ship them to your hospitals (Who love the fact they get paid to buck). In the end, you get your health care. Yes our ER’s are full at times, yes people get lost in the system. – Not unique to Canada alone…. It’s not perfect, but it’s the one thing Canadians fight so hard to keep. The US could institute universal health care, but you would have to say that awful word…TAX! In Ontario we pay 13% sales tax on inflated goods. Yeah it sucks. But when you look at the cost of a kidney transplant in the States – Approx $90 000 with recovery time… It seems to balance out in the end. Even if it didn’t, there are always elderly family members who get more than my share of care. The US is a great country, but it needs to take care of it’s own people for a change and not worry about other peoples “Democracy” – Your country and ours has paid too high of a price for already.

  10. doc

    Was she given a proper evaluation before surgery? The time after childbirth is a bit short but her overall health is more important.

  11. my comment

    Getting plastic surgery is no time to bargain hunt.

    Lipo is hideous. Stupid bitch should have hit the gym.

  12. isitin

    Tameka is a man!!!!!

  13. Was that trip REALLY necessary? If I was going to risk cosmetic mutilation, I’d want the best.

  14. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time

    She had her monkey tail removed too. You forgot that part of the story.

  15. sid



  16. c.j.

    who knew usher wasn’t gay?

  17. Mer

    Something is fishy here.

    You usually do not go to Brazil to have lipo done unless you cannot find a doctor here that is willing to do it. If you are refused, it is usually because you have a medical condition that would make it dangerous.

    My Dad’s friend went there because he failed the medical pre testing that was done in the US(his heart was in bad shape), and in Brazil, they basically don’t care. He went to get lipo too. Problem was, he ended up coming home in the cargo section of the plane and not the passenger section if you catch my drift.

    I suspect that might be what happened here.

  18. law

    I like usher’s music. I saw his hot music blog at a celeb site named / Amamzing

  19. freaksloan

    My Dr. is Canadian, and he is awesome.

    But I am here in the states, he wanted no part of being a Dr in the Canadian health system.

    My son’s ENT is also Canadian, and he said the same thing. He couldn’t wait to get out of Canada, he said he wouldn’t practice any where but the United States.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay a 50% tax rate, let me keep my money and I will pay for my health care myself.

    Hey Canadians, Didn’t Saku Koivu (Captain for the Habs) have to buy his own MRI machine when he got cancer, because there wasn’t any in Canada?

    When I needed an MRI in the states, I got in the same day and was in and out in about and hour. I love the American healthcare system.

  20. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    Should have left her in a coma, because with all that fat, her life isn’t worth living…

  21. Barry O

    Brazil is probably the best place to get plastic surgery done, considering so many women (at least of the non-broke ones) and trannies have it there.

    But, after they lipo her, could they leave the loose skin & just fling it over her face. She looks like a war.

  22. mary

    I understand that a lot of people will thing that Brazil is a third world country; Yet when it comes to plastic surgery it is the Mecca… Plastic surgery was perfected in Brazil, many surgeons from the United States go to this 3rd world country to sharpen and obtain their expertise in Plastic Surgery.. She was definately not trying to save money I am sure.. In fact I believe she was looking for privacy and the best.. The problem here is that the anesthesia did not agree with her organism.. Many say “why did she visit brasil instead of having that surgery here in the US, but this does not garantee you to come out alive.. complications arrive.. look at Kanye West mom.. she had her surgery in the US and unfortunately it went wrong… The US is not the Allmighty.. Only God knows why and when.

  23. sin

    Why are they being so obvious in their lies? NO ONE goes to Brazil for lipo. The safety standards there are so below the USA it”s scary. She was having something major that the surgeons in the State were not legally allowed to do.
    Usher has the money so it was allowed to be done, it would have been done in Beverly Hills. They have the best surgeons and the best out patient centers.

  24. That’s what I call superficial…

  25. barbie

    Well, do you guys know that someone on….m i l l i o n a i r e l o v e s. c o m ……posted a topic about her? He said he is a surgeon and did the surgery for her breast, it means her breast is fake? oh, my god, why so many celebrities are interested in such a thing?

