Usher’s wife suffered cardiac arrest prior to liposuction

February 13th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Usher’s wife Tameka Raymond suffered a cardiac arrest last weekend forcing the singer to scrap his Grammy appearances and fly to Brazil. She was having liposuction performed just two months after giving birth to their second son when things went wrong. People reports:

“Tameka Raymond came here on Friday to do a liposuction. Shortly after she went under [general] anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest,” Dasptry tells PEOPLE.
Raymond never had the liposuction. According to Dasptry, after her cardiac arrest, Raymond was immediately revived and placed in an induced coma.
“When an attack like this happens, the doctors put the patient to sleep… and make sure that everything is okay and that there has not been any damage,” explains Dasptry. “This is the protocol every time and this is what was done.”

Tameka is doing “very well,” according to the doctor who shot down criticisms that two months after giving birth is too soon for liposuction:

But Dasptry says Raymond met with her Brazilian surgeon Feb. 6 to undergo tests and was determined to be “in good health.” “In plastic surgery all over the world, there is no rule that says a woman can’t have plastic surgery performed two months after childbirth,” says Dasptry.

You know who’d say something like that? A doctor who’ll help me fulfill my dream of becoming a centaur. Get me on the next flight to Brazil.

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  1. MDiz

    Who’s the tranny?

  2. lukeswall

    brazil SUX

  3. Uncle Eccoli

    I’d rather an ugly woman than one so vain.

  4. MDiz

    Seriously…There was a weeny removal job going on down in Brazil…Lipo my ass.

  5. Tumescent liposuction is the safest because it is performed while the patient is awake.

    The Klein Technique
    The tumescent technique, which permits liposuction totally by local anesthesia, is the brainchild of Dr. Jeffrey Klein. In developing this technique, Dr. Klein placed safety as his top priority followed by excellent cosmetic results and rapid post-operative return to normal activities. Since its invention in 1985, Dr. Klein has taught numerous classes on the tumescent technique to cosmetic surgeons all over and it has become the worldwide standard of care for maximizing the safety of liposuction.

  6. Jason

    OK, keep going for the popup ads and you’ll lose visitors faster than you can say lipo.

  7. sote

    how can you be so vain! Is it really necessary? Is she some kind of model that needs to be in shape? I don’t think so. Is usher gonna fuck her up because she looks fat? She just gave birth! This is just insane.

  8. See what happens when you go to a 3rd world country for your medical needs. Should have stayed in the good ol’ USA. Trying to save a few bucks almost cost her her life.

    Brazil has “Universal Health Care” which is exactically what obama and pelosi want to do to us if we let them.

    My sister went to mexico (the worst 3rd world shit hole) to get a tit job and when she went back for a check up, got her SUV stolen. Didn’t really save any money now did she.

  9. Dirk Diggler

    Is anybody else getting the Ugg Boots pop-up?

  10. festus

    Why the fuck did she go to Brazil for Liposuction? What’s wrong with Beverly Hills or New York; is this Usher guy hurting for money?

  11. Jrz

    Bummer, so now she’s got a beat ticker and she’s still fat.

  12. Deacon Jones


    That’s what I was going to say. You go to Brazil for plastic surgery for two reasons, sex change and ass implants.

    I’m not buying this cover story.

  13. Nikki

    i do not understand why richer-than-fuck celebs go to 2nd/3rd world countries to get plastic surgery. like when ivanka trump went to mexico and got a fucked up boob job. srsly, wtf.

  14. Phil

    Well, she already got the ass implant (Usher), so I’m guessing it was a sex change.

  15. Alex

    That’s what happens when you are so self-absorbed that you are willing to have a potentially life-threatening procedure for no other reason than vanity… even after bringing a child into the world. I’m guessing at no point did this cunt stop to think if having less jiggle on her thighs was truly more important than being their for her kid.

  16. Alex

    9, Almost every 1st world country besides the USA has Universal Health Care. Then again, their politicians aren’t owned by insurance company lobbyists.

