Usher Parks In Handicap Spot, Gets Ass Handed To Him By Middle-Aged Woman

Because you have to get there early or all the Mr. Goodbars are gone, Usher stopped by the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade in Atlanta over the weekend where he thought it’d be kosher to park in a handicap spot. Turns out middle-aged women in the south don’t take kindly to that and will physically send your ass packing because that’s exactly what happened. TMZ reports:

We’re told the woman demanded the singer move his car — but Usher refused and she went ballistic … screaming, flailing her arms, and grabbing Usher’s hoodie.
At one point, she screams, “You don’t belong here!”
Sources say the woman’s husband eventually dragged her away from the scene — and Usher drove away not long after.

I like how it should be concerning that a crazed white woman told a black man he doesn’t belong somewhere, except pretty much all of us, regardless of color, agree that people who park in handicap spots and aren’t handicapped (a-cough-cough-fat-people) are fucking assholes. Also, no one wants to rule out this might’ve been Justin Bieber’s mom because God knows that woman has an ax to grind. “The other day he asked why I won’t buy him the king size Tootsie Rolls, I’LL KILL YOU!”

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