Usher cancels wedding

July 30th, 2007 // 91 Comments

Usher was set to marry his pregnant girlfriend Tameka Foster over the weekend but the wedding was canceled at the last minute without explanation. The couple apparently only decided to get married two weeks ago and wanted it to take place before Tameka’s baby bump started showing, but now nobody knows what the hell is going on. Guests were invited, tents were set up, all the help was hired, and at the last minute the whole thing was mysteriously called off. Usher’s rep released the following statement:

“It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected.”

I’m guessing somebody finally explained to Usher that after he gets married he won’t be able to have sex with other women anymore. Then he let out a comical, “Say whaaa?” and called the whole thing off.


  1. Jesus Christ

    Forgive me #44, for I have sinned! Now #48. My child it hangs to the left! Hang on just a second – yeah I was corret, it’s hanging to the left!!!

  2. Christ on a Crotch

    So Usher’s mommy doesn’t like his fiancee? (said in a whiny baby voice) What else is new? What mother likes her son’s bride-to-be? Please, Usher, shit or get off the pot, ya big girl’s blouse. You’re having a baby with this woman; yer mom will eventually come around. (Dumb cow!)

  3. Valkyrie

    #11, I’m with you 100%.

    Marriage is pre-empted divorce (does that make sense?)

  4. Shallow Val

    #18 jrzmommy, wow, good flash.

    Paris is cut off….at least there’s one Hilton left with cojones.

    Good on ya, Baron!!! Her fuck-ups have fucked up the inheritance for the rest of the kids and cousins. There’s gonna be hell to pay.

  5. The Devil

    Hey, Jeez @ 44……How’s it going? Um, can we make it for closer to 4:00 for St. Louis to come down? I got a “thing” with Dina and Lindsay Lohan at 2:30 that may last longer than I expect……we’re cutting a deal. But anyhow, 4:00 for St. Louis Boogie to come my way wil be great. Hey, are you free for golf next Thursday?

  6. The devil is a see how you white people are lying right now! DEVILS

  7. The Devil

    St. Louis…..I’m not a liar……not like, say, oh………….Al Sharpton when he and Tawana Brawley concocted that story… We’ll talk about it when I see you.

  8. well, american woman, it’s not enough to fuck around and get pregnant to empty a poor idiots bank account. he will pay anyway, so why should he marry, that makes it only more expensive. cannot force things like love and marriage (even less from such people like these psychcopatic celebs).

  9. Jesus Christ

    * Correct. I can’t wait for my second coming. So I can learn proper grammer/spelling! Plus, I haven’t got laid in about 2 thousand years and I’m starting to get a little antsy!! Also, since I’m here, I would like to give a shout out to #55. Hey The Devil, I just wanted to give you a little reminder that I am sending #39 your way tomorrow July. 31, at lets say around 3:04pm and *52, Dad is that you???

  10. nagger please

    I’z gonsta name my baby supastah.. We blackies like to think we’ze impotent..

  11. The Devil

    Jeez….I’m sorry bro, but no can do at 3 tomorrow. (See my message about the Lohan thing.) I’ve got a girl for you to meet….her name is Tara Reid….she’ll hook you up if you help her out with her messed up boobs and her funny stomach.

  12. crazy otto

    usher should be his job title…..

  13. Jesus Christ

    *61 Hey, The Devil sorry I missed your post at *55! I have been dealing with Tom Sizemore again. I keep telling him I’m not Homo-Phobic but, he has to stop blowing his cellmates (for dope/protection) if he wants to avoid coming to see you!! Also, thanks for the heads up about Tara Reid, I have been meaning to get around to her!!! Oh and there we go-you should be seeing her any minute now!!!

  14. Shut Up!

    @56, please stop bringing your racist banter on to this website! I don’t appreciate all your racist comments.

  15. crazy otto

    usher should be his job title…..

  16. The Devil

    Jesus….I’ll give you Dick Cheney for Tom Sizemore……I just know I’m going to have problems with that guy when he gets here….he’s gonna want to run the show down here, too.

  17. Jesus Christ

    The Devil….Admittedly that’s an intresting trade. But maybe I’m a little confused, hasn’t OLD DICK or ASSHOLE as his FRIEND calls him, been down their with you…gosh at teast 10 or 12 times now!! You know with all those heart attacks and all! My Dad (God) dosen’t really want him coming up here. Something about OLD DICK being a bad influence on me!! Plus, Dad has this irrational fear of being shot in the face!!!

  18. Delete krazihottkelli as you did with that dude about a year ago……was it Mr. Sandman or something like that? She’s an illiterate retard.

