Usher’s wife in stable condition after surgery complications

February 9th, 2009 // 81 Comments

Usher was forced to cancel his Grammy appearances on Satruday when his wife Tameka Foster Raymond suffered complications while getting plastic surgery in Brazil. No information has been given but recording mogul Clive Davis said there was “a serious injury in the family.” According to a statement from Usher’s rep today, Tameka is in stable condition. People reports:

“Tameka Raymond is in stable condition after suffering complications from routine surgery in Brazil. Her husband Usher is with her at the hospital,” said the rep, Jeff O’Keefe, adding, “No further details will be released, and the family requests privacy at this difficult time.”

I don’t want to point any fingers here, but Chris Brown did it. Somebody had to say what we’re all thinking.

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  1. spelt?

    Spelled you moron.

  2. Angelonline

    I bet it was a tummy tuck. She just had a baby and a lot of women want a tummy tuck especially after multiple kids. Tummy tucks are major surgery and can have complications no matter where you have them done.

  3. Plobes

    umm, maybe these narcissictic fools should stop getting plastic surgery

    i have no sympathy for people who die as a result of elective cosmetic surgery

  4. Plobes

    umm, maybe these narcissictic fools should stop getting plastic surgery

    i have no sympathy for people who die as a result of elective cosmetic surgery

  5. Plobes

    sorry, I mean: narcissistic

  6. Bob Loblaw

    >I bet it was a tummy tuck. She just had a baby and a lot of women want a tummy
    >tuck especially after multiple kids. Tummy tucks are major surgery and can have
    >complications no matter where you have them done.

    So it would only make sense that you’d want to have that surgery in a country known for its non-existent medical regulations.

  7. figures

    #40 My theory is that ol’ Massa has a micropenis, so it takes him about a tenth of second to jerk off – when he can find it . This leaves him with a lot of time to hate and type. Oh yeah, and try to find the perfect pair of socks to stuff his pants with. He doesn’t have an inferiority complex, he is inferior.

  8. Lisa Turtle

    LOL, they have all that money and yet still resort to going to some plastic surgeon tin Bumfuck, Brazil. Classless!

  9. Jennyjenjen

    @57 You read my mind… he does have the classic micropenis inferiority complex symptoms. We should really pity him. Poor guy is an inch and a half when fully erect…

  10. truth

    Neegers and their penis fixation.. LOL!.. I guess if you never accomplished anything in life you would talk about dicks.. LOL! Imagine if neegers were the only so-called people on earth. Everyone would be illiterate, starving, homeless, diseased, violent, and stupid.. LOL!

  11. sin

    #60. There are movies about that happening. Its called Planet of the Apes.

  12. Balls McCoy

    What an ignorant statement, because his wife had to have surgery, we were all THINKING that Usher beats his wife too? Just because he and Chris Brown have the same skin color? Fuck you to the writer. I’m no screaming queer liberal for shit sure but I know I’m not a racist and I sure as hell ain’t a closet racist.

  13. figures

    #60 Hate to disappoint you and blow another of your worthless theories to hell (as I’m sure this has been your experience in life) but I’m white. People who spend all their time bleating about their racial superiority usually have major shortcomings in almost all departments. If you go around making a career of it chances are you’re pretty much a loser – sound familiar? Hell, you’re probably fat, stupid, and acne spattered with an undershot jaw as well as tiny-dicked, but hey, I just went with the obvious first.

  14. Lemmy Caution

    When I think elective surgery, I think BRAZIL!

  15. TomK

    What is going on today? Too many stories about dumb American Negro’s nobody gives two fucking shits about. Didn’t she learn anything from Kayne Wests mother?! She gets work done in Brazil of all places that aids invested shit hole.

  16. Tomk

    Fuck Brazil, Fuck Usher, Fuck his manly looking wife and all the White Americans that bought this sad ape’s music and made him rich!

  17. kate

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  18. Queefer Bukakke

    You get what you pay for! Rich neegars trying to save money. I wish these hip hop fucks would start shooting each other again.

  19. KeroWit

    Shes disgusting. Usher could have any chick he wanted- and he’s with her?? Yeah, she’d be getting plastic surgery to look better than the skanks he beds on a regular basis. Why do black people insist on getting plastic surgery?? They all look the fucking same, why bother?? You aren’t white, so get the fuck over it, your features are way too monkey-like, it would take so much damn work to chisel an ape-nose to a version of Gwyneth’s or Angelina’s….?? I never feel sorry for CHEAP ASS losers who have complications from plastic surgery anyway. You do the most expensive procedure if u have to! And why doesn’t have some brazillian hottie on his arm…they are like Swedish chicks, the most beautiful on Earth….instead he’s got some man-looking Michelle Obama wannabe on it. Fucking hell.

  20. auntmarie

    Thats the outcome of plastic suregry guys.

  21. Jennyjenjen

    @60 Sorry for ya buddy but I’m white also. I don’t run around under a white hood like you and I guarantee I’m more accomplished today than any level you and your group of racists fucks will ever achieve together in your lifetimes.

  22. theoutsider

    71 comments so far and none of you ignorant dolts noticed the misspelled word in the very first sentence?
    No wonder our society fucked.

    “Usher was forced to cancel his Grammy appearances on Satruday when”

  23. Jennyjenjen

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  24. spelt?

    I did.

  25. spelt?

    @72 so did 48, but he’s a moron like you.

  26. friendlyfires

    Why is she getting botched plastic surgery in Brazil when we have the best incompetent surgeons here in America? Kathy Griffin will testify. Buy American, dammit!

  27. Salmon

    CAUSE she is twice his age!

  28. Maritza

    After what happened to the model that lost her limbs and died because of a misdiagnosis in Brazil, why on earth did this woman decide to go there for plastic surgery? Besides, no surgery will make her look as young as he is. She is too old for him.

  29. Charles

    I believe she was in Brazil to have some bone shaved off her shoulders, make them less manly. It turns this causes complications with living though, hence her troubles…

  30. Timmy

    Usher looks like one of those spider monkeys

  31. I know it sounds bad, but I do not feel bad when complications of plastic surgery.

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