Uma Thurman wears see through clothes

October 19th, 2007 // 110 Comments

Uma Thurman showed up at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks concert at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. She was wearing, uh, something, I think. Not exactly sure what kind of fashion statement she’s making here. It’s kind of like Uma woke up and said, “Hey, I want people to know I’ve got nipples. And, also, an ass.” Which is convenient, because just the other day I was thinking to myself, “Does Uma Thurman have all her anatomical parts? Or is she missing a nipple, or perhaps her whole buttocks?” Mystery solved. Now I can focus my awesome mind power on more important things. Aw, yeah, Tetris!


  1. yeah…ummm…that comment party has been going on for awhile now…

  2. #25 Kari’s got the 10 and a half!

  3. Why can Uma look sooo fuckin hot sometimes and look like something I wouldn’t shit on at other times.

  4. @26 FRIST………….see #11. LOL

    10 and a half????????

  5. Uhm…. that is gross. How many kids has she had, an orphanage? Her nose looks like a squash or something, and the rest of her looks like – soggy potatoes in a chenille bag. There’s a reason why you don’t see that image on many magazine covers.

  6. ness

    she looks absolutely smashing :)

  7. Snatch Whisperer

    Now there’s an old lady I’d like to have hard core, break the furniture, porno sex with.

  8. cashitin

    Whoops – same pic…Sorry for being a dumbshit….just trying to help.

  9. Sam Hain


    oh yeah?

    I thought Sheila had the ten and a half.

    glad i’m not the only one here…

  10. I have a whole collection of dildos…….6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ plus a good assortment of butt plugs.

  11. Sam Hain

    the problem here is that Henry might have had the ten and a half once upon a time (like back when he was cool, before he started playing cops on TV) but the steroids probably f**ked all that up!

  12. Bigheadmike

    Uma Zuma! She is Beautiful.

  13. veggi

    I’m completely lost. Not that that’s different than my everyday life. WHAT are you talking about? Whos Henry- who’s Sheila- and why does kari have a 10 and a half anything? HUH????

  14. Oh like I’m the first one to ever not read all the comments and accidentally say something someone has already noticed and had a detailed conversation about. You guys are so ANAL!!!
    You like that one, don’t you TT
    Oh, and Sam, I believe Rollins was saying Kira’s got the ten and a half. Wasn’t she like the bass player or something? I dunno, I was stoned in the 80′s, don’t member much../.

  15. Sam Hain

    T.V party tonight? anyone?

  16. Italian Stallion

    I’d fuck the Beatrice Kiddo out of this bitch and make Bill watch……………..

  17. Sam Hain

    hah! yes ma’am you are correct! and a step closer to awesome in my book!!!

  18. ming

    Kill Bill was perfect for her – she was supposed to look haggard but somehow hot. Sadly for her, the first part isn’t a choice anymore. But surgery would be a huge mistake – imagine what her already odd looks would become after a few procedures? Kill Bill, volume III, with Uma Thurman as Bruce Jenner…

  19. Damn, go to lunch and I miss all the good stuff. Yesterday it was the sex doll.

  20. Great Sam, now I can check that off my list of things to do today!!! Haha, just kidding, I stole that line from Jim.

    But I agree, I am pretty awesome. And so are you.

  21. Did anybody notice that Britney lost custody?

  22. amma

    I’ve just never thought she was attractive, ever. And in the 80′s and early 90′s she was considered a great beauty. Didn’t get it then, don’t get it now. That said, she’s cool and I like her dress.

  23. Hey FRIST,
    It’s the trolls…………….

    butt, I do like anal.

  24. I liked her thumbs in Even Cowgirls get the Blues. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!

  25. Roger Ebert's remaining jawbone

    Uma Thurman was called a great beauty because she’s like 6 feet tall and has big natural boobs. By itself, that’s not unique, but she doesn’t weight 200+ and she lives in America. It’s never been done before. Or since. Jesus. I went to the mall yesterday. Let’s just say I DID NOT intend to shop for muffintops. I hope the cancer takes me soon…

  26. See Jimbo, you should eat lunch at work.

  27. I tried to, but it looks as though no body wants to see me with my pants off.

  28. TT, yep trollin…assholes!!! I didn’t write that line about her thumbs.

    Hey Jimbo, what did you have for lunch? I ate my samwich earlier.

    It’s almost time to go home…I’m bored

  29. Ript1&0

    She looks damn good for being 73.

  30. Correction – Jimbo, you should eat lunch at my bunghole. Nummy-nums!

  31. I ate TT’s bunghole, as you can clearly see.

  32. Dick Richards

    #28. Frist? Was that a Black-Flag pun? You devil, you!

    P.S. My little penis is maybe, 6”. How I envy Madango.

  33. Jimbo

    What a buttcake.

  34. Candice Bergan

    She’s a classic beauty, from ancient times.

    Doesn’t she look like she would smell really good? Hmmm yummm,

  35. tits mcbean

    @26. FRIST!!!

    That dudes head in the 2nd photo is FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  36. Biff

    All I know is, she has a son, and when he bursts through a door and accidentally sees mommy getting undressed, he’s a waaaaaay luckier than I was (*shudder*).

  37. #59, Yes it was!

    #62 I know, huh?!?!? But apparently I said it too late :( They all made fun of me and told me to scroll up and called me fat and stupid :(

  38. Me

    Dave, if it were oprah in that gown, you wouldn’t be able see quite as much…as for uma, that dress, or better, her wearing it, is tacky.

  39. Nice to see my troll is out and about today..

    Troll – get a life you fuck nut

  40. life is a shithole

    Untoned shapeless ass and a boring looking nipple, this would be an incredible dress on someone younger but it’s not really working for her. She is pretty but the ass it flat and saggy looking and the nip looks too medical textbook and not very wet t-shirty.

    Verdict: meh

  41. i agree

    She has major man hands bet she has huge feet and at 6 foot plus 4 inch heels in person she probably looks like a pretty tranny with boobs.


    TOTAL KARMIC IRONY that she’s a prude but an exhibitionist too. Commentator time!

  43. judges

    “life is a shithole” – you, sir, are clearly a season masturbator! We salute your seen-it-all/rubbed-it-all selectivity. Rookies, or those suffering from…build up…might find this woman sploogeworthy, but a calloused veteran will NOT feel that familiar tug. (contractually obligated to add: “so to speak”)

  44. Auntie Kryst

    Wow I missed a lot. I got to remember to not work at all. Fish, thank you for the excellent palate cleanser between the Britney fuckups. It is most appreciated. Uma is gorgeous, that’s all there is to say, except that #70 has the funniest post of the day.

  45. I luv her dress and she’s hott for her age

  46. Needs to learn that toning is as important as dieting. But yeah, she does look pretty good.

  47. TheExpatriot

    Uma is the goddess. You may admire her.

  48. roughdaddy

    someone crusing for some meat…

  49. She’s beautiful. It’s close to impossible for her to wear a dress to make her look bad.

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