  19. The Devil

    Jesus: Even those few times that Dick would have those “near death” experiences, were too long for me. Why do you think they were just “near death”? He’d get down here and immediately start his shit. Well, I don’t know what to do with him now. Ask your dad to reconsider.

  20. RichPort

    Usher reportedly cancelled the wedding after learning monogamy meant giving up men too.

  21. an insider

    Actually Usher did sign the prenup and even gave into some of Tameka’s ridiculous demands. He called the wedding off because it was really getting to him that family and friends were turning their backs on him because of his continued relationship with his former stylist turned fiancee. Also, the truth about Tameka Foster and her demons is coming to light.

  22. Anonymous 1981

    Tameka needs to takes some notes from Anne Stringfield, that’s how a goldigger gets it done. Tee-hee.

  23. nagger please

    She put on the nice act until she got pregnant. She hit the black lottery..

  24. wedgeone

    #62 & 65 – LMFAO! He does at the Cavaliers’ basketball games. That’s how he keeps his ownership interest.

    I just don’t know what to say with all of that “White supremacist, Black supremacist” racism getting tossed around here. All I know is that, married or not married, if Eddie Murphy is Tameka’s baby daddy, that makes Usher Scary’s baby daddy. They all look the same to me anyway.

  25. I hate people

    Honestly … what the fuck dsid she expect? I mean come on it’s Usher. His “I cheated” songs are autobiographical. This ain’t no matrimony kind of pony lady. So get your child support and move on.

    The girl is almost a decade older than him and doesn’t look like the kind of woman his wealth and fame can afford ( I picture him marrying a 20 year old Victoria Secret model… when he is 60 and then still cheating on her constantly).

    When I read the guy was getting married I expect a bad outcome.

    Stupid famous people they just can’t get this marriage thing down.

    OP.s. Usher is not that great and there’s nothing wron with this woman but the guy is loaded and famous(sort of) so he automatically has a lifetime pass to chicks out of his league. It’s just a fact. Little brainless attractive groupies will always throw themselves at him. he is not the marrying kind or certainly not NOW.

  26. I hate people

    crap spelling

    *did she expect

    *expected a bad outcome




  27. Ji Na

    Hell, good. I’ll marry him and the marriage can be as open as he needs. I’ll be strappin’ a rubber on that– but is it just me or is that girl uuuugly? And a tad crazy. Can’t he afford better?

  28. I hate people

    #4. There are no words to express my imense gratitude for what you wrote. That is the best thing I have ever read. Thank god, I mean thank you , I ‘m so glad someone else gets it. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!


  30. lyrical kelbo

    white people used to rape us what sad fuckin fools too bad

  31. nagger please

    Jigga please, you’re outdated farm equipment gone wild..

  32. Madison

    Maybe, JUST MAYBE, celebrities are idiots that don’t care about love or responsibility. I think that might be it.


    this is why i left america its 2007 and blacks are still trying to be the superior race with the ridiculous “music” that talks about going to bed, sex in a bed, eating on the bed after sex and the way blacks get money and instead of investing they go buy gold and diamonds..and then theres the white people who are to fucking stupid to realize that not all black people fall into that category. BTW i’m black and i’m an ex-pat and prefer to live in countries that have moved beyond stereotypes and racism

  34. Shnookybush

    They called the wedding off because she woke up and realized that HIS NOSE IS SQUASHED AND FLAT AND LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING SHOVEL

    Thank you thank you

  35. John

    Maybe he finally saw her drivers license and read that she was 37 YEARS OLD.

    Seriously, I’m surprised she could even have a baby without IVF.

  36. luna

    They called the wedding off because she woke up and realized that HIS NOSE IS SQUASHED AND FLAT AND LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING SHOVEL


    like who is usher anyway he is so 2004 dude get over ur self u are no longer anyone u are has has been so many people have replaced u

    sorry but its the truth

  37. ???Uzherz muzic iz not rediculouz??? Hiz zongz R zo much better than
    any white boy zhit out there right now??U people R zo ztupid…Hell,
    I’m 96, and I ztill am able to appreciate great muzic??that girl iz a whore
    if zhe didn’t know who the babyz dada waz??

  38. vinza

    if there is a problem with your lady and you all can work it out then do that.
    but if you think that she is cheating r if you know it makes no sense getting into it because once a cheater allways a cheater, and you know that.anyway please make the right choice because in the end it is your life and no one else.

  39. SWEET! Check it out, Usher is hosting an event at The Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. I know I’ll be there.

  40. What’s wrong with this sentence? “We still don’t know if they are even together, gonna get married at a later date, or even on speaking terms.”

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