Usher cancels wedding

July 30th, 2007 // 91 Comments

Usher was set to marry his pregnant girlfriend Tameka Foster over the weekend but the wedding was canceled at the last minute without explanation. The couple apparently only decided to get married two weeks ago and wanted it to take place before Tameka’s baby bump started showing, but now nobody knows what the hell is going on. Guests were invited, tents were set up, all the help was hired, and at the last minute the whole thing was mysteriously called off. Usher’s rep released the following statement:

“It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected.”

I’m guessing somebody finally explained to Usher that after he gets married he won’t be able to have sex with other women anymore. Then he let out a comical, “Say whaaa?” and called the whole thing off.


  1. kuennen_sux

    boo hoo

  2. justsaying

    Maybe she lost the baby? If that’s why, then that is COLD, man….

  3. jennifer

    now I aint sayin she a gold digger…

    But she aint messin with no broke ni…

  4. D4P

    “but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected”

    We routinely cash in on our fame and notoriety to make millions of dollars, but we don’t want you to pay attention to us when it’s not convenient for us or when it tarnishes our image. But by all means: keep buying our albums, watching our shows, etc.



  5. mrs.t

    Actually, it was more of a “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” , then the theme music from Sanford & Son started playing, dubbed over the Fat Albert theme and a minstrel came shuffling out doing the old ragtime softshoe while bitches and hoes shook their asses to “Groove Me. Baby”.

    That’s what happens when black folk are astounded.

  6. Sheva

    She called it off because she felt he was only going to marry her because of the baby and he wouldn’t sign a prenup.

    And in the land of Oz this really happens.

  7. #1hater

    THAT was worth pissing off all his fans over…what a maroon

  8. Crap Tonight

    Now I dont know who Usher is and I didn’t know he was getting married but #7 calling him a maroon – that was comic gold

  9. adonistic

    “other WOMEN”? riiiiiiiiiiiight . . .

  10. God knew what was up! Evil never wins! Divine intervention!
    His mom..was against the wedding…probably his grandma..
    As a famous quoter said” This bitch..has been around the corner..more than a Taxi Cab! Feel sorry for her..NO..for him..Yes! because it was his first one!
    USHER, sweetie..get back with see when you cheat, and break somebody’s heart..that shit will come back on you 10 times worser than what you have done to her….MNAEKA–bitch GO DOWN!

  11. Uzer, U R the zmartezt perzon in the whole….
    Don’t get married,,,marriage iz a cruel game
    between God and the Devil and people who
    play it are the idiotz of the whole……?

  12. fuckingwithtards

    #11 Yeah, and you would know this….how? And “idiots of the whole”? Go play with your Barbies, you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.

  13. mrs.t

    Krazishitzkelli droppin’ wisdom!

  14. Shocking!!! (Yeah right!!!)

  15. jillian

    didn’t he break off his engagement with the girl from TLC because he cheated on her and he was some like, sex maniac who said he was “addicted to sex”? that’s all I remembered when I saw reports that he was getting married…wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did call it off for superfish’s reason. “What, this ain’t an open marriage? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.”

  16. Bite Me!

    Usher found out that Eddie Murphy is really the father of Tameka’s baby

  17. Mdiz

    Whoooo Hooooo baby thats the gravy train pulling out of the ho station.

  18. jrzmommy

    blah blah blah….usher…blah blah…….
    THIS is better!! Paris Hilton CUT OFF!

  19. Anexio

    WOW! A black man that doesn’t want to take responsibility for impregnating his girlfriend. I’m shocked!

    Great role model. Pffft.

  20. Chauncey Gardner

    As much as I enjoy seeing this guy’s wedding cancelled, I’d much rather see him cancel his motherfucking LIFE.

  21. nagger please

    Why would a black man settle for a nappy headed ho?

  22. jbird

    I heard on the news last night that it was because of ‘differences’…He wanted the wedding catered by a world famous chef but she wanted a simple backyard barbeque, etc. If that is true, then he is a fool for turning down a girl just becasue she’s down-to-earth. Let him go on and find himself one of those Hollywood gold diggers then. Maybe he’ll understand what he turned down.

  23. I’m 96 fuckin yrz. old…I fuckin know everything…U fuckin people R
    fuckin ztupid,,wazte your livez waiting on zome dick that hatez the
    zight of your old zmelly fatt azzez, fuckin ztupid azzholez, for what?
    yez, U really get rewarded cooking their fuckin mealz ..wazhing their
    clothez, and of couze zucking their ugly old cockadoodiez, whatever…
    teach your children to grow up and be a zlave to the man world we live…
    Your the wazte of time,not my 96 yr. old Jewizh whole azz, fuck…

  24. Bite Me!

    @18 Jrzmommy, that is the best news I have read in months.


