UPDATE: Nicole Richie arrested for DUI

December 11th, 2006 // 99 Comments

nicole-richie-dui.jpgNicole Richie was arrested for a DUI early this morning after two drivers spotted her SUV going the wrong way on the 134 Freeway in Burbank and called 911.

When the CHP responded, Richie was stopped in the carpool lane and was alone in the vehicle. When cops approached the vehicle, Richie was on her cellphone. Law enforcement officers tell TMZ Nicole Richie admitted she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot. A preliminary alcohol screening device revealed that Nicole was not under the influence of alcohol.

The booking sheet also reveals that Richie is spectacularly healthy at 5’1″ and 85 lbs. She’s so tiny the two drivers that saw her SUV probably couldn’t even see her in the driver’s seat. They must’ve thought it was a ghost car. Or maybe two babies driving, with one trying to steer and the other furiously working the pedals.

UPDATE: Now with 50% more mugshot.

*UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has a copy of Nicole Richie’s DUI booking sheet from this morning and compared it to her booking sheet from February 2003 when she was arrested for heroin possession. Apparently in the three year span between arrests she’s shrunk one inch, lost 5 lbs, and changed from white to black.


  1. ToiletDuck

    It’s good publicity for her – now all she has to do is show off her snatch…

  2. pus-eater

    85 pounds!!! You could put your dick in soft and when it gets hard you could listen to her bones crack!

  3. butterfly

    awwww, I bet this makes Lionel want to run right out and adopt another crack-baby

  4. andrewthezeppo

    She only lost 5 pounds in the past 3 years? some how I find that suspicious…

    or was it because 2003 was her heroine days and she was skinny then, and then plumped up for the Simple Life

    also, why don’t they just use a limo? they have the money

  5. ToiletDuck

    She is doing that latest celebrity fad, the Auschwitz diet…Mel Gibson swears by it…she is trying to lose another 20 pounds…
    1. Breakfast – toast crumbs, diet Coke…
    2. Lunch (the large meal) – One Tic-Tac, licking the salt from a soda cracker and diet green tea…
    3. Dinner – one sprig of parsley, and a diet gummi bear washed down with a Red Bull…


  6. LL

    Everyone seems to be overlooking that she was yapping on her cell phone when they pulled her over. That probably had at least as much to do with her shitty driving as the Vicoden, if not more. For that alone, they should have dragged her out of her car and given her a beat-down, Rodney King-style. In fact, I wish the cops would drag cell phone yappers out of their cars and beat the crap out of them way more often. Then maybe I wouldn’t get stuck behind some dumbass yapping on his/her cell phone and driving 10 mph under the limit or almost killed by one because he/she was yapping on the phone instead of paying attention to driving. I hate cell phone yappers much more than I hate Paris or Nicole or Mariah Carey.

    There, I feel better now.

  7. simon134

    Race B? I know her adoptive dad is Lionel Richie, but Nicole is WHITE AS SHIT!!!

    IT’s mind boggling!

  8. polypam

    #56… She is half & half. Her real dad was in the Commodores and last I checked, there wasn’t a whitey among them.

    I’m more shocked they say her hair is blonde. Clearly that mug shot shows a brunette. Who fills out these booking sheets?

    Plus, the bail for the heroin (felony) was $5000 CHEAPER than the misdemeanor this time around. Is that due to inflation?

  9. PapaHotNuts


    That is excessive use of the word “yapping”.

  10. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    She looks like a Bratz doll.

  11. M@

    is she black? wasnt she adopted? thats what it says on her rap sheet… black or white she is retarted.

  12. LL

    RE overuse of the word “yapping”: Agreed.

    But I’m sticking to my guns on my larger point: People who yap and drive should be dragged out of their cars and beaten. And stomp the shit out of their cell phones too, just for good measure.

  13. Edna Bambrick

    I have prayed for many souls on this website. I know I have touched many hearts of the pure, of the wise and of the kind. During my recent hospital stay, caused in part by the flashing of genitalia and the publishing of these pictures on this website, I received many kind words and many have helped me report disgusting posts. Though I am ridiculed by many, I know that God will help me prevail to clean up the Internet and rid it of filth as such contained in this website.

  14. Jay from the Bay

    Did she call the arresting officer Sugar Tits?

  15. Did Nicole’s recent reunion with Paris have an alcohol-related influence on her? Do you think? Also, how much alcohol would it take to get an 85-pound woman drunk? I’m guessing one glass of egg nog will just about do it….


  16. RichPort

    Edna, I’d love my cumshot to meet your mouth.

  17. BoognishRising

    As they say in the south she’s a “high yaller”.

