Usher Parks In Handicap Spot, Gets Ass Handed To Him By Middle-Aged Woman

October 28th, 2011 // 53 Comments

Because you have to get there early or all the Mr. Goodbars are gone, Usher stopped by the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade in Atlanta over the weekend where he thought it’d be kosher to park in a handicap spot. Turns out middle-aged women in the south don’t take kindly to that and will physically send your ass packing because that’s exactly what happened. TMZ reports:

We’re told the woman demanded the singer move his car — but Usher refused and she went ballistic … screaming, flailing her arms, and grabbing Usher’s hoodie.
At one point, she screams, “You don’t belong here!”
Sources say the woman’s husband eventually dragged her away from the scene — and Usher drove away not long after.

I like how it should be concerning that a crazed white woman told a black man he doesn’t belong somewhere, except pretty much all of us, regardless of color, agree that people who park in handicap spots and aren’t handicapped (a-cough-cough-fat-people) are fucking assholes. Also, no one wants to rule out this might’ve been Justin Bieber‘s mom because God knows that woman has an ax to grind. “The other day he asked why I won’t buy him the king size Tootsie Rolls, I’LL KILL YOU!”

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  1. Any Guy

    don’t worry folks, ELVIS will sort this all out.

  2. GWiz

    What an selfish jerk they should had let her beat him

  3. Area Man

    A giant ego and lack of talent is not the kind of affliction that warrants the use of a handicap parking space.

    • Roeland

      Entitlement isn’t a crime worth assault…especially when you’re carrying a child. That kid wasn’t crying because someone parked in mommie’s parking space. He was crying because his mother is a maniac and was probably screaming for help. She’s a danger to herself and others. The triviality of this incident warrents a jail term for her. I hope he presses charges. She probably has a handicapped sticker because she’s a nutball. She’s strong enough to hit an innocent bystander trying to hit her monstrous enemy.

  4. No need to give it a racist slant, POS parked where he shouldn’t and got his ass handed to him by a woman, hilarious!

    • Prof

      Yeah, it’s hilarious until he slaps her hand away or pushes her away in response “THEN” it is a celebrity “ASSAULTING” her… oh god oh woah as me…somebody call the police! I’m not a Usher fan, but you should keep a cool head and your hands to yourself even if someone breaks a minor law.

    • Racist slant? Margaret Cho didn’t park there, why drag her into this?

    • Venom

      Unfortunately racism is sometimes not racism and just truth.
      In my town for example, at the grocery store, usually Wal Mart, 99% of the time the handicapped spots are taken by black people. 90% of those black people are usually perfectly healthy. 65% of them are young people.

      The best part is that a crap ton of the cars parked in the handicapped spots are something nice like an Escalade or Mercedes.

      The local Sheriffs are finally starting to crack down on them now. They will sometimes sit in the lot and watch these idiots park there and then they question them and ticket them. The best part is that these jackoffs are so fucking lazy they will see the Sheriff sitting there and still go park in the handicapped spot anyway. BTW these are the same assholes that are 25 years old and healthy and go in the store and ride around in the scooters meant for the handicapped.

      On several occasions I have seen legitimate people who are handicapped with wheelchairs and whatnot have to park all the way down in the lot because there are no spots for them. She should have hit Usher with a golf club too:)

      • Same thing happens where I live. I went ballistic on a fat ass who parked in the handicapped spot. Her passenger proceeded to go to the trunk and pull out one of those temporary handicap placards with all the info smudged. A cop came over when he heard us arguing. He gladly handed a ticket to said fat ass because the placard was fake. And yes she was black, had that holier than thou attitude and called me a racist.

      • Whatever

        99%, 90% and 65%… Translation: Between fapping to celebrity sites you ran a unbiased race based survey yourself with the help of the local police department, OR more you saw a couple of black kids park their parent’s car in the wrong space a few (once) times. I do agree that way to many healthy people are using the scooters meant for the handicapped recently!

      • Venom

        Whatever clearly you are black, sorry I offended you.
        Fapping to celebrity sites? That does not even fucking make sense.

        Trust me if you poll most of the people on here or anywhere, I guarantee you that you will get the same results.

      • kimmykimkim

        There is perfectly healthy woman at my work that does that. She uses her mother’s handicapped tag and walks right in, looking good too, she’s a beautiful woman. Nice body, obviously healthy. But there are hardly any parking spaces on that side of the building and luckily for her, no handicapped people. So she decided that she is either above the law or she is hallucinating and sees her name on the sign. And if that’s the case shouldn’t be driving anyway.

      • allison

        fact: diabetes is a disability.

        (i do not agree with this ^)

      • Blech

        I’d have a field day on those assholes if I were a sheriff. Tickets all around.

  5. Rough tell thales

    Her kooky behavior makes Usher looks innocent. Champion of the handicap, with extra space available.

  6. dotmatrix

    Stupidity is not a handicap. Please park someplace else.

    • Schmidtler

      and WalMart’s parking lot is not your private property. Why should WalMart be forced to reserve all the best parking spots for any fatass that can figure out how to game the system and obtain a handicapped license plate or hangtag? Go watch Penn & Teller’s ‘bullshit’ episode on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Just about anything can qualify you as ‘disabled’. FYI, if you’re so damned fat you can get classed as ‘disabled’, walking an extra 30 feet from the parking lot is something you should be doing anyway.

