UPDATE: Britney Spears must take drug tests, parenting classes

September 19th, 2007 // 113 Comments


  1. Mandy

    I don’t give a crap if you read what I wrote or not #73.

    Yes it’s a freeway and I can write as much or as little as I damn well please.

  2. Mandy

    lol, I meant #74.

    I really don’t care, obviously since I cannot even get your comment’s # correct.

    I just want to make sure you get this message Gone Erea.

    Plain & simple for you, I D o n ‘ t C A R E.

  3. Gone Erea

    Mandy, I hate to repeat something I’m sure you’ve heard many times, but could you please stop taking up so much space? Thanks.

  4. ssdd

    #73 …..so um, …what’s your point?

  5. Mandy

    perhaps when you stop breathing I’ll do that . . .

    anyhow, what’s it to you how much space I take up? I am entitled to my opinion just as you are. there’s this thing called respect; please learn it.


    like that fucking space, Erea? If not, again, I D o n’ t C A R E.
    I’m not arguing with your ignorant ass so just stop and realize that everyone else has opinions too. Get over yourself.


    Oh and here’s another opinion which I have every right to express.

    I just watched that video and I think whoever was driving Brit around should’ve just plowed through those damn paps. I mean, normally I don’t see anything wrong with the paps. They’re just doing a job, you know. But fucking block my car in and see what happens; you won’t have a chance to lie and cry, “Oh my foot.” Bullshit, they weren’t even near his foot.

  6. Gone Erea

    Nobody’s going to block your car, Mandy. Everybody is smart enough to get downwind, fast.

  7. Mandy

    Apparently you didn’t gather what I was trying to get across #78.

    Well, to make it plain and simple for you all, it’s this . . .

    A good majority of people here who are bashing Britney are nothing but hypocrites.

    A lot of parents have done drugs, a lot of parents have been nude, a lot of parents cuss, a lot of parents drink but oh shit if a celebrity parent does something. When that happens it’s so easy for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to come out of the woodworks and bash that person.

    They just hide behind their anonymity, which is something Britney hasn’t know since she was younger. She cannot be afforded to have even an iota of privacy.

    Hypocrites hiding in the shadows. Fucking cowards.

  8. Alotta Parentz

    Mandy, please stop! Your laser-like perception is burning my hypocritical soul! This very moment I’m putting down my drink and putting on clothes and saying only “golly-darn”.

    Thank you, Mandy. Thank you.

  9. Mandy

    I didn’t claim to have laser-like perception. This is just my opinion and who cares if you have a drink in your hand and your clothes off, I don’t.

    To each their own. Maybe we should all try and focus on that.

    Golly darn to you too; whatever the fuck that means.

  10. Mandy's mom

    Mandy, honey, time to stop using the fucking computer and fucking join us in the fucking living room, sweetie. We’re all fucking nude and fucking dancing around the fucking cooler of beer – and Daddy’s balancing his beer on his fucking cock! Did you fucking tell your little fucking friends we’re fucking typical fucking American parents?

  11. Mandy

    Okay I am done with this for today. Maybe for shits & grins I’ll come back to it tomorrow and see if anyone has come up with anything enlightening and new to add to the conversation.

  12. Astronomer

    Not coincidentally, the solar eclipse is ending.

  13. Ted from LA

    Is it true that she asked the judge if she could take the parenting course over the web from Vegas?

  14. bob

    Mandy, how about you don’t, k? thanks!

  15. Danklin24

    Mandy using the word fuck in every sentence really makes you sound intelligent. You should go on game shows and win wht pulitzer prize with your cunning wit and amazing use the english language. That and the fact that you think what Britney is doing around her kids isnt that bad, makes you a candidate for the parent of the year. Dr Phil should write a book on your parenting skills.

  16. Danklin24

    “We sit here and read all this shit and comment on it when there’s much more important things happening in the world”

    Apparently you are one of the ones sitting here wasting your time. Idiot.

  17. Mandy

    So I must comment on this . . .

    #89 . . . See paragraph one of comment 73 . . .