  26. lala

    She deserved to die for being such a shallow SELFISH BITCH when she has like 10 kids at home!!

    And, Usher, that is what you get for marrying your grandma.

    Goodbye Career…at least you had a few hits.

  27. A woman’s body looks much better when she’s worked off the excess weight versus getting surgery done, and it’s much healthier on top of that. It’s a no brainer.

  28. Edy

    Your fckd americans, you cause the crysis that didn’t come to Brazil yet, ’cause we take care of our economy better than you. I want that you starve, because and stay without jobs, your pigs.
    I really preffer Brasil that any other country, but not US, ’cause this country have Britney Spears, Michael Jakson that give me disgust and so may others singers that must let you ashamed.
    About the lipo that usher’s wife came here to do i do really fell but everbody have risk of some complication during an operation in any part of the world.
    That’s it

  29. Conor

    Usher looks like Emmanuel Lewis

  30. michelle

    you guys dont even know what you are talking about, brazils one of the best countries to get a lipo! what happened to usher’s wife happens in anywhere! beverly hills, new york, brazil or any other country you morons!

  31. michelle

    you guys dont even know what you are talking about, brazils one of the best countries to get a lipo! what happened to usher’s wife happens in anywhere! beverly hills, new york, brazil or any other country you moron!

  32. Cindy

    It’s so sad that people in Hollywood are under so much pressure….and being the wife of someone so hugely famous. My guess? She felt she wanted to keep it under wraps that she was getting lipo done, and especially so soon after childbirth because of COURSE people (anyone sane at least) would be asking WHY are you so vain that you feel it necessary to have lipo at all, much less only two months after having a baby. Why would she put her life at risk with a tiny infant when she has a tiny baby who needs her? Vanity that is at a level of insanity and the pressure of Hollywood….which is also that insane. So sad. SHAME on you Tameka for setting such a bad example to all women and mothers everywhere. I feel so badly that she almost lost her life and I can only hope that she learned a valuable lesson from it….and so did Usher if he’s pushing her or supporting her decisions to do such a thing.

  33. Kelantar

    Why are we all talking about health care? The real issue here is that Usher’s husband didn’t need liposuction. He needs to have his face done. Honestly, if Usher cared about looks, he wouldn’t have married Tamanka in the first place. And no one else gives a shit.

  34. Liposuction is a surgical technique that improves the body’s contour by removing excess fat from deposits located between the skin and muscle. Visit here or consult Dr. Robert Grant to know more about the process and its complications Liposuction Manhattan, NYC

  35. Andrea

    Ignorant people like many commentators here should just go back to school and read real newspapers to know that there is nothing “thirdworldly” in Brazilian medicine. She is in one of the best hospitals of São Paulo and is certainly NOT saving any bucks for that. Ivo Pitanguy is the best plastic surgeon ever and many “American beauties” went under his scalpel.
    The problem is that she is so ridiculously vain that she preferred to undergo liposuction rather than stay home with her newly born baby and hubby, just after TWO MONTHS she gave birth. She did not tell the doctors here she had just had a baby.
    People must learn to take responsibility for their choices and stop blaming “the third world”.

  36. lacasacola

    This is the superficial site – and i like that people can discuss lame shit like plastic surgery. It is also nice to know that there are a few americans capable of independant thought and can see their countries failure to take care of the majority of its’ citizens. Why is such a small minority of your country only able to digest the facts?? ah shit. i know i’ll get canned for this, but what the hell. three movies every american should watch – obviously ‘Sicko’, ‘In plane Sight’, and ‘IOUSA’. I live in a country with universal healthcare and it has never failed me. oh, and we can get costs from plastic surgery covered if your doctor deems it ‘medical’ . like after a masectomy

  37. usher im sorry about your wife

  38. Ummm it’s not about cosmetic surgery. That’s not even how UHC works, you moron. It’s about not being rejected at the emergency room when you’re suffering from a life-threatening condition of some kind because you can’t pay the rip-off insurance rates.

  39. The woman’s body is much more beautiful when she worked out the extra weight get surgery done and is much healthier on it. It is a breeze.

  40. You write is too good, I top, continue refueling ah

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