UPDATE: Britney Spears is a lusty wench – for Halloween, not in real life


Britney Spears decided to do the Halloween thing last night and dressed up like a busty pirate wench. Or so the caption of this photo told me. I just figured it was her normal outfit. She could wear a pirate hat and I wouldn’t even know it was a costume. I’d assume it was Britney’s way of saying she wants some Long John Silver’s. Or a thermos full of rum. I’m still learning the intricacies of her language. Now, if she only shows the right half of her vagina, that means Burger King, right? Or does her ass hanging out mean Burger King? I really should write this stuff down.

I threw in some shots of Britney sans the pirate get-up and Alli Sims getting pulled over early this morning after leaving the clubs. I know how much you guys love justice. But, trick or treat, they only got a warning! Halloween is fun.

UPDATE: According to ET Online, Britney was decked out in the pirate garb to attend a midnight release of her new album “Blackout” at the Virgin Mega Store in Hollywood. But, when Britney arrived, she couldn’t find a parking space, so she bailed and went clubbing with Alli Sims instead. Her publicist has to drink a lot.

Photos: INFdaily.com