UPDATE: Britney Spears really wants you to see her crotch

November 28th, 2006 // 307 Comments

  1. sexy_fleet

    I knew you were superficial, blonde and totally untalented, but now I know that you’re a skank too. Why would you do this to yourself? You’re pretty demeaning to yourself, not to mention that now people know that all you have is a pretty face and a pretty scar……..you’re gross.

  2. bobbyboy

    Oh like none of you guys would bang that fine snatch and tight azz.

    I’m doing it right now!

  3. NicotineEyePatch

    #165 – PrettyBaby, that was NOT me, I left for work, which means… I done been trolled, yo!

    I didn’t click on the name but I assume it’s a gnarly rimjob pic… but, good going, stranger! I’ll add it to my files.

  4. bobbyboy

    I’m going to have wonderful dreams forever!!!!

    Fedex you lost out dude, you could have had that fine hooch and now you lost out.

  5. GreenEyedBlue

    These whores are all like Barbies – no panties and a short skirt. At least Barbie didn’t have ratty ass extensions and an arsenal of STDS. Barbie kept it classy.

  6. Samuel L. Jackson

    I thought my dick would explode untill I actually saw the pics of the Bandersnatch. She might as well say goodbye to those muthafuckin kids ‘cuz K-Fed is going to have a field day with her ass in court associating with a known homewrecker instead of showing she’s a capable muthafuckin’ mother. Where is that porno tape?

  7. Cratylus

    Normally, I’m a staunch advocate of capitalism, but seeing those two get in that car is one of the more forceful arguments for an alternative method of distributing wealth.

  8. diddleysquat

    Looks like a part of an elephant down there.

  9. Saera

    Paris Hilton is my ROLE MODEL!
    but srsly.
    why can’t celebs wear underwears? or atleast thongs, pleaseeeee?

  10. polypam

    Britney, if you insist on showing your vajajay to the world, you could at least keep up with your waxing because 5 o’clock shadow is not attractive.

    You may also want to make an appointment with your gyno too. Things do NOT look good.

    Gosh, I all of the sudden feel really itchy down there…

  11. tsarinaamanda


    That’s EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the 1st pic.

    I personally cannot think of two people who deserve each other more than Shitney and Parasite. They are both useless, diseased, untalented whores. And just like 188 said, this makes me feel that the capitalist system is fucked up, if trash like this have nothing better to do than go gallivanting around, flashing their floppy, razorburned, flyblown, rotten snatches to the world. Shitney HAD to know that everyone would see this, what with all the paparazzi following them around…she’s just filthy, nasty trash. Why on EARTH would she think that ANYONE would WANT to see that nasty vag and the still-fresh C-section scar? All this has made me realize is that I will NEVER have kids, if that’s what your pussy ends up looking like…I say, NO THANKS, I’ll pass. That’s just triflin, but what can we expect from the Queen of the White Trash Whores? Go home and take care of those inbred, mongoloid crotch droppings you just HAD to have…kids need PARENTS, they aren’t the latest trendy accessory that you think they are, Shitney. But we all knoew this was gonna happen, it was just a matter of time before she had to resort to truly desperate tactics to try and boost her fading career. Loser.

  12. 86

    156 No bra & a gut…….gross!!!!!!! Yellow is not her color. She…I…wow.

  13. 86

    All vagina aside…..someone please get this girl a hairstylist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 86

    Oops she did it again.

  15. Haroof

    I love how these whores are always without panties.

  16. happy_bunny

    Why why why why WHY do celebrities always insist on going out in short skirts and no underpants? Why?????

  17. wednesdayheartattack

    Why is Paris always the one driving?

  18. squirlgal1

    Shouldn’t she be home with her kids?

  19. pixel killya

    183 – I know you think it makes you all studly to say you would do that, but reality is that it just makes you look desperate. Every chick I’ve done in my life looked better than Britney’s damaged goods. I wouldn’t do her with your dick, mine, or anyone elses. There are hundreds of millions of women out there with better goods. Go find one, it ain’t har

  20. Mrs. Smith

    Britney Spears – What a class act. NOT!!!

  21. Kristin

    Omg wtf.

  22. Mrs. Smith

    Oh and one more thought…..

    Don’t be a fucktard. Put some damn granny panties on.

  23. Convent Girl


  24. lambhead

    Britney stands in front of the mirror, looks at the panty lines on her flabby spandexed ass, and says: “oh, I look so better without underwear” forgetting she might have to move in that 1 inch skirt. When Paris does it, is seems intentional dog-in-heat, but when Britney does it, she’s just “country”. Or retarded.

  25. coffee achiever

    Sweet Jesus. K-Fed’s custody lawyer must be thrilled.

  26. Nick

    You’re all quick to talk about her classiness, but what kind of gentleman takes a picture like that? That’s just disturbing what people will do to make money.

  27. CakeGirl

    I don’t know why these girls think it’s OK to show the world their coochie. As my mama said, you can’t buy class.

  28. mrs.t

    So why are all the young girls totally bald these days?

    I guess the phrase “bearded clam” is both outdated and meaningless to the new generation.

  29. Dingles


    Britney’s never even had a vaginal birth- she opted for a c-section both times because apparently she’s not not only a stupid slut but a total coward.

    yeah, that’s all her. nice work K-fed.

  30. mrs.t

    The more I think about it, the bald poon is starting to piss me off. What happened to a sweet little nicely waxed triangle, or at least a landing strip? I opt for the small and foxy triangle partly because my last kid was a c-section, and there is just nothing sexy about that scar. That’s why the nurse shaves you prior to delivery-so that when the hair comes back, it will hide the scar. Sluutty little dumbass.

  31. frenchtoaststix

    Her C-section scar looks a tad inflamed. Maybe they left a surgical tool in there during her vanity C-section.

