Uma Thurman has extremely saggy boobs

April 5th, 2007 // 202 Comments

uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-10-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-11-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-12-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-13-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-14-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-15-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-16-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-17-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-18-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-19-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-20-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-21-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-22-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-23-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-24-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-25-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-26-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-27-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-28-thumb.jpg


  1. HollyJ

    oh @ Richport @ 34? LOL!!!!

  2. DrPhowstus

    @43 — That’s actually fucking hilarious. If she’s lucky, her chest will look like Heather Mills’ leg: new and improved, high tech, and removable.

  3. ponk

    - suicide
    - psychiatry
    - breast cancer
    - ?

    (just revising the list…)

  4. Hecubus

    Nothing wrong with them, I’d like to wrap one of those things around my dick like a gym sock and fuck it senseless. She still looks like a snake though and judging by that picture her boyfriend is waaay too young for her.

  5. Jimbo

    Holly J

    I am glad to hear you have medium perky tits. Uma does not have large tits that sag, she has small tits that sag and while we can understand that she has breast feed her two kids, there is no reason to go out into public with her small saggy tits bouncing off her knees. A bikini from Walmart would have done a better job at keeping those things in place. She also has lots of money and can afford to get them fix.

  6. starjo

    Jesus, the woman looks like a REAL one, not some plastic, unrealistic fantasy that we’ve come to expect all celebrities to look like. She’s had kids and obviously doesn’t have a problem with her body taking the course of nature. Anyway, I’m sure this will mean absolutely nothing to anyone who reads it. Just wanted to put my two cents in.

  7. God damn, those are some saggy boobs.

  8. HollyJ

    True that the suit sucks.

    The concensus is that her tits are SMALL??? I don’t think those are small. Even Super dude says “very large and very saggy breasts” ..

    Do all you peopel consider her tits small???

  9. HollyJ

    people* (damn I hate typos)

  10. TheRage

    rode hard and put away wet. still, i love uma. she just needs some better support.

  11. schack

    holly- those tits are not small. the internet is full of fake people who say fake things.

  12. schack

    nao e obrigado a me ovir quem nao quiser escoutar

  13. rejuvenated vagina

    I agree with #8. Uma’s got some freaky body parts (fingers, toes, nose, bellybutton) but her boobs aren’t among them. They’re large natural boobs on an older twice-pregnant woman, who for some reason is wearing an absolutely horrible bikini top (for her). I hope she doesn’t get any plastic surgery. Faces end up looking alien and boobs end up looking ballistic. It might look ok for a little while, but as aging proceeds the surgical alterations stick out like sore thumbs (no pun intended, given Uma’s phallus-thumbs).

  14. Jimbo

    Holly J

    They look like B’s to me. How big do you think they are?

  15. PunjabPete

    Ponk, haven’t seen them but when they were in working order I am sure they had their day in the sun…. So to speak… There are “tit men” and there are “ass men”… I mock you “ass men” for the tit is the finest creation in all the lands…. All hail the titty!!

  16. schack

    large c’s small d’s

  17. Hecubus

    For some reason i can’t stop thinking of Cisco Adler.

  18. Jimbo

    No way schack!!! those are not large C or small D’s

  19. imran karim

    you weren’t kidding when you said a ton

  20. kickservebt

    I would still do her silly. She has nice milf tits…

  21. schack

    have you ever seen breasts, jimbo? or are you secretly one of those people who’s going to be forklifed out of their home, through a gaping hole in the wall, after the neighbors notice a sweet, rotten smell coming out of your apt.?

  22. Jimbo

    Shack, that is pretty funny coming from you. Have you ever seen any tits before? By your own admission, you don’t even have enough to put whip cream on.

    When you actually grow a pair of tits, you can untape the two pennys you use for a bra and comment on the subject

  23. E. Jack Eulayette

    I read that John Edwards called Bill Clinton to ask whether he should suspend his presidential campaign after his wife’s cancer recurred. Bill encouraged him instead to continue his campaign and said that in retrospect, he’d view becoming president with a dying wife as a “best case scenario.”

