Uma Thurman has extremely saggy boobs

April 5th, 2007 // 202 Comments

uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-10-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-11-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-12-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-13-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-14-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-15-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-16-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-17-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-18-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-19-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-20-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-21-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-22-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-23-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-24-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-25-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-26-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-27-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-28-thumb.jpg


  1. BigJim

    She’s got skim milk in them titties.

  2. beifiori

    number 18, that is hilarious!!!!! thanks for that laugh!!!

  3. itspat

    #100 – Uma has a swimsuit she could give to you. I have a feeling she won’t be wearing it again…

  4. upstart

    From IMDB:

    Measurements: 34C-24-35 (as an Elite model: 1988), 35 1/2C-24-35 (actress – 1995), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

  5. Craig & "em"

    Why is everyone so quick to blame Uma or her Saggy Sagerton boobies.

    Personally…I blame that lil bastard in the Spider Man getup. Suck Suck Suck! That’s all he did. Like milk grows on trees or cows or wherever the hell it comes from!

  6. iamsosmrt

    This is what happens to girls who don’t work out and rely on being naturally slim; classic skinny fat.
    God damn it why is it so hard for people to work out? It’s fun especially when you are naturally slim. In the real world most of the people who work out do so without needing a personal trainer unlike incompetant celbrities.
    This picture should make girls who are insecure about being small breasted feel better. There are pluses on either side of the cup size range.

  7. schack

    105- very cute

  8. iamsosmrt

    Crap my spelling. Bah, me no care.

  9. veggi

    I hate to work out. I haven’t done pilates in a week and I’m eating a cookie right now. Should I just kill myself now? Or wait until I’m big and fat and let the heckles from the children do me in….

  10. DrPhowstus

    I’d like to smack her right tit so it crashed into her left tit, causing it to fly around her back and wrap around crashing into her right tit, causing the right tit to smack against the stretched left tits and back again. A booby pendulum if you will.

  11. veggi

    nice dr., real nice.

  12. ponk

    schack, that wasn’t me. apparently my troll has been busy today.

  13. LoneWolf

    I love these kinds of posts b/c all the female fishies tell everyone about their own boobs. It’s always nice to be able to put boobages to screen names.

    Uma (Oprah….Oprah…Uma)’s boobs are fine for a woman of her age and baby birthin’ history. As an amateur mammarologist, I would put them at a large C, small D on a good day. Unfortunately, they are her best physical attribute.

    I read Even Cowgirls Get The Blues when I was a callow lad and thought it sucked so bad that I very seriously considered writing the author a letter to tell him off for wasting my time. I should probably re-read it now that I have more years of wisdom and perspective behind me than I care to admit.

    That is all.

  14. veggi

    I can’t believe you said that about Tom Robbins. He is brilliant. Try “Another Roadside Attraction.” If you don’t love it, you can write me a letter telling me how you wasted your time, but I won’t waste my time reading it.

  15. Unfortunatly that bathing suit would look ugly on ANYBODY.

  16. ApacheRose

    p0nk, go ahead and take credit on the rare occasions the trolls actually post something funny.

  17. FRIST!!!

    Ok, well if shitty looking bathing suits are in this year I’m going to have to throw all my bikinis out and go to Goodwill’s old lady section. Can I borrow a dollar? Anyone?

  18. LoneWolf

    @ #114 “The magician

  19. @118. wow. Did you just pull that out of your ass? I’m a big Tom fan, but I can’t quote it like that. Props.

  20. FRIST!!!

    BTW what is that string tied around her finger? A reminder to CHANGE HER BATHING SUIT???

    Is it noon yet? I want a beer.

  21. I think she was the model for this as well…

  22. veggi

    I’m with ya Frist! Love me some beers right now…

    and upstart, I just was in a trance watching that woman fall all over those balls… wtf is that????