      • Many people are overweight because of their disability. My ex-husband was morbidly obese due to a significant glandular condition which was very hard to control, even with proper medication. Many years ago he underwent pituitary gland removal surgery due to a tumour. The pituitary is the “master” gland of the body. He walked as much as he could and ate pretty healty foods, yet still weighed close to 400 lb. He was also legally blind due to two inoperable tumours on his optic nerves. We used to be on the receiving end of some pretty nasty comments, while using his valid placard. Not everything is as seems, so please don’t judge a book by its cover.

  7. She had the moral high ground until she started assaulting people. Try that with Chris Brown bitch, see what you get.

  8. cc

    And people say ‘What would you do with that used tank you keep going on about?’

  9. cc

    Geez, this was more serious than I thought…Elvis had to intervene!

  10. adolf hitler

    no, i do not agree. most of the time people in those spots walk perfectly fine. you probably think theyre assholes because youre jealous they had the nerve to park where you wish you could. fuck discrimination against bipeds.

  11. peteyandjia

    What a fu*king douchebad Usher is. And so is peteyandjia.

  12. Reece

    It kinda looks like he wasn’t in the handicap spot. Theyre all standing in an empty spot that has a sign posted behind it. The spot where he is parked there is no sign …unless it was only painted on the ground, in which case it would have been an honest mistake.

  13. People need to fucking relax.

  14. Kevin

    Are we sure we aren’t talking about Kanye?

  15. Anon

    someone needs to get his shit hooked up because the top of his head looks like my balls.

  16. baddboiiflava


  17. Frank Burns

    Morally handicapped is still handicapped! Right, Usher?

  18. Usher-is-an-Ass

    She should have kick this cocksucker in the balls and made him temporarily eligible for a handicap spot. I approach people all the time that park in a handicap spot and don’t have the proper sticker/placard/license plate because I know many, many disabled Veterans who deserve those spots unlike a lazy jackass like this moron.

    • Schmidtler

      you sound like an asshole. were any of those disabled vets right there, right then, waiting for one of those special spots? nope. just asshole you screeching like an asshole about something that doesn’t affect you one bit, taking place on somebody else’s property. asshole.

  19. Adam

    It is highly irresponsible and wholly innappropriate for Usher; a mult-platinum, grammy award winning international superstar to park in a handicapped space. That spot is not for him, no matter how famous he is, no matter how many records he sells, no matter how many shows he sells out, no matter how many times he appears in front of the camera to entertain, it is for people who are disabled. I am highly disappointed in Usher,and although he will always be very talented, in my eyes and in the eyes of many others, he will will now be remembered as the jerk who parked in a handicapped spot just like all the other jerks in this world who park in handicapp spots. I am no longer a fan. Even he should show the least bit of courtesy and respect for the handicapped the way everyone else does.

  20. GG1000

    No, no dude, that’s for the PHYSICALLY handicapped.

  21. princess party pants

    As a paraplegic woman, who uses a wheelchair, it is so heartwarming that there people calling usher out on this site. I don’t condone violence but I have keyed cars. And I love you fish, even before this post. It is really annoying to have to park all the way far away when they are all taken.

    Did you know why handicapped spaces even came to be? It because trucks and cars often times cannot see a person wheeling in the parking lot. It’s dangerous. That’s why they put them close. Nobody wants to be handicapped until there’s parking involved. Ok. Rolling off my soapbox. Which is handicapped accessible.

    • Schmidtler

      wtf do you need to park right up front for, your ass in on wheels! by your logic, for safety reasons, anybody who is short or has small children should also have reserved spots in front. self entitled d’bag. I ever see you key a car, I’ll make you a pentaplegic. I’ll attach another goddamned limb onto your stupid ass, just so I can then fuck that up on you.

      • If you even bothered to read this person’s full post, you’d see the reason why she needs to park up at the front!!!! A little person or a person with small children can often react quickly enough to get out of the way in time. People in wheelchairs can’t always do that.

  22. Brooke

    GUY: Did you see who that was?
    CAMERA GUY: Yeah, Elvis!
    GUY: No, that was Usher!
    CAMERA GUY: *squeak* Was that really Usher!?

    I probably wouldn’t have noticed Usher either. Black dude? In the south? Dime a dozen, man. But Elvis? In the south– oh, never mind.

    That woman was going ca-razy though, holy shit.

  23. Burt

    It should be legal to vandalize vehicles that are parked in handicapped spaces without having the proper placard.

    • Schmidtler

      it should be legal to render any asshole that vandalizes vehicles handicapped. also anybody that thinks it’s their business to start shit about something that has nothing to do with them, on property that doesn’t belong to them, about an issue that doesn’t involve them. call the cops and stfu if you have a problem with somebody else’s parking.

  24. crystal

    Everyone in this story is an asshole.

  25. Vandinz

    Key the fuckin’ car. He won’t do it again. Cunt.

  26. Blech

    Oh, Carlton Banks. Whenever will you learn that you can’t just park your rich, wannabe-important ass just anywhere?

  27. Blech

    (And that is clearly a handicapped spot unless Usher is blind. Bitch has a point. Good on her.)

  28. Sres

    You know, I never figured out how a disabled spots at malls – if you can get around a humongous fucking mall, you can make it the extra 30 feet to the door. Yeah, it’s a bigger spot and no, I don’t park in them…but I get so fucking annoyed at the uppity dipshits who make such a huge fucking deal about it.

    • Fuck the Non-HC using our spaces

      break ur spine, then tell me about “the uppity dipshits who make such a huge fucking deal about it.” and then go read the laws, a Law is a LAW plain and simple you dont like the LAW go try to change it !

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