  25. don't recycle

    #23 Anyone who uses the term “cockadoodiez” deserves what they get.

  26. Samantha Jones

    Sounds to me like he found out he ain’t the baby daddy.

  27. @ 19, 20, and 21!
    It is white men..that are deadbeat, and farther didn’t say that he wasn’t going to take care of his baby! DUMB ASSES read..before your WHITE DEVIL EYES deceive you..STUPPPID!
    Why would a white man settle for some white, funky yeast infected snatch..when he could have Juices, and berrys? that is why you see white men, with black women..but anyway…getting back to USHER..I hope that he get his shit together! P.S. White girls, and know that you would be the first one to drop to your kness..if this strapping brother come near you!

  28. marshamarshamarsha

    ummm….this ‘news’ is like 3 days old. and none of these recent posts have been even remotely funny. why has the superfish been so lame lately? am i going to have to go searching for another source of depraved celeb humor/gossip?

  29. whitegold

    Smart move Usher, smart, smart move…

  30. ToTellTheTruth

    Why? Did he discover that HER dick was bigger than his??

  31. slappy

    He must have agreed to the marriage in a moment of weakness and then, after due reflection, realized it was an atypical showing of black male responsibility and called it off.

  32. The Devil

    Dear St. Louis Boogie:
    My eyes are red, thankyouverymuch, and you are a racist…see you soon.
    XO–The Devil

  33. ???? I love Uzher???? Zame girl…Zame girl….he haz zuck great zongz….
    Ztay zingle Uzher…..Luv?

  34. creecree

    C’mon #27 how stuppid can you be? Don’t you see it’s a case of a money-grubbing black ho tryin to trick a dumb black man with lots of cash? no pre-nup so no wedding. thank goodness one of his white accountants set him straight!

  35. st. louis lynching!

    a) “Tameka”
    b) already pregnant
    c) dude bails while ho bitches loudly

    Never seen this before.

    “Juices” = spit flying out of mouth of gum-flappin chickhead-bobbin black ho
    “Berrys” = dingleberries (they all have horrible hygiene)

    Sadly it’s emptyheaded white girls with black men. White men have the sense – or at least the sense of smell – to stay away from the tarbaby stankers.

  36. Chauncey Gardner


    Wow. Just…fucking…wow.

  37. how do you know that his accountants are white? All of you bitches hate to see a successful black man..I bet you that it burns your devil eyes out! It is some successful African bitter bitches never give up!
    1ST turn on your own kind, and then you talk about a brother, that has taken a misstep in life…GET OFF OF HIS NUTS..I know…that they are huge, and your just amazed at how they could be so big!

  38. Like I burns your white eyes out..and I know that you are the 1st one to want a black person to protect you…WELL BITCHES, GROW SOME BALLS!
    This is a racist website, and I call it like I see it! YOU WHITE BITCHES..that goes for men, and women..are soo geedy. that’s why half of you always kill your family..if you lose the slightest portion of don’t know how to deal with problems that good! African americans skin is flawless…Try to compare your skin to ours…You can’t! Wrinkled before the age of 23! Salami meat!

  39. regis

    Now THIS is the witty, intelligent discourse I came here for!

  40. Shut Up!

    Anyone else wonder what the fuck St. Louis Boogie! is talking about? What with all his racist banter about black people being superior, having better skin, having bigger balls, I couldn’t quite figure out his point? Maybe if he wasn’t so racist it would make more sense?

  41. boo


  42. Jesus Christ

    My children please, can’t you all play nicely with each other!!! Now on to more pressing matters, #11, #23, #34, amd #39! Your such a PUNK ASS BITCH!!! Oh and your going to burn in hell!!! Just thought you might want to know. I mean that Satan, he just can’t keep his mouth shut about what he is going to do with you. When you join him tomorrow July. 31, at let’s say 3:04pm!!!

  43. gay4girls

    @40 Half of us kill our family? Wow. I thought we all did.

  44. lambman

    #2 – I had the exact same thought!

  45. gay4girls

    @44 Watch your language, Jesus! And when did our savior start using the incorrect form of your/you’re? You’ve changed man. If I see you when I get to hell I’m going to be so pissed.

  46. creecree

    Hey Jesus! haven’t heard from you in a while. how’s yur cockadoodie hangin?

  47. LL

    I assume the worst of most people, so I suspect some sort of prenup disagreement. He’ll pay no matter what, if he’s the baby daddy. This shit happens everywhere now, it ain’t a black thing or a white thing, it’s a money thing. Unless we hear differently, that’s probably the safe assumption.

  48. gay4girls

    @38 Get off his nuts? Like there’s any room on them from you full-body hugging the motherfuckers. Yes, st. louis boogie, you are a nut-hugger. You think Usher’s going to come on here defending you? You think he’d slow down if he ran your ass over?

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