  18. Remember, it’s always best to tell the police all the chemicals you’ve ingested, right up front…y’know, get it out of the way and such.

    When they asked her why she was driving that way she should have just said…’I'm Nicole Richie, like duh’

  19. allgravybaby

    finally someone get charged, good on her she is an honest hunny i love her!

  20. peruvianfinelohan

    one vic and pot? LIGHTWEIGHT

    pun intended

  21. Tyler Durden

    i cant help but get a half-on every time i stare into those soulful, innocent eyes. and what about that t-shirt? i wonder if shes wearing a bra under it? how far do her nipples stick out? maybe its the thought of her emaciated body looking exactly like a 13-year old girl’s that does it for me

  22. libtard


    Grooooooooooooan. I do love a good pun.

  23. that’s a hot mug shot. and #71 is turning me on.

  24. libtard

    She probably shrank an inch as a result of wearing those anchors/sunglasses.

  25. Tyler Durden

    trey, i got turned on writing it. maybe ive missed my calling in life. does anybody pay for writing snarky, semi-erotic blogposts?

  26. jFp

    She has youth and fame. She is a celebrity. Can’t you people understand that she is more important than those stupid people just going places? They probably have some stupid job to go to.

  27. libtard

    Edna! How the hell are ya, you old bat! Glad to hear you were in the hospital and I hope that your health continues to decline in the coming days.

    BTW, I masturbated while typing this. I held the vibrator with my teeth. Yes, I have a 2 foot long vibrator and very strong teeth.

    Off topic, is that a frickin’ scrunchie in Nicole’s hair?

  28. Ass Ferret Jones

    57. Read 56, especially the part about Nicole Richie being the “adoptive” daughter of Lionel Richie.


    63. Edna, you can start by “cleaning up” the splooge you spilled while trying to swallow my schlong.

    71. Wrong site freak, try NAMBLA.

  29. blue_star

    #53, I remember when the Simple Life first came out, and there was a magazine article that said she weighed 90 pounds. I was like EXCUSE ME?! There is no f***ing way. I mean, I’m close to her in height and if she started out weighing 90 pounds when she got famous, people would have been saying she was anorexic or a crackhead or whatever way back then. I believe the sites that say she probably weighed about 125 at first.

  30. Oh, the things I would do to Nicole Ritchie…

    Mainly throw rubbish at her and say “GO AWAY.”

    Oh, the things…

  31. mytwocents

    And to think we graduated from the same high school…

    well, at least she graduated high school, Paris couldn’t even make it that far…Britney’s a hick and by the looks of her writing abilities, Lindsay barely made it past the 8th grade…. So really, Nicole was the best of the bunch…which is obviously not saying jack shit


  32. aurealis

    Nicole you stupid bitch. I had so much faith in you. What with Lohan acting like a reject all over town. And Brit-brit dragging her cooter all over twon. And Paris, well you know. All you had to do was lay low, and wait to be crowned the least losery of the whores. Now I find out you’re dating Duff leftovers? Ew, girlfriend, ew.

  33. allgravybaby

    i myself am a marijuana + vicodin enjoyer… and i dont drive my car around @4.50am in the morning. heck im asleep by 9.30pm the bitch is skattered off of ICE, thus her weight & erradic behaviour… they are all on it HELLO!

  34. falsetigerlimbs

    to me “vicodin and pot” sounds like a cover for heroin. both vicodin and heroin show up on drug tests in the same way. so she could just have said that she popped a pill because it’s better than admitting to doing heroin.

  35. Milandir

    Is it just me, or is Nicole Richie the only person that looks better (in this case somewhat normal) when the cops take a picture of her?

  36. snot_rocket

    no actually heroine would have shown up under methadone since technically methadone is a heroine derivative and vicodan is an opiate.

    but back to the bashing…
    she’s such a fucktard. 25 grand spent on bail in her life. i bet hilary duff gave her the vicodan so she would pass out then hilary could gnaw on her bones like little carrots for her horse face.

  37. MrSemprini

    Look, guys… People like her need work to feel validated. I say, bring back the Love Boat!

  38. Her rap sheet also says she has blonde hair on the new one….. WTF? It’s nowhere near blonde. And this time it was a misdemeanor, last time was a felony, and the bail in 2003 was only $10,000? Very odd.

  39. EJ

    The annoying thing is, even though she endangered lives and fucking confessed to the police, she’ll prolly get one week probation and maybe, MAYBE a month of “rehab”.

  40. Xopher.tm


    It’s “heroin” and “vicodin”.
    And both are opiates.

  41. techclerk

    All we need is for one of these skank divas to die in an act of tragic stupidity and hope the pride won’t let the others be outdone. Let’s hope another Natalie Wood is going to happen soon.

