Uma Thurman has extremely saggy boobs

April 5th, 2007 // 202 Comments

uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-10-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-11-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-12-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-13-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-14-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-15-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-16-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-17-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-18-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-19-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-20-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-21-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-22-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-23-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-24-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-25-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-26-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-27-thumb.jpg uma-thurman-bikini-saggy-boobs-28-thumb.jpg


  1. Jimbo

    This is better than the last tow posts. And First

  2. xXrebeccaXx

    EEEWWWW saggy boobs :P

  3. TrippyGoogler

    Forget her sagging boobs. Look at those long, bony hands. Would you want a handjob from that? It’d be like getting a handjob from Vladimir Horowitz. Or Death himself.

  4. BarbadoSlim

    Ooooooof, was this chic ever hot? That’s a big, I THINK NOT!

  5. HughJorganthethird

    mmmmmmmmm death handjob.

    Well she’s definetly off my analignus list now.

  6. schack

    she was hot

  7. holy crap . . . she had to feel like one of those babies was gonna fall outta that swimsuit. Can’t people pick out bathing suits that fit them anymore??? what is with this? I mean, there’s tara, there’s courtney, and now uma. nonetheless shouldn’t she have plenty of money to fix that disaster? If I had her money that’s the FIRST thing I would run out and buy!

  8. ponk

    Her nostrils and bellybutton disturb me. Why do they seem so angry and ready to swallow things up? But they’re not as bad as her ohmygoddontsodomizemewiththosethings fingers and gimli-toes. Against all that, what’s the problem with (very big) saggy boobs?

  9. TaiTai

    Damn! Boob hammocks. The only thing missing is a little guy named Pedro sipping on a margarita in there.

  10. mismint

    Hohan and britney and should learn an important lesson from these pics…if you don’t keep em in a bra where they belong sooner or later you will have tits hanging so low they brush your belt. Eghhhhh.

  11. tits_on_snack

    A real woman’s body, run for the hills.

  12. Fifth Stooge

    Day late and a buck short with this post.

  13. Joshingya31

    Forget motorboating those saggy cans, it would be more like paddle boating.

  14. irshliquor

    Every time I see her I think of this:

    now if I could only figure out how to post a link.

  15. combustion8

    they match her extremely ugly face.

  16. schack

    and her boobs would look good in a better suit

  17. Ricky Razzle

    Bet she can run fast.

  18. DrPhowstus

    Someone has apparently stapled Cisco Adlers balls to her chest.

  19. rrd

    Ricky that was hysterical!

    It’s just a bad fit of a swim suit. She needs to go shopping.

  20. wedgeone

    #16 – true. Very true.
    #18 ROTFLMFAO!! Now all she needs is the Capt. Morgan’s pose.

    Has she birthed any children? That would be the only reason to get away with a rack like that. Otherwise, spend some of that big $$$ you’re sitting on & get them pups lifted!

  21. Hyexistenz

    Oh Holy god. That’s the worst bikini top ever. What’s really disturbing is that she’s bent on traumatizing her child by dangling those droopy monsters in his face. After a childhood like this, who can blame him if he grows up to be one of those men on the subway who gropes every breast in sight.

    But, what do you expect from a shaved Neanderthal. I’m surprised she’s not dragging the kid around the beach by his leg.

  22. wedgeone

    Is the mini-SpiderMan her kid?

  23. wedgeone

    Thx #21. Didn’t catch that before I reposted. Plz ignore #22 everyone.

  24. veggi

    WTF was she thinking???

    But I’d rather see saggy boobs than look at that little boy kiddy porn picture.

  25. upstart

    You say saggy – I say MILF!

  26. Jimbo

    More like Mom I would like to fuck if she did not trip over her tits

  27. I think she looks damn good for a 70 year old. You guys are mean.

  28. Jimbo

    Frist WTC?

  29. schack

    i don’t think they’re that saggy. she hunches over.

  30. lambman

    considering she’s like 38 and has a couple kids I think they’re fine. There are much younger women without kids who have just as much saggage…they just are smart enough not to wear that suit.

  31. Bugman4045

    I know this is out of character for the site but:
    Leave Uma alone. She breast fed her kid(s?) and had to put up with that little asshole Ethan Hawke.
    In my book she can do no wrong.
    I am off to watch Kill Bill!

  32. Jimbo

    Not saggy? they are bouncing off of her knees like the paddle and ball game I use to have as a kid

  33. brennreyn

    Her boobs are fine. She just needs a change of swimsuit.

  34. RichPort

    My prostate would like to meet those fingers.

  35. ponk

    In the top pic her son is saying “Do I feel a draft?”

  36. PunjabPete

    Count me in for the motorboat… I never met a tit I didn’t like…

  37. ponk

    or…”Mommy if you took your top off your boobs would come down to here”

  38. FRIST!!!

    Hey Jimbo, WTC to you too.

  39. schack

    ah, the paddle and ball. what doesn’t that prepare you for?

  40. veggi

    burn the suit Uma! BURN IT!!!

  41. pinkcannibal

    she’s a beautiful woman with bad taste in swim wear.

  42. fame is funny

    I’d take that anyday over lohan, tara reid, spears, or any of the other trolls.

  43. ponk

    #36 – what about Elizabeth Edwards’ breast?

  44. Jimbo

    Shack – It sure helped with puberty.

    FRIST – WTC where were you yesterday and don’t say you had to work.

  45. schack

    that’s not funny, ponk

  46. Jimbo

    Why not?

  47. FRIST!!!

    Nope, I’m on vacation, was busy all day. Kinda like today, gotta take my vehicle in to get fixed here in a few.

  48. schack

    it’s not funny cause the woman is dying

  49. Tracy

    That needs to become her not-so-super ex-bathing suit.

  50. HollyJ

    You peeps are never happy. You say you love big tits, but if they’re real and sag, you go “GROSS!”..and if they’re fake and stick straight out, you go “GROSS!”

    If they’re big and real, they’re gonna sag.
    If they’re big and fake, they’re gonna stick straight out.
    Those are the only two teams for this sport. Pick a team.

    I have perky mediums, so I’m outta this game. =)

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