Uma Thurman has a big red nipple

December 16th, 2005 // 18 Comments

I don’t want to give Uma Thurman any fashion advice, but maybe an outfit that has a giant red ball on the nipple isn’t the best thing to wear around in public. If she’s really looking to be made fun of, she could have done something a little more subtle like a dress with a picture of a cat on the crotch. That’s just as embarrassing, but at least you have to think a little for the joke. Make them work for it, Uma. Don’t just plaster a giant prosthetic nipple over your boob and start wandering around town.


  1. Hohlraum

    she get her face done or something? i just watched pulp fiction the other day. that picture on the left looks like someone else :)

  2. firestar

    i had the crappiest day but that pic made my day..i couldnt stop laughing..thank you Uma Thurman!!

  3. derekd

    pulp fiction is like 11 years old. People’s appearance change over the course of time. Case you didn’t know.

  4. LCW

    I kinda thought that about her face too. In the first pic she looks like Marla Maples, The Donalds’ 2nd wife.

  5. Captain Awesome

    She looks hot there, i’d hit it.

  6. al rarow

    pulp fiction was filmed over a decade ago, buddy.

    i’d hit it somethin’ fierce.

  7. chitownL3A

    whoa…. is it just me or does it look like someone’s had a little rhinoplasty?

  8. chitownL3A

    look at her in these pics! her nose looks alot wider… shady!

  9. WickedBitch

    She looks like she’s been plastinated.
    Like one of those creepy “Bodies” exhibits.
    Either that, or a raging coke habit has closed up her nostrils. Scary….

  10. sadietolstoy

    That has got to be the strangest sweater I have ever seen, and I cannot see why anyone would feel the need to wear it in public.

  11. Zanathon

    I now know what to ask my grandmother to give me for Christmas.

    This is what I’m going to request from her:

    “Macrame me some big-ass nipples, bitch, or I’ll get slap happy on your beloved Toy Poodle!”

    God only knows how much I adore that woman.

  12. bafongu

    Christ on crutches; there are so many women out ther that make Uma look like my big toe with an ingrown toenail it’s silly. What’s up with the schmucks that accept and regurgitate the “Oh She’s so gorgeous” line from the flacks at the studios? Wake up Turds! Uma may well be a wonderful person, but she AINT beautiful for fucks sake…

  13. hafaball

    at leasts he looks hot in the pictures…right?
    who’s the douche next to her, i want her big red balls… :(

  14. libratem

    Youse guys must see Uma in the flesh before you start saying ‘oh, there’s much hotter women.”

    I walked past her at San Francisco Center mall (she was coming out of Nordstrom couture) and I was stunned. It took me a second to figure out who she was– this was about 9/10 years ago.

    She was in heels, which made her about 6’4″. I’m over 6’5″ so I notice such things. Her high forehead made her look like something from a another planet (as in that’s-a-good-thing-another-planet); she had her hair pulled back. She determinedly avoided eye contact.

    After she walked by, I briefly considered crawling across broken glass after her to prove my devotion, but said ‘nah’ and kept walking the other way.

    And I usually don’t like blondes, either.

  15. kij200

    she looks kinda like lisa kudrow in the 1st pic, yeah looks like shes had work done since kill bill, mmmmm big nipple, never thought uma was good looking was she looks good in those pics, id hit it. twice. :)

  16. Michael1

    I hope your anti-virus is up-to-date — my Symantec auto-protect caught Adware.IEplugin from going to the site #8 posted.
    Here’s the site to download the removal tool:

  17. i think she’s beautiful……..but she looks very different here

  18. derekd

    libratem. Like you said that was 9 or ten years ago. Thats a long time!! She was in her early 30′s then. I’m not saying she’s a dog now but not nearly as good looking as she was back then.

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