UPDATE: Pam Anderson too hot for TV

December 14th, 2005 // 28 Comments

tn_pam_anderson_cr.jpgIt might be time to start calling NBC the No Breasts Channel. The network pulled a segment from an Elton John special that aired Monday night featuring mega-slut Pam Anderson doing some kind of stripper pole routine on a big screen.

After an assessment by its standards and practices department the network decided the material didn’t mesh with the time slot.

You know what else doesn’t mesh? Pam Anderson and Elton John’s audience. I doubt a bunch of middle aged queers and baby-boomer housewives want to see a walking STD shake what her surgeon gave her. Not surprisingly, a video featuring Justin Timberlake was left intact. That’s more like it. Now if I can just shake the mental image of Pam teaching the stripper routine to Courtney Love during one of their workouts I’ll be good to go.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the segment that got pulled thanks to the help of our sexy commenters. It’s not nearly as pornographic as you might imagine, but I can see why the networks might be a little concerned. Upper right corner in case you’ve forgotten how to use the internet.


  1. derekd

    Pam’s days are over. She was hot like ten years ago but hey time has a way of… making you LOOK UGLY!! Just kidding. She’s not ugly but definaltey not a vixen. Those boobs are way too big and the crows feet around her eyes are getting really bad.

  2. Captain Awesome

    I love these orange-skinned balloon chested white chicks.

    The closest thing we’ll get to real life Simpson characters.

  3. Sweet_cheeks

    thank god they pulled it, almost got a seizure watching that. that was the most worst poll dancing i have EVER SEEN. they should have gotten Carmen Electra to do it

  4. HollyJ

    Her boobs look like two perfectly round NBA basketballs with skin stretched over them. NASTY!

    Besides which…THAT’S considered dancing? She looked like she was trying to get a hornet out of her hair.

    She’s a 38-year old Mom infected with Hep C. How sexy is that?

  5. Georgia

    You are so right HollyJ

    I don’t see why people think fake breasts are sexy.

    They don’t MOVE. I think its creepy and unsexy.

  6. xd

    I think her boobs are perfect and yes she is terribly HOT and beautiful!!! maybe she doesn’t look as hot as she did a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t stunning. And probably the most wanted, admired and desired woman to ever walk on the planet.

  7. alteaon

    Hey….for the longest time I thought everyone said Jessica Alba was the hottest thing to walk the planet, or at least the sexiest thing on two legs…

  8. xd

    alteaon, that must be in TV in your country, because in the rest of the world everyone has seen Jessica Alba and no one thinks she’s hot. I don’t know in your country, but, however, ask any guy outside of it what they think of Pamela Anderson, the goddess.

  9. archyros

    Pam Anderson is the perfect blonde bimbo.

    I used to think she was ugly, mainly cause I prefer non-blondes, but she has grown on me, like a cute festering pus-filled sore.

    Leave the old girl to her poles. And hope someone gave it a good alcohol swabbing afterwards.

  10. nichole

    I know tons of guys who aren’t so fond of Pamela Anderson. She’s like a mutant. And *ahem* at least Jessica Alba is more natural (operative word: more–I have no idea if she’s gotten anything done).

    And “shake what her surgeon gave her” made me laugh out loud. Very witty. That video WAS little to racey for ABC. I felt dirty just watching it.

  11. julema

    Pamela a goddess????!!!!! That means to be a goddess you need: big ( too big) breast implants, fake hair, fake lashes, fake nails, wearing too much make up and dress like a slut!!!
    To me a goddess is a beautiful natural woman. Like: Monica Bellucci, Angelina JolieCharlize Theron… not Pamela!!
    She’s a kinf of Dolly Parton…

  12. dosita

    Pamela should never be compared to Dolly Parton. Parton’s got talent and brassy class, not sure what Pamela has, but those breasts are genuinely scary. They really are like two basketballs bouncing under a tight skin blanket. A shame she has chosen to keep such a cheap looking boob job.

  13. MortyFishbein

    Anybody who thinks this arthritic sex kitten is hot needs to be examined closely by Angelina Jolie. What the fuck? That was the tamest pole dance I have EVER seen.

    Who was this supposed to be racy for? You can see sluttier moves on the monkey bars at any elemtary school!

    Poster 17 is obviously Kid Rock in disguise.

    Poster 22: Monica Belluci is natural up until you get to her face; firstly, her lips are newer than Jennifer Garner’s baby. That’s courtesy of one Dr. Shar. Thank you.

  14. ~S.Starr~

    Normally I hate girls with fake blonde hair, fake tan skin, and big fake boobs. But…Pam is my exception. I think it is her personality…I have met her…a few times…and she is great…so sweet and funny…I love her.

    She is hot…end of story.

  15. mrschickee

    I was praying for the idiot to whack her head on that pole. Seriously, I was getting a headache watching her flip her hair around. Geez.

  16. SMF121490

    I still think Pam is hot. Who cares if she has implants. If it makes her feel good about herself, why not? She’s a consenting adult.

  17. doxy

    GOSH, I sure hope a cruelty free non-feather boa was used in this video…

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