  42. marie-jo

    Why o why do they wanna drive themselves.

    “Damn, if I had the money I’d be smoking, snorting, poppin’ & rubbin’ my punana agains my non existing sister while getting photographed (all the beauty went in 1) in the back seet”

    Lord knows I’ve been dodging pedestrians so many times with the above mantra

  43. 86

    Why did Lionel Richie adopt the child of one of his backup singers? Maybe he was hittin’ that. Could Nicole really be his daughter?

  44. AnnThrax

    I highly doubt that Vicodin had anything to do with her driving. Does anyone know how sadly weak Vicodin are?

    My one concern…
    If shes going to be popping opiates like Vicodin..is there a chance she will start smoking black tar again? HmMmmMmMm. Im waiting on it.

  45. AnnThrax

    Vicodin would NOT show up as heroin on a drug test.
    Heroin would NOT show up as methadone on a drug test.
    Drug tests are drug specific. If you have taken an opiate, the test wont just say OPIATE. It will tell you exactly which drugs are in your system.
    Things like Vicodin, Lortab, and other pain killers are opioid synthetics. They are NOT going to show up as heroin on a drug test.
    Once heroin enters the bloodstream it metabolizes and turns into MORPHINE. So, if she was under the influence of HEROIN, the test would come back morphine positive.

  46. Whammer Jammer

    Isn’t this the person who was “working with a team of doctors” to gain weight?

  47. particle)man

    i can’t belive she is white on one rap sheet and black on the other…what is her deal?

  48. peopleRweird

    this is a bit off topic but…do you think if any of the members of” since daddy never loved me,do you wanna fuck me?” club (hohan,parasite& icky hilton,shitney,nicole and any other celebutard)died of anything that was not of natural causes/drug overdose that most likely they would win a darwin award.ya kno the ppl who improve our gene pool…by removing themselvs from it.

  49. Ricardo Lee W.

    What’s amazing to me (besides the absurd amount of losers out there who are so miserable they’re willing to waste their precious time posting trash here; that they should know Mrs. Richie of SIMPLE LIFE fame isn’t ever going to bother to read) is how pretty she still looks: intoxicated, embarrassed, arrested, groggy, at 5:00 in the morning, in a bad police mug shot. Even with all the weight she’s lost her eyes still sparkle in such a pretty way that you can tell, she’s a star.
    Her beautiful complexion, her little mouth and even the little smile she managed… She’s gorgeous… she’s a star!! Even after all the weight loss.

    As a young black man that just came home from being stationed overseas the last 3 and a half years in Baumholder Germany (ETS ed 11M A 1/6 Assassin Hooah!) its crazy to hear how much she parties. She looks so fresh faced and innocent its really hard to believe. Even in her mug shot she looks more like an angel than the amazons in the Victoria’s Secret ads. Anyway’s this chicks living her life and making her money. So why waste energy shaking your fist in the wind?
    I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area but Im spending Christmas to New Years in Vegas at the Bellagio where my Pops got us a balcony facing the Strip and the fireworks on New Years eve. What Im getting to is year in and year out people party till they have to lock all the balcony doors on New Years to keep intoxicated people from falling or jumping off! As a kid I spent New Years in Vegas/Reno, New York, New Orleans, Union Square (SF). Ive partied when the Niner’s won they’re Super Bowl victories. I’ve been places where the whole cities are out drinking and celebrating. In Idar Oberstein Germany I saw a guy crash his brand new BMW drunk during the Linden Festival. In Ibiza you should see how crazy the British girls get or how we acted during R&R in Bulgaria. All around the world people party, this isnt some new occurrence or something Nicole Richie has just started or invented. Human beings can make mistakes sober. Nicole Richie is not your leader she’s no politician or televangelist so why sweat every little move she makes. She’s just a girl who grew up in Hollywood, she not a teacher or congressmen or even anytype of civil servant… What type of moron or horrible parent would go around making what Nicole Richie does out to be all important when you have the president who “”didn’t inhale”" having affairs with interns, a President in-office we elected twice who had at the very least a DUI (and he’s the head of the military chain of command and “”leader of the free world”".)
    Getting behind the wheel of a car intoxicated is crazy but more soldiers (that I was personally friends with) got chaptered or Article 15′s for drunk driving than anything else. Nicole’s definitely not the first person guilty of driving under the influence. You have teachers sleeping with the kids and politicians propositioning pages… and your wasting time here? Trying to think of something nasty to say about a girl who parties???

    Youd probably be more well served teaching Your kids the Golden Rule, forgiveness/compassion temperance i.e.; or if your really that worried how to “just say no” & defensive driving…

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