  24. schack

    i went to an all-girls college, you SOL fuck. and my not having tits only makes me more desirous of stealing a glance at those who DO. not to mention i paint nude models.

  25. meee

    hey, thats why i’m glad i’m an A cup. that will never happen to me. AHHHH SAGGY BOOBS!!!!

  26. schack

    and, p.s. i don’t even need a bra- and when i do wear one, it’s either soft and matted lycra/cotton blend, which could have been bought in the tweens dept., or some little delicate, lacey superfluity

  27. LUG

    hmmm…smith, maybe?

  28. veggi

    They are at least a big C. Duh.

  29. schack

    thankyou, veggi. see, more proof that jimbo has never seen tits.

  30. ch474

    More C than D I’d say. While I never found her particularly hot, at least she looks her age. I am surprised for someone who’s used to being paparazzi’d that she’d wear something like that. Is it just me or is she a little lopsided? While she may be a little saggy (not a bad thing, they look OK to me), at least she’s not pancake flat droopy like something out of National Geographic. There’s a little bit of starch left in those puppies!

  31. Jimbo

    Shack, I am glad to hear that you peeked at all of the other girls boobies and you paint them nude. I had a nice pair of real Double D’s in my face this morning.

  32. outrageous.opinion

    That is the most un-flattering, poorly designed bathing suit I have ever seen.

    I dont care who is wearing it, Its still going to be butt ugly. The designer should be sentanced to wearing the thing for a year!

  33. LUG

    Jimbo looking in the mirror in the morning doesn’t count.

  34. veggi

    I agree. And just when you thought Tara bought the most hideous suit available… Oh, Uma. This saddens me.

  35. mrs.t

    Those thumbs won her the starring role in the film adaptation of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. They saved a ton of $$$, as any other actress would have required prosthetics.

    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for a one-piece suit after age 40, Uma.

    My two cents: she looks to be an average C cup to me. I have been a D since 8th grade, which is a nightmare when your sports are running and soccer-if not for wearing TWO sports bras during all bouncing activities, I would be tucking them into my pants.

  36. veggi

    I loved Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. The book was amazing. Tom Robbins is brilliant.

  37. Alayney

    With an ass like that does it really matter? I think she looks damn good actually. At least it’s all real. :)

  38. schack

    ALMOST invariably, large tits are gross. they usually look like a twin set of snoopy noses, drooping and flopping

  39. Jimbo

    The IMDB list her as a C in 1988 and a 1/2 C in 1995. Now after breast feeding two kids they might be a small C or a large B at best.

  40. Bucksluva

    Well, I love her breasts and will masturbate thinking of the things I could do with them.

  41. bigsteamyone

    I love those boobies, she is very milfy !

  42. Ethan Hawke is hot. Why can’t we get pictures of him?? Naked.

  43. mrs.t

    Jimbo-as a mother of 4 and friend to many mama’s, they don’t always get smaller after breastfeeding. I pray for shrinkage after every baby weans and no such luck for me.

    veggi-yes…love Tom Robbins.

    Everyone have a wonderful week and pray for me. We are taking our family to Disney for Spring Break (along with the rest of the suckers in the world). I hope I come back alive.

  44. schack

    IMDB records their breast sizes? lmao

  45. veggi

    have fun mrs.t

  46. diplodufus

    If she’d just used that shit on Bill, she wouldn’t have had to master that five-point-palm-exploding-heart technique nonsense.

  47. mygodwhataboutthechildren

    stay away from Goofy. i can’t elaborate, but trust me, he has very unhealthy urges.

  48. beifiori

    her breasteses aren’t THAT bad, it’s her face that’s horrifying for me, and unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done to improve upon that.

  49. Jimbo

    Go look Schack!

  50. mrs.t

    thanks, veggi.

    and #97: Ew. If I had to pick one character to be a pedophile or even a plain old pervert, it would be Goofy.

    I am signing off to dig up suitcases and swimsuits.


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