Uma Thurman wears see through clothes

October 19th, 2007 // 110 Comments

Uma Thurman showed up at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks concert at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. She was wearing, uh, something, I think. Not exactly sure what kind of fashion statement she’s making here. It’s kind of like Uma woke up and said, “Hey, I want people to know I’ve got nipples. And, also, an ass.” Which is convenient, because just the other day I was thinking to myself, “Does Uma Thurman have all her anatomical parts? Or is she missing a nipple, or perhaps her whole buttocks?” Mystery solved. Now I can focus my awesome mind power on more important things. Aw, yeah, Tetris!


  1. omelette ze roar

    Who cares? She looks like a fox. Gorgeous!

  2. Nikky Raney

    on purpose?

  3. dude

    Seriously, what the fuck is Ethan Hawke’s problem? When you have the opportunity to place your hands and/or penis on/in Uma Thurman more or less whenever you want, who the hell do you cheat on her with?

  4. Hot Girl!...15 years ago

    Shit, we got this at the top all weekend?

    Nice fuckin nostrils. Must be part of her “unique beauty” (although thankfully she’s not as “uniquely beautiful” as Sarah Jessica Muckstall).

  5. schack

    Uma performed oral sex on me last Tuesday. She came even before I got wet. That’s how love is.


  6. Mendilo

    So these are the “Before” pictures, right?

  7. Allie

    She’s freekin’ HOT in my opinion. And I am a straight female.

  8. gerard Vandenberg

    I simply don’t get it that this publis person has the nerves to show up in such a disgusting and cheap looking dress. It is more surprising, on the contrary, that she shows those, like tea bags looking TITS, to the public, JEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS!!!!

  9. Joey

    Grandma! Grandma! GRANDMA! You wore a window curtain outside again! Come on home and we’ll make you some nice laxative tea.

  10. Hollywood Agent

    I’m so sick of seeing all these Old Hollywood Actresses flash their nipples and pussies at us to get Free PR. Do these people have no respect, or what!

    We know that they have no brains since all scripts are written for them, and they are even given written instructions on how and what they should be doing/actions/acting, and with all the takes and re-takes……..

    Look, Uma, we all know that you are getting old and fugly, but if you want to show your privates, go to some magazine and get paid. We would all like to see you when you are posed and airbrushed and look sort of sexy. Now you just look like a saggy haggy.

  11. whatever

    Don’t these women realize when their fabric is transparent to flash photography? Don’t they have a friend shoot a test before going out?

    Fuck. How stupid are famous women?

  12. Cain_Cain

    I wonder when this nude thing will trickle down to the masses…

  13. ?Mary

    non o this nude thing in my town !

    we have this indescency law

  14. nitsua

    the only SHOCK left is when
    MALES stop covering up

  15. Samantha

    C*ck Shock YES it’s time
    no noNOoooooooooooooooooo!

    littlesquished upFlesh in see-thru gotch forgetaboutit :(

  16. tilly

    she is SimplySTUNNING!

  17. oooohyeah baby

    …I’m all for a new hollywood trend
    “Peek a boo penises!”

  18. Damn, she’s does look really gorgeous here.

  19. Frick

    Wow, I love the dress! And she looks absolutely gorgeous here! And classy! I think you can only see thru her dress when the camera bulbs flash.

  20. Phil

    Clearly the person writing the texts for this site has changed, cause they used to be funny and now they are all really lame and un-funny!

  21. Shift

    #91 ‘littlesquished upFlesh in see-thru gotch’..that would go over well!

    HaHAHA#93″Peek a boo Penises’

  22. Shift

    yUMMYUma still has it hothothot

  23. Dorito man

    Uma is hawwwwt. I so wished I could do her.

  24. xman

    who cares it is a nipple. she is nasty any way

  25. Whats up with the track marks? She’s got injection marks all over her arms.

  26. yukadoozer

    That’s what happens when you get old-you need to show everyone your parts to remind everyone you’re still out there.

  27. Ibwatched that, she looked quite pretty actually. considering she usually lookes like 15 year old boy.

  28. steve

    She’s so gorgeous, I could just eat her up. I loved her in Gattaca, they chose her as the genetically superior being…good role for her.

  29. Me

    How unclassy.

  30. Shallow Val

    IMO, Uma can wear whatever the hell she wants. She is a goddess. Not perfect looking, but fabulous all the same.

  31. steven

    It’s a nipple…why do we need to block it out? What is wrong with you? It’s as natural as fingernails or toes. Pathetic media scrutiny. America is over!

  32. Gloria

    her clothes is special, i like her film very much, her profile on is also very good, including many pictures.

  33. Chelle

    That looks really, really itchy. But I guess if she’s abandoned enough to show her nipple in public, then she’s probably okay with reaching down to scratch her ass.

    That is one weird, ugly dress. With all her money, why not choose something beautiful instead of this piece of trash that looks like it was worn first by Tinkerbell’s goth sister.

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