    “Before the grammar police or etiquette police attack me, Yes I like the word FUCK and if you don’t too fucking bad . . . don’t read this. It’s just a word. Get a clue.”

    p.s. –criticize someone you only know through media reports, go ahead. dr.phil can write all he wants about me. I think I may write a book called, Parents Who Act like their Shit doesn’t Stink . . . inspiration for my book goes to Danklin24

    #90 –ah Danklin24 again . . . You really should pay attention before posting.
    Read the ENTIRE paragraph and stop taking my words out of context,

    “We sit here and read all this shit and comment on it when there’s much more important things happening in the world. Somewhere someone is beating their kids . . . perhaps to death, somewhere (like Iraq) there’s a war going on and people are dying. I, too, am sitting here reading all of this so I am just as guilty as the next.”

    I never said I wasn’t one of the people wasting my time but at least I am not wasting my time kicking a person when they are down.

  18. Mandys Mom

    Mandy, I told you to come into the living room…Your father wants to see you.

  19. Hey, It's not like killed the kids . . .

    You know, she only neglected and possibly scarred them for life. No biggie, everyone’s a shitty parent. Give Britney a break. Like all of your are perfect or something. Like you’ve never made mistakes. She had to grow up with the world looking over her shoulder. Kevin’s a douche for going after her money and making a big deal of this . . .

    Okay, I’m done trying to put myself in the shoes of a Britney fan. There’s no logic to be had from that camp. Trying to imitate their idiocy was a soul draining experience and I think I lost a piece of myself. For the folks that are asking what has she done that was so bad, ummm . . . her drug and alcohol abuse is no secret. Neither is her constant partying. Nor her apparent lack of common sense and reasoning skills. All of these would be glaring alarms that something is seriously wrong with her in the real world. The fact that more shitty mothers aren’t penalized is a sad reflection of the child protection system, not warrant for this fucknugget to keep behaving the like inbred retard she is.
    Not to mention the only reason she’s managed to avoid real disaster is because she has an army of nannies to raise her kids for her. For example, a few weeks back her brand new puppy broke it’s leg due to HER poor judgment. It’s bad enough that the poor dog was injured, but it could have been MUCH worse for the kids. Any RESPONSIBLE adult with the ability to think rationally would realize that kids + small dogs unsupervised is a recipe for disaster. Forget the pup getting injured (which is bad enough), it could have MAULED her children. Just because it’s fluffy and tiny, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. A kid gets to harassing it, pulling on it’s tail, makes it nervous and it can lash out and rip the poor kid’s face apart. But being the backwater idiot she is, she just plops the damn thing in her kids’ playpen. Yeah, that’s a great mother for you. Not to mention the ridicule her sons will endure when they grow up. If they don’t eat bullets for they reach adulthood, they stand a good chance of being fucked because they’re mom is infamous for going on umbrella rampages and flashing her skank slit. Stop defending this waste of flesh.

  20. Jen

    The look on her face when the guy is screaming about his foot is so sad. She looks terrified. I think she needs out of the spotlight until she can get herself together.

  21. SueSue

    72, you’re an ass. It’s a collective consciousness that drives the paps. Just stop feeding the frenzy and they’ll stop. Yeah, leave her alone. No, she’s not my ‘friend’, she’s a person. And it’s gotta be hard to be a strong woman right now. And yeah, she probably does look at what people here say. What, you’ve never googled yourself? Yeah, you should google yourself where it hurts most.

    And, Mandy. You’re my hero. I applaud you. What does anyone here know about anything? My bet is they’re all infant skanky high school twits.

  22. starscanfrighten

    Oh, god.
    Mandy’s back, acting like she’s better than everybody else.

  23. Wicked

    Uh-oh, I’ve been caught. I am an (I’m sure the word you meant to use was) infantile skanky high school twit. Even so, I completely agree with 72. This is a CELEBRITY GOSSIP site; therefore, anyone who leaves a comment is entitled to do their fair share of celebrity bashing-get over it. And as for she probably looks at what people say on this site…well if she is a “strong woman” you think she must be, then why would she care what I or any of us think about her on a celebrity gossip site?
    And Suesue, honey…just because you used a big word (an enormous feat for you, I’m sure) doesn’t fool anyone into thinking you might have some intelligence. The ‘Yeah’ before every other sentence after that kind of defeated that purpose a just a tiny bit.

