UPDATE: Madonna adopts babies at lightning speed


Government officials in Malawi announced today that Madonna has already gone through with her adoption, choosing a one-year-old orphan from among 12 children specially chosen prior to her arrival.

“She asked us to identify boys only, which we have done after visiting four orphanages in Lilongwe,” government spokeswoman Adrina Michiela said. Michiela said Madonna had wanted to adopt a girl but changed her mind two weeks ago.

I figure in a couple months when adopting African babies is no longer the thing to do, that child will never see Madonna ever again. In a few years nobody will even remember she did this. She probably won’t even remember she did this. She’ll come home one day, see the kid, and then call the police to report a break in and robbery. And then she’ll request special reinforcements because “he’s black.”

UPDATE: Despite a statement by a goverment official, Madonna’s rep says she has not adopted an African child. So basically Malawi is a nation of liars and tricksters who lie and trick. And me? I make broad generalizations. That’s what I do.

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