    What kind of classless fucktard opens their legs to show their lady business to the waiting paparazzi? Let’s hear Shitney cry to Matt Lauer about never being let alone and having no privacy this time around.

    Perhaps K-Fuck should get the boys. At least he’s not wagging his masculinitiness in our faces.

  32. girl-with-no-pants

    my laptop just caught an std

    on the positive side, k-fed must have a real big one

  33. girl-with-no-pants

    btw naturally paris has more class. she’s from manhattan high society.

    brit’s from poverty and trailer parks

  34. CruisingForCock

    I really wish I knew why I had to see it.

    I almost never wear panties but then again, a midget with a camera is not usually following me around. I’m torn. I think I would feel better about this if she wasn’t with Paris.

    I can’t believe I actually thought about this for more than 30 seconds.

    70 Oh and well done Stallion.

  35. The best part about this site is no matter how badly your life sucks, there’s always something on here that makes you feel better about yourself. I’ll put down the gun and get off the watertower now. I need to rinse my eyes with bleach anyway.

  36. sdcoyote

    At least she doesnt have meat curtains. I hate those!!

  37. Zoiks! is right. Thanks a lot. I’m scarred for life.

  38. lostopoly

    Pousseketeer fun time callout!

    My name is Britney, OK
    Welcome to the all-slut Mouseketeers!

    (where is the chewing tobacco?)

  39. cayana

    AHH!!! Saggy cooch! You can see a big scar where they sucked out all the fat too. Well, not *all* of it.

    And what is that necklace supposed to look like? A trail of jizm running down her chest?

  40. Beastiephile

    Never thought I’d see the day when Paris makes someone ELSE look like the whore. And her looking like the sensible one. Who doesn’t open her legs to the world. Ahh, what has this world come to?

  41. Beastiephile

    Oh, and #7…

    When she started hanging out with Brit.

  42. sexybitch

    Barbie was classy primarily because her cooze was plasticked over, but I agree with you in principle.

    Shit, I hate it when, with one action, some stupid cunt just up and justifies Osama bin Laden’s characterization of the West.

  43. funkymcnasty57

    what a pair of skanks. Nice c section scar brit!

  44. FecalPellets

    #212 –I hate to be a picky ass, but I will be one anyway. The reason for shaving of the pubic area before a c-section is for sterility. You are shaved and then washed with antibacterial soap. Shaving the area beforehand does in no way interfere with the pubic growth pattern. Cesarean Birth 101 will now come to a close. Anyhoo, I have to say Slitney is the first white girl I’ve ever seen sporting ashy poon lips. What up with that??

  45. FecalPellets

    #213 –”Perhaps K-Fuck should get the boys. At least he’s not wagging his masculinitiness in our faces.”

    Well the day is still young!

  46. mrs.t

    #226-Welcome to the Fish. Lots of times people post things here that are meant to be “funny”, or “sarcastic”.
    Obviously, the shaving is for sterility. But I thought it would be funny on a Britney Spears post to pretend that it was for Pussy Prettiness and Lower Abdomen Lovlieness.
    Cuz, you know, she’s like, really stupid? And she might think I was serious?
    Good luck with your Algebra test tomorrow!
    mrs. t

  47. L.ronhubbard

    Britney’s kitty looks surprisingly tight considering what’s popped in and out of there the last few years. I’m impressed.

  48. mrs.t

    #226-one more thing. As I mentioned, my last child was a c-section As in, I have had several kids, and have lived through several births. So describing a process that I recently lived through is kind of dumb. And my ‘pubic growth pattern’ was unaffected. The nurse shaved, and the hair grew back right where it was before. Ta-dah!

  49. cole007

    Obviously everyone was so traumatized, they failed to mention the following:

    1) Paris looks like she is saying, “that’s enough” or “not yet, not enough photographers in the coochie spot yet.”

    2) Britney is giving the ‘thumbs up’ like, “you got the coochie shot, right, got some good ones – everyone will see I’m lasered down there in cuntry-land?”

    3) What on earth is going on with Brit – is she is Paris’ lap in the wheel well of the car when Lohan gets in, and yes, doesn’t it look like everyone is doing some sort of line of coke, or looking for one in their 80-lb purses.

    and finally, sweet #4) they took “no shirt no shoes no service to the max by just going in bottomless, or I am going to start insisting that celebrities let it all grow in if you know what I mean.

    let’s go over in detail their mounds of pubis instead of looking at “long on the tooth” meat-flaps – Brit’s is a meat helmet actually – I could get my head under that thing.

    For cristsake, I am 30 and my junk is still tighter than that, and I’m happily married! Aye, dios mio. If you can see the c-scar from BELOW instead of ABOVE the pant line… then you are wearing no PANTS.

    Anyone remember “The State” on Mtv? Remember the, “I need a date.” “why don’t you try wearing some PANTS?”

    Works wonders, people. Wonders. Pants. Leave SOMETHING up to the imagination. Unless you are a porn star.

    Ever notice how Madonna usually only showed off her cooch in her own books, where she had professional photogs take wholesome and well-composed photos? You need PROS to take a becoming photos of the crotchal regions – which can be SCARY on their own, in the wrong light!

    My labia majoris has never crossed over the minoris in a leg-cross/sqeeze to the point where you can still see my anus, yet my other bits are covered by skin flap numero stretchy-uno… what is going on here? There are two or possibly just one huge flap that can cover several inches if not a foot of flesh… and it is not good. No sir, I don’t like it. I knew I was feeling very hetero this week.

    Can’t she afford Dr. 90210 to make that helmet smaller? Godammit to hell. Even porn stars get that shit sewn in after umpteenmillion ships have landed on the shore. GAH.

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