  17. steve

    Usher knows she’s lazy and he couldn’t stand being married to a brown cow, so he pushed the limit and set up the lipo in Brazil. He must have been a tremendous support while she was pregnant.

  18. Bickus Dickus

    Porch monkeys getting plastic surgery is hilarious. Nothing they can do will remove their ape-like features. Plus they all eat McDonalds and Burger King every day, so they’d have to get lipo every other week to stay thin. Gov’t cheese is high in fat too….they should just embrace their simian-esque resemblance….

  19. jrz

    17–taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be paying for douchebags to get cosmetic surgery.

  20. Smith

    Looks like his clever plan to kill the fattie backfired. Still, I completely understand his motivation.

  21. Eric

    If they wanted to induce a coma they should have called Chris Brown.

  22. #9

    Health care needs to be reformed. Hillary Clinton tried to reform health care without pay while Clinton was in office. The health care industry feared losing profits and spent a lot of money on advertisement stating that Hillary Clinton’s health care plan will cost Americans a lot of money. But the facts are that it would cause the health care industry profits.

    The Obama-Biden plan provides affordable, accessible health care for all Americans, builds on the existing healthcare system, and uses existing providers, doctors and plans to implement the plan.

    The Obama plan will lower health care costs by $2,500 for a typical family by investing in health information technology, prevention and care coordination.

    Obama and Biden will require coverage of preventive services, including cancer screenings, and will increase state and local preparedness for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

  23. Jessica Simpson fan

    There was no need for the liposuction in the first place. I’m sure it was simply a case of her outfit being unflattering for her figure.

  24. Apes in the White House


    Everywhere gov’t run healthcare has been tried it has failed miserably. The healthcare will probably be very “affordable”, but there won’t be any doctors to go to, so what good will it do?. Just like in communist Russia, everything was “free”, only without a free market, nobody will be producing anything. Same with healthcare.

  25. Alex

    20, Ummm it’s not about cosmetic surgery. That’s not even how UHC works, you moron. It’s about not being rejected at the emergency room when you’re suffering from a life-threatening condition of some kind because you can’t pay the rip-off insurance rates. Cosmetic procedures are not covered, and you have to go on a waiting list for non-life-threatening procedures.

    But see, in America, the rabbit hole goes so much deeper than that. All these companies also have insurance with other business people, and no one really pay anyone anything, but they somehow make a profit off of it. That’s the real reason why we’re in the damn stone-age when it comes to health care. The people who are the ones so against it, are usually wealthy Republicans, who let’s be honest here, can afford whatever the fuck they want anyway.

  26. PunchinJudi

    *heavy sigh*
    Great……here come the domestic policy analysts. Look, this is a story about Usher cheaping out on lipo for his fat wife…..not a Michael Moore documentary or a socialized health care forum. Please shut the fuck up with your wikipedia cutting and pasting. I’m just not in the mood for it today.

  27. Ship It

    More KFC please.

  28. TJ

    What a lazy dreg bitch! She needs to lose weight, so instead of stopping the fork action, she opts for the knife/suck way and strokes out.

    Time to trade up, Usher.

  29. Canada has universal healthcare. That is why the wealthy (and Gov officials)
    up there come to the USA for thier medical needs.

    Socialism and socialized medacine has never worked. Ever. Even China had to abandon total socialism.

  30. gotmilk?

    the only person spot on here is #16. who cares about health insurance? insurance doesn’t even cover this shit. more importantly, who is taking care of their babies while this conceited bitch is having “procedures”?

  31. MDiz

    This goes against ever rule I have about having a serious discussion here….