  23. FRIST!!!


  24. Pikachelsea

    Well, I have to agree with what’s already been said. That top is just so horribly unflattering on her. Yeah, she’s got some major sag factor going on, but if she actually wore a top with decent support she could look great in a two-piece. Well, maybe if she also worked off that gut/muffin-top she’s got going on.

  25. Abacquer

    Uma Thurman has extremely NORMAL boobs

    To be sure — that’s not the best swimsuit for her figure.

  26. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Bad, bad suit. This one looks much better:

  27. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    120, Frist you read my friggin mind with the string thing! Holy shit

  28. Rosie would approve.

  29. upstart

    @127 – MILF!

  30. StoneRose

    *Newsflash* this is what REAL tits look like anywhere over a small B

    Looks like Superfish guy has never been with a real woman if he’s expecting to see playboy silicone perfection, the very same he sees in magazines or the $20 ladies that patrol the corner by Hooker Harvey’s near his house.

    Poor Uma is the victim of a *really shitty* bikini top. Damned thing has no lycra content or decent tailoring. Probably bought it at Wal Mart.

  31. Ruth

    She’s still hot!

  32. HollyJ

    WOW- I go to the grocery store and when I get back, there’s like a bazillion more posts =0 That’s what I get for leaving!

    I’m guessing she’s a full C.

    From the side, they look smaller cuz they’re deflated and all the tissue is hanging down at the nipple end (like oranges hangin’ in a pair of panty hose) but I bet if you pulled it all up and packed it into a bra, she’d fill a C cup.

  33. Lowlands

    She needs to have a talk with paris hilton.Maybe she’ll tell her what kind of pills she must take to get firmer breasts.

  34. Conky

    I’d hit it or at least give her a pearl necklace.


  35. MrSemprini

    Please, please, please don’t EVER show pictures like that again. I did not throw up in my mouth a little bit. I spewed rank vile essence of a cesspool. You’re getting the dry cleaning bill.

  36. MackDaddy69

    I gotta say it: I think Uma looks 100% HOT!! I looooove saggy boobs, and hers look great! I like to think it is my job to (literally) support them! I would drag myself through 1000 miles of broken glass just to lick her shadow!!!

  37. HollyJ

    MackDaddy is now invisioning a round of tittie-sex with those puppies even as I type this.

  38. Lowlands

    I see Spiderman becomes a little boy in the present of Uma thurman.How’s that possible?

  39. Lowlands

    #139)I mean ofcourse ‘presence’.(cough,cough)

  40. TrimSpaBaby

    #139 If that was the REAL Spidey he’d have web-slung those puppies up where they should be.

  41. Lowlands

    Well,spiderman becoming a little boy is a sort of advanced survival.In this form he’ll be finally able to enjoy these milkbags.

  42. StoneRose

    Whoa, a whole bunch more photos…watch as Uma scavenges in the bushes for more plastic to recycle. Good job.

  43. wedgeone

    #34 – so what you’re REALLY saying is that you want her to stick her fingers up your ass & touch your prostate. Should she wear rubber or latex gloves?
    Troll – we all know that Richport is gone, so let him go, will ya’?

    #55 – nothing small about those cans. Small = Kate Moss itty-bitty-titties.

    #127 – Now THOSE pics prove that the suit is to blame here. I prefer the white suit towards the bottom of the page. Definitely a solid C-cupper ‘dere.

  44. Donkey

    I’d suck on one of those gorilla titties.

  45. farty mcshitface

    she looks like a paler version of the sea hag from those popeye cartoons. and i agreee with barbado slim 100%– she was always fugly!!!!

  46. 15PiecesOfFlare

    I think she looks kinda cool and Euro…

    (runs and hides)

  47. Bubbles

    How about everyone registered on this site post photos of themselves in a bathing suit in different poses and let the rest of the world critique your every flab, sags, and bags?

  48. StoneRose

    You’re on Bubbles. Who’s with me?


    (oh hey, its 15PiecesofFlare, what’s up?)

  49. Bubbles

    StoneRose…I hear the crickets too.

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