Usher Wants To Find Another Justin Bieber On ‘The Voice.’ That Doesn’t Concern Anyone?

Posted by Photo Boy

Since being hilariously outed by Mos Def for anally penetrating Justin Bieber into our lives, Usher’s kept a keen eye on talented young children in the search for his next prodigy, or “grooming” as the Special Victims Unit calls it. Via Hollywood Life:

It’s ultimately your passion. [The contestants] wanna know they’re getting a coach that’s gonna fight for them. I don’t play the Justin Bieber card often. I had to pull it out maybe once.

I’m not even going to get into how troubling the last part of that quote is or how it’s clearly probable cause for a cheek swab at the very least. What makes Usher more of a monster to me is that he feels the world needs more of whatever the hell it is Justin Bieber actually does. Unless he’s talking about turning Selena Gomez into a gun-toting, bikini-wearing Spring Break whore, in which case, I’m totally behind him. Trust me, it’s the safest place around this guy.