    Socialized medical care does work in part. Tommy Douglas is widely regarded as the greatest Canadian to ever live… (Suprise! He didn’t start a war or win a world series) Rather he saw a need for a country to take care of it’s taxpayers – Even the ones who have low income jobs or no jobs. It was his belief that governments should work for it’s people. In Canada, If you have a long term disease or need a serious medical procedure, you will not have to mortgage your home and spend the rest of your life in debt because you have no adequate coverage. You can go to an industry leading hospital, get state of the art medical care and not pay. I guess caring for others is a notion lost to some governments. It’s not perfect, far from it… Our taxes are outrageous, but when you can walk into a hospital and get treatment without worrying about the bill…. You can’t buy that kind of piece of mind.

    Regardless, that woman is totally a man.. Birth my ass!

  32. #9 – Leaving the keys in the car probably wasn’t the best of ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I know hindsight is 20/20 and all, but still…

  33. jimmy

    Gorillas in the mist. All that’s missing are Patrick Ewing and Michelle Obama.

  34. In Canada you will never see a bill because you will die before your number to see the docor is ever called. That is why the wealthy and Gov Officials come to the USA to get treatment. I’m sure the services and doc’s are fine there. It’s the wait that will kill you.

    #33, her problem was she didn’t “tip” the hombre in the parking lot who “watches your vehicle” while you are inside.

    My whole point to all this is, who the hell goes to a 3rd world country to get lipo? You have to expect something like this to happen when you do. It isn’t worth it. Next time try eating less and exercising more.

  35. !

    Why did she go to Brazil to have plastic surgery? Thats asking for trouble.

  36. Mugato

    Damn. I had to wipe off my screen after seeing that pic.

  37. &*%$

    No disrespect to Americans in general, but could you guys bashing UHC maybe not assume you’re the authority on everything, everywhere? You haven’t even got UHC in your country; what do you know about it failing everywhere? Its not like private healthcare can’t exsist as well (like in Britain) If you’ve got the money you can choose.

    Aaaaanyway, yeah, Usher is loaded. He could’ve bought this chick her own gym and trainer.

  38. #35 – I have a lovely Canadian friend named Janey who gets furious everythime one of us tries to tell her their healthcare system sucks. Apparently they seem to be quite pleased with their universal healthcare.

  39. Mr. Jones

    Okay, so the broad is in an induced coma, but otherwise she is doing “very well,”

    God forbid that she expires, but if she did, I can see the doctor saying that she’s “just resting” and “pining for the fyords”.

  40. Brandon

    If the USA had universal health care, we’d go bankrupt, seeing that we are the fattest country in the world. I don’t want my tax money going to pay for people’s bodies that are breaking down because they neglected to take care of themselves for years and binged on potato chips and gravy.

  41. Cartman

    Lazy ho should’ve just hired a trainer instead of trying to get her fat sucked off.

    You can liposuck all you like but your heart will still be a flabby, plaque-lined timebomb. Not healthy.

  42. Zanna

    @39. I too have a wonderful friend named Janey who gets decent healthcare in Canada. But, she can’t get Hulu.

    I also have a friend named Skank…who lives in a nigloo in Canada and had her operations performed by circus bears. This one time, they left a shriner’s hat in her stomach. She cant get Hulu either.

  43. Kate

    SW, I will gladly join you on that centaur adventure.

  44. Zanna

    @39. I too have a wonderful friend named Janey who gets decent healthcare in Canada. But, she can’t get Hulu.

    I also have a friend named Skank…who lives in a nigloo in Canada and had her operations performed by circus bears. This one time, they left a shriner’s hat in her stomach. She cant get Hulu either.

  45. bootlips

    What kind of monkey is Usher?

  46. #46 – The “richer than bootlips” kind…

  47. christina

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  48. Jrz

    may I just state for the record that Canada is a lovely lovely place with highly trained health care professionals that deliver their services in a professional and nurturing atmosphere.

    And I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to the CCBTA –the Canadian Circus Bear Trainers Association.

  49. Jubjub

    I’m Canadian; I moved to the US so I can get Hulu; I really miss the circus bears though. Has anyone seen my Shriner’s hat?

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