  24. Wiley

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember any complaints against K-feds child rearing capabilities. Why do you Britards keep bashing him when he is doing his best and even has the full support of her parents? She has absolutely no support system right now because she has fired or alienated everyone she has ever known. It is apparent that she doesn’t want her children. There is no other way to explain her actions. Any normal mother would go out of her way to make sure nothing happens because she wants her children. Most mothers stay home with their children, especially when in the middle of a child custody fight. Most mothers don’t show their privates in public when in the middle of a child custody fight. All these things add up to her having some serious mental problems.

  25. Last

    92 so funny. Mandy doesn’t actually think that she is better then everyone else ’cause she said that she isnt a perfect parent herself. Since she is a parent that’s a problem in the society.

    Anybody who thinks that Britany is an ok role model simply isnt ready to have children. I get what Mandy is saying and she is right about a lot of other parents doing drugs, but hey they are not famous and not using their poor parenting skills for publisity unlike Briteny does it all the time.

    Her poor son’s will find out some day that their mother used them to stay famous after a stupid performance. When they start school they will run away from the emmbaressment which their parents are.

  26. Britney is a Selfish Mother

    Britney is way too selfish to be a parent! Beside whatever drugging and drinking in general she’s doing she should stay home more just for the reason that when one year olds and two year olds wake up in the middle of the night they want their Mommy — not the nanny. If they are more bonded to the nanny than their mother (because she’s not there) then that’s really sad.

    Also, she is just using the worst possible judgment right now by going out and partying right in the middle of this custody dispute. Even if her kids are safe at home with someone appropriate it just looks really bad for her to be out so frequently. One would hope she is spending time with her kids during the day but who knows. It just looks bad when she’s always out. She needs to play the game right now even if she thinks it’s nobody’s business but hers what she does.

    I feel sorry for her because I imagine she loves her kids but she’s either too selfish, too stupid, or too high to be able to put her responsibility to them and her relationship with them first. She’s going to lose them for sure and she’ll have no one to blame but herself.

    And Mandy — you are nuts. Normal people don’t do all the things you mention. Most people put their kids first and squelch all their little urges to smoke pot, etc. I had my wild days but put them aside when I had my children. And I don’t feel sorry for someone who makes $750,000 a month and could have a very beautiful and peaceful life with all that money. Britney makes more in a month than most of us will make during the next 10 years and she still can’t buy a clue as to what is important in this life.

  27. Mandy

    M u s t D e f e n d S e l f, lol . . . what a waste of time, I know . . . (maybe I should be spending it with the kiddie since the majority of you think people should be on top of their kids twenty four seven or else they be deemed a “bad” parent).

    Anyhow, I would like to make things short since taken up too much space and saying any big words around here gets you called names and such. In advance I apologize if I confuse or bore anyone.

    #96 . . . I’m not trying to act better than anyone. Instead it’s the exact opposite. I don’t understand the whole concept of kicking someone when they are down is all.

    #98 . . . Guess what? Kevin was ordered into the very SAME parenting classes and random drug testing as Britney. He’s no Angel.

    #99 . . . I admitted that I am not a perfect parent and you say, “Since she is a parent that’s a problem in the society.” Fuck you. Who are you to call me a problem? You most likely don’t even have children. If you do I am sure that they aren’t the most well adjusted balanced and brightest light bulbs in the goddamned bunch. Your parents probably raised you to believe a lot of hokey bullshit stuff and look at you now . . . total hypocrite.

    #100 . . . Nuts? Why be normal? I don’t want to be like the rest of you hypocrites. What would you know about normal anyhow? To each their own, respect that. Normal people don’t do what? Have kids and drink? Have kids and do drugs? Have kids and go out to the club? Have kids and have a career? S u r e, normal people don’t do those things. I believe that like I believe the Earth is fucking flat. Good for you, you had your “wild days” and then quit it all for your kids. ::APPLAUSE:: Bullshit. Oh and money doesn’t fucking buy happiness or a beautiful peaceful life. If you believe that then it just goes to show how ignorant you really are. If you have any money to your name I suggest you go buy a clue because YOU are the one who needs it.

