UPDATE: Britney Spears’ label can’t trust her to promote new album

October 31st, 2007 // 91 Comments

Jive Records is officially giving up on trying to get Britney Spears to promote her new album. They’re not even planning a tour despite her single “Gimme More” topping the charts. The label realizes that Britney doesn’t care and is apparently becoming fed up with her antics. NY Daily News reports:

“They can’t get Britney to do anything!” said a source close to the label and Spears. “They did get her to do one photo-shoot for some promotional materials, but beyond that, they can’t trust her to even show up. This album could’ve been so much bigger with Britney involved. This is the one opportunity they have to try and sell a million records. They were forced to [go on with] their marketing plan.”

Britney may not even care about the money as her estimated worth this year is near $100 million. Her activities in the press seem to emphasize a detachment with reality:

But her bizarre behavior was evident as recently as Sunday, when our spy found her looking confused as she wandered around the locker room of the Four Seasons Hotel in L.A. — wearing just a bikini bottom. When another woman asked her where the hotel pool was, Brit replied, “Oh, is there a pool here?”

You see what I did there? I started the day off with a scary story because it’s Halloween. I mean, c’mon, how frightening is that? You could be walking around, minding your own business and then “Bam!” topless Britney Spears! Eeeek! But don’t worry. Just tell her you work for Jive and want to take some promotional photos. She’ll shriek and vanish into the night. Presumably to Taco Bell. It’s where the Britney feeds waiting for her next vict – Hey, did you just see that? Was that a nipple? *sniffs* Hot sauce? I didn’t have Mexican… Look! Behind the couch. A stretch mark! AHHH!!

UPDATE: On his radio show this morning Ryan Seacrest managed to get Britney Spears on the phone and you can tell why Jive is fed up. Take a listen and, during the first few minutes, it almost sounds like Britney doesn’t even know she released an album yesterday. She does however know that she loves fried chicken. I’m as shocked as you are.


  1. mr happy pants

    me go bang-bang

  2. Jimbo

    Almost had it shucks

  3. veggi

    Can’t get britney to do anything? Uh, WRONG!

    1.) she can drink her face off

    …………. and other things of that sort, and such as.

  4. LL

    They’re probably better off if she doesn’t promote the album. In fact, they might try putting it out with a different name and picture on the cover and just don’t tell Britney. She won’t know the difference.

  5. jimbo sucks donkey dicks

    step 1 = kill yourself
    step 2 = if still alive, repeat step 1

    no go try it JIMBO

  6. Change the website to http://www.superficialbritney.com

    We know you want to

  7. Why oh why is “gimme more” a top download on iTunes? I guess there are a lot more morons out there than I realized.

  8. Greedy Businessmen want Britney to kill herself

    So what they are making their dollar, Just the name Britney Spears will guarantee sales

  9. spy

    Britney = Elvis.

  10. nevermore

    Remember back in the day, when Britney topless was a GOOD thing?

    Aah, youth. Those were the days. Now we must wake up to stark reality.

  11. Ok let me set the record straight. I Jimbo have never sucked a donkeys dick.
    The real Jimbo

  12. She has been at the top and its just is not so great :-(

    Having hundreds of photographers around her daily, and countless news articles daily. She does not need any more fame or success or wealth in her mid twenties.

    She will be famous for the rest of her life

    Look at Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Paul McCartney

  13. @13 who the fuck are you troll?

    @6 go fuck yourself donkey balls

  14. Feckless

    I wouldn’t want to go to one of her stupid concerts anyway but if I did, I wouldn’t be able to BECAUSE MY FUCKING CAR IS IN THE FUCKING SHOP FOR FUCKING 2 WEEKS I WILL FUCKING LOSE MY MIND.

  15. Feckless

    I wouldn’t want to go to one of her stupid concerts anyway but if I did, I wouldn’t be able to BECAUSE MY FUCKING CAR IS IN THE FUCKING SHOP FOR FUCKING 2 WEEKS I WILL FUCKING LOSE MY MIND.

  16. kix

    She may be famous for the rest of her life but in a couple more years she’ll look like Elizabeth Taylor.

  17. Feckless

    lol, “if still alive repeat step one” – how about stick tab A into slot B?

  18. veggi

    you always say the weirdest things Miss Universe.

  19. @19 are you tab A or slot B

  20. der...doye

    “Britney may not even care about the money as her estimated worth this year is near $100 million”

    Gee, so that story about her being broke wasn’t true??? Really??? It seemed so real. But for sure this story is true.

