Usher celebrates wife’s recovery – with strippers

March 16th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Like any good husband whose wife almost died trying to make herself look beautiful for you, Usher celebrated Tameka’s recovery in Paris by surrounding himself with strippers and spraying them with champagne. Which is pretty much the core to a successful marriage. Just ask my third wife once she’s done packing her things and throwing my shit on the lawn. Love ya, babe!

Photos: Fame

  1. miranda


  2. Jake

    Come on, his wife’s fug and she still gets his money. He’s allowed to hire whatever whores he needs to cope with his wife’s unattractiveness.

  3. eric

    lol @ pic 5

  4. trevor

    If you’re gonna hire some strippers, pay for the best. And it looks like Usher is willing to fork out the big cash. Nice cushions.

  5. ohyeah

    strippers are truely doing the work of a higher power- look at all those fuglies they have to pretend to be interested in in order to rake their money.

    move over julia roberts we got some oscar winners in the skin clubs of america!

  6. bootlips

    You can’t deny that he looks like a monkey.

  7. glace neuf

    i’d hit that primarily featured stripper like there was no tomorrow…

  8. The boobjob was so totally worth it!!

  9. bob

    The stripper looks like a grown-up Miley Cyrus :D

  10. Deacon Jones

    LOL.. Holy SHIT is that girl hot.

    I didn’t know France could produce women that hot. Every French women I’ve ever met was a stuck up feminist (like the Boston college scene)

  11. hater#1

    how gay does he look in pic#5??

  12. aint that the truth

    second to last pic looks like the chick took a shit and everyone is looking at it lol … she is hot tho … if only :(

  13. Deacon Jones


    HAHAHAH! Dude, I’d dip it in gold and hang it from my rear-view mirror

  14. Call me old fashioned, but fake tits look like shit.

  15. Amy

    That’s pretty douchey.

  16. it’s like i can hear yeeeeyayuhh yeeeyayuhhh yeeeeeyayuh through the pictures.

    watch out ma outfit’s ridiculouuss

  17. Richport's Ghost

    Every time I see Usher I think of Curious George.

    Only instead of a cute little mischief-seeking monkey, I see a gang-banging, ho-banging, bank-robbing, Ripple-drinking, cap-in-yo-ass busting, mama chimp impregnating motherfucker.

    Fuck all you white racist crackers. You’re all thinking it. But I’m such a badass I’ll come out & say it. Fuck y’allz.

  18. Richard McBeef

    why isn’t the girl looking up in pic 5? why wouldn’t he get girls that would take it in the face?

  19. Annoyed

    Fish your website is all fucked up.

  20. g_girl

    those girls make a lot of money, but believe me they are pissed when somebody sprays them with champagne! usher is an idiot.

  21. Nugaloopagus

    Who’s the fag in the background with the eyeliner and the “girls are yucky, ” smirk on his face?

  22. ahhh…always buying the white girls. I cant blame him. Black girls are so obnoxious, oily and have gross looking vah jay jays!

  23. John Edwards

    That stripper is 10 times hotter than Usher’s wife. She must know she’s on the way out.

  24. Valerie

    Ack! Living proof that BACKFAT is hard for ANYONE to get rid of!

  25. Bubba

    Nigga, get your feet off my couch!

  26. Somebody

    You know what I just found out?
    Although it might look crazy that Chris Brown was on a jet ski right after beating up Rihanna or Usher partying with strippers while his wife is in recovery…THERE IS NOTHING MORE F**KED UP THAN OLD-FAT-BALD WHITE BANKERS PARTYING ON TAXPAYER’S MONEY…at least black people use their own $$$$….I’m just sayin’.

  27. Ois

    First of all, for those who don’t know how to live big… It’s definitely not a strip club, or a stripper. She’s just a dancer at a nightclub, as I’m all too familiar with. Models and bottles… Just another day in the life.

    That being said, I’d hit that “stripper” harder than Chris Brown hit Rihanna… And I think I have.

  28. Wrong time to party!

  29. bootlips

    Nigra chicks got beat with the ugly stick.