    Oh and I am not saying that I do any of the things I mentioned . . . but come on there’s a lot of people out there who DO drink and do drugs and shit like that and who ARE parents. If they aren’t beating or neglecting their children then who’s business is it? Oh and leaving your kids with a nanny, although perhaps not the best choice, is still the choice of the parent . . . not any of yours.

  28. Ooba Gooba

    This ruling will hopefully shut her idiot fans up for good. They seem to think she’s some kind of goddess who can do no wrong……this throws that argument right out the window. Twitney does not have a brain in her head.

  29. Layla

    Hey Mandy… GO TO OPRAH!

  30. She should just take the kids out partying with her–that way, they’ll always be supervised (by her entorage, the waitresses, the bartender and the DJ–a dozen nannies for free!) and while she often strips down or goes out without panties, she’s probably more clothed at a nightclub then she is at home. They could get those big frozen drinks with lots of fruit in them and get their recommended 5-a-day, plus dance away all that cheeto/ding-dong/baby fat! It’s a win-win!

  31. ssdd

    Hey Mandy……….. not saying what you say is wrong, .. but its said in the wrong place…. The people that post are not adding a clause of any kind that they are perfect and have never done anything wrong. People post here with underlying intentions that it probably makes their own life seem ~not~so~fucked~up…… Or… they post crazy shit to just get a rise out of other people, like um, You for example … Or, they truly are cold hearted and give not one fuck what they say and who they say it about.

    come here…
    *whispers*… ****this is the Internet…. what the FUCK do you expect?… Get over your crusade to change people you will never see, people you will never understand, and ultimately people who will never make one fuck in your life.****

    One thing I will say these people do is …… …. They Have The Ability To Control YOUR Emotions. Maybe you need to take a step back and put the microscope on yourself for a while and figure out why you are so easily manipulated like that of a puppet in the hands of its master. Who is really the Weak one here?

    I don’t give one fuck if you agree or disagree with what I have to say. Not looking for a response from you ..so save it. Put that energy to some other use.

    Now…have a nice FUCKING day. *smiles*

  32. katydid

    Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. There’s a world of difference between parents relaxing with a drink after work, or even getting hammered on the odd occasion (providing they’ve made arrangements for the care of their children while they go to the hotel), and the constant, no-holds-barred Britney does in full view of the public, which includes the very same judge who issued the order and the child protection workers who will be responsible for ensuring she doesn’t kill her kids with her stupidity. The odd bong hit (not with the kids around), the odd beer; sure, lots of parents enjoy these things. But you know, or at least you should know, that Britney’s lapses in judgement are far worse than those. Putting a baby in your lap while you drive a car is a mistake that only a functionally retarded person could make. Car seat laws have been in effect for years; my guess is she couldn’t be bothered to strap the kid in. Or, maybe, she couldn’t figure out how the strap worked. There is photographic evidence of her holding a cigarette inches away from her toddler son’s eye. Kids that age are notoriously unsteady on their feet. What if he’d slipped and fallen into the burning end of that thing? And, as far as parents having a career goes, most parents have a career. I do. I guess that puts me in a different category than Britney, who is making a shitload of money for doing nothing more than making a fool of herself in front of the media-consuming public.
    Britney Spears has the media up her ass because she wants them there. It’s the only way she can get any attention, due to the fact that she’s a no-talent loser who can’t cash in on her sexiness now that she has the body of a woman who has had kids, instead of a teenage girl’s cute figure. She’s failed to grow up one iota since having children. This girl’s been married twice, divorced, and had babies. She should have some maturity to draw on, but we’ve all seen that she doesn’t .
    This is, as has been mentioned, a gossip site. People here are sick of Britney’s bullshit, as the general public seems to be, and that’s why they bash her. You seem to have made a wrong turn on the information highway, Mandy.
    Britney Spears has a fan site for people like you.

  33. starscanfrighten

    Mandy, you really need to get yourself some help.

  34. lelo

    …american gossips…so idiot…brit come europe to live as madonna…they dont deserve you…its all about your money…they suc…and you shine….best wishes for u britn

  35. lelo


  36. Huh?

    And yet she continues to get into he front seat!

    Let me sit in the front and cover my face with my handbag, rather than sit in the back seat where they cannot see me….

    I do not get this girl at all!

  37. wow this is getting crazier and crazier.

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