  21. stop trolling trolls

    @6- no go try it? me talk in caveman. me a dur dur. huuuuuuuuuga buuga.

  22. PunkA

    How hard is it to get Brit to do anything?? Seriously, all you have to do is promise that the Kraft table at the promotions will be filled with Starbucks, Taco Bell and Jell-O vodka shooters. For Free. She shows up, and you threaten to cut her off, then she behaves. It is simple. Just treat her like a 4-year old, and she will behave. Trust me. The lure of the chalupa will be too great.

  23. Pilatunes

    I’d be astonished if she was worth that money. I know she used to have a lot, but she spends money like water and you can be sure she doesn’t manage what she doesn’t spend. I can see her (and LiLo) ending up broke.

  24. Speaking on behalf of all the Jimbo’s
    Cant we all just get along?
    The original Jimbo

  25. It's Zitney, bitch!

    Dumb bitch lives in a crazy world of her own. She is unreachable, untalented, and concerned with nobody but her ridiculous self. I hope she goes bankrupt, or somebody shoves her down a flight of stairs.

  26. It’s Halloween. Everybody tries to pretend they are someone else.

    Course I don’t troll people, I just dress up like something scary.

    This year I am dressing up like Legal Assistant with PMS

  27. veggi

    mmmm, vodka jello shooters.

  28. Feckless

    @13, funny today. You forgot “being of sound mind and body” – it doesn’t count without that part.

  29. Feckless

    Slot B

  30. Haterz r Suckerz

    (breathlessly) “Britney’s single is a disaster!”
    (fact) Britney’s single goes to the top of the charts.
    (breathlessly) “Britney’s broke!”
    (fact) Britney’s worth 100 mil.
    (breathlessly) “Britney’s album sucks, she won’t promote it, and it won’t sell!”

    guess what comes next?

    wait, you can’t, or you wouldn’t be here…

  31. liz

    Her face looks fat. On drugs.

  32. I'm a stupid moron

    This always happens when morons become rich

  33. Texas Tranny

    It’s Halloween. Everybody tries to pretend they are someone else.

    So maybe I should go as a straight hetrosexaul male.

  34. grandmasboy

    32- You’re fucking weird.

  35. Beatriz Chinchilladiaz

    Why are all of you guys talking about Brit? You know you all love her otherwise, you woudn’t be reading about her.. Stop talking shit ang get a life..

    We all love, love and super love Britney Spears.. we love you and keep it real Brit..

    The album ROCKS!!!!

  36. Clem

    It is astonishing to me that anyone will buy a record made by someone who plainly can’t even mime properly let alone sing, she basically mimes karaoke.

  37. mr happy pants

    Texas Tranny, don’t even try it. Noone would belive you are straight!!
    Keep on doing yo’ thang girl!!!

    for all the JIMBO’s out there–KILL YOURSELVES ! ! !

    for all you other knob-gobblers–KILL YOURSELVES TOO ! ! !

    for those about to rock–WE SALUTE YOU ! ! !

  38. Veggi – Who has the Vodka Jello shooters?

  39. Fritz

    What a disgusting piece of white trash. She’s a media whore. I wish she would just take a leap off the Grand Canyon with all of the other annoying bitches.

  40. @39 No, I have no plans to off myself, but all of my trolls can kill themsleves. The fucking pain in the ass bastards and bitches

  41. ay dios mio

    @41 — are you talking about Britney, Jimbo, your momma or yourself?

  42. Call me Brit !

    I’m just mad cause I’m not in Britney’s world! I would love to go out and party with her and have sex with her everynight when they have those wild orgies at night! But I’m not letting Sam fuck me in the ass, Alli and Britney can do anything they want to me though.

  43. Matthew

    the next thing you know Jive records will drop britney as a client just like the bodygaurd and her publisict

  44. veggi

    Hi Jimbo! PunkA mentioned it. It sounds a whole lot better than my sammich.

    @37- oh, you silly silly person.

  45. Start passing them out Veggi. I need something strong if I have to hand out candy to all those little bastards tonight.

  46. Texas Tranny

    That’s what I thought also.
    Tonight I’m going to dress up as a nun in a provocative habit with killer black lingerie and heels.

  47. veggi

    I’m gonna put a flower pot on my head and go as………………………………… well, you know.

  48. Feckless

    Well since I am WALKING I guess I will go as a FIRE HYDRANT for Halloween and maybe next year I will go as Dale Earnhardt Jr. and throw candy at the Homeless people as I DRIVE PAST THEM.

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