    1. Nappy hair
    2. wide, flat noses, with flaring nostrils
    3. big ugly mouths
    4. air inflated lips
    5. big boring lifeless shit colored eyes
    6. Gross muscular bodies or fat welfare queen bodies
    7. floppy tits with black dots
    8. gross vaginas
    9. manly thick legs
    10. weird unattractive stomachs. Their belly buttons are weird.
    11. muscular arms and shoulders
    12. nasty skin
    13. big muscular asses. They look ugly and ridiculous.
    14. musky odor
    15. loud obnoxious attitudes.

    Every race has feminine beautiful women but the nasty negro. It’s no wonder the dark men only breed with them and never marry them.

  30. myspoonistoobig

    That is a whole lot of Cristal bottles…

  31. marme

    Who ever wrote this, said it perfectly!!! good write up…the superficial writers are getting better to their old way.

  32. anonymous

    Damn! that chick is hot. And for those of you without experience those tits are real and amazingly perfect!!!!!!!!!!

    and 26 got it completely right

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  34. Jason William

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  35. Well said #26

    We Americans really are pacified by our “tv lives”. We should be in the streets tearing the place apart until the bankster crooks are handed over to US! The whites are now lazy pussys and the blacks and hispanics hate us and each other so the New World Order gang is clearly good at global chess.
    Anyway well said #26!

  36. It’s not a good show and party.
    hgh supplements

  37. buzz_clik

    Pic 5 – I can’t tell what I dig more: Usher’s utterly nancy reaction or the bored dude in the background looking like he was pasted in from a completely different photo. Props to him for being so stoic under fire and not going along with Usher’s ponce out.

  38. sin

    Hey, its a mans way of dealing with the issues. Hehehe…

  39. Inna

    Such an APE

  40. Lowlands

    There’s always something to celebrate when your wife recovers.

  41. Weed

    Dont these guys get boners??

    I just get it, by looking at the pics!

    A Question to the superficial writers, how do writers aviod getting boners?

  42. guru

    Dont these guys get bon,..ers??

    I just get it, by looking at the pics!

    A Question to the superficial writers, how do writers aviod getting bo,.,ners?

  43. guru

    Dont these guys get bon,..ers??

    I just get it, by looking at the pics!

    A Question to the superficial writers, how do writers aviod getting bo,.,ners?

  44. YoursTruly!

    Yeah, I agree, his wife is FOUL and vain and made like a black Arnold-I’ll Be Back-Schwartzy, but I really dont give a shit how foul anyones wife is, theres no excuse for this behavior.
    If you want to act like a single guy, BE a single guy. Leave the wife. Sick of this cake-and-eat-it-too bullshit, guys with their EGOS.
    And a stripclub???? WHY BOTHER?? Go to a brothel. They are just prostitutes disguised as pole dancers, give them some cash and they’ll do anything, they think they are one better, but they aren’t….but then again, the wife wants all his cash too, so whats the difference?
    Players = gunshot in the back of the head by girlfriend/wife who’s had ENOUGH.

  45. feckless

    @20 not as pissed as people with Nikon cameras are when sprayed with champagne

    Jazz hands while standing in Champagne spray = Gay.

    2nd to last pic: that’s known as the “presenting position” to show willlingness to have sex among chimpanzees (notice she is white, I’m commenting on behavior, not race)

  46. xxxxxxx

    It just goes to show you can’t be too careful!

  47. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Do the stupid socks stay ON, or does she take those off too?

    So very Miley Cyrus Meets Witchiepoo!

  48. Still White on the Outside

    This proves it. I’ll never be as successful as a monkey, er, um, I mean, negro…….. uummmm…. I mean black guy (hangs head)…….. he gets more white pussy that a herd of albino cats. All this self hate is killing me. I think I’ll go re-enlist……… just as soon as I’m done masturbating to that underwear scene in Risky Business……. again. Don’t you judge me.

  49. Deacon Jones

    They’re perfect, but theyre not real. Trust me, I know fake ta-tas when I see them

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