UPDATE: Pam Anderson too hot for TV

tn_pam_anderson_cr.jpgIt might be time to start calling NBC the No Breasts Channel. The network pulled a segment from an Elton John special that aired Monday night featuring mega-slut Pam Anderson doing some kind of stripper pole routine on a big screen.

After an assessment by its standards and practices department the network decided the material didn’t mesh with the time slot.

You know what else doesn’t mesh? Pam Anderson and Elton John’s audience. I doubt a bunch of middle aged queers and baby-boomer housewives want to see a walking STD shake what her surgeon gave her. Not surprisingly, a video featuring Justin Timberlake was left intact. That’s more like it. Now if I can just shake the mental image of Pam teaching the stripper routine to Courtney Love during one of their workouts I’ll be good to go.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the segment that got pulled thanks to the help of our sexy commenters. It’s not nearly as pornographic as you might imagine, but I can see why the networks might be a little concerned. Upper right corner in case you’ve forgotten how to use the internet.