Uma Thurman’s Breasts Want Off

March 29th, 2012 // 22 Comments

Because, exactly as I predicted, an insane amount of you clicked on the Uma Thurman pregnant bikini photos on Monday, here she is again yesterday in all her misshapened beauty and.. well, shapes. MARVEL at each of her breasts trying to escape in opposite directions. OGLE at the self-mammogram. THRILL at how you can’t believe how many of these you’re clicking on, but then you realize your only other option is work, so hello, prego-side-yam. You’re not a spreadsheet.

(That’s right. I’m in your head now.)

Photos: Fame/Flynet


  1. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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    Nude Octomom photos suddenly don’t seem that bad…

  2. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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    There’s a lot here that pregnancy doesn’t explain. It’s like she started her “pregnant weight gain free-for-all” 6 months before actually getting knocked up.

  3. Oh, the huge manatee!

  4. At first I thought this was a photo of Kim Kardashian after getting her ass transplanted onto her shoulders.

  5. Amanda

    This is how a lot of American women look in a swimsuit…when they’re not pregnant.

  6. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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    I think she’d look fine if she had a bathing suit that actually fit.

  7. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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    Say what you want about the girl but she knows how to keep in shape. She works out everyday of her life, pregnant or not.

  8. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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  9. mando

    They’ll knock your socks off!

  10. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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    man, how come you’re the only one posting these pics. great job !

  11. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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    “Uma hurry up -there’s a japanese fishing boat off the starboard bow”

  12. So many losers on this site. The woman is A) 6 feet tall and B) very very pregnant.

    I’d still hit it. :D HAW!

  13. Celeste

    You’re usually funny, SW, but this woman is pregnant, not 18, and has already had kids. Her boobs aren’t going to look like a Sports Illustrated cover. It’s reality, not something to make fun of.

  14. lflips

    What is wrong with you people? She’s PREGNANT. This is what happens to your body when you’re about to have a baby. Not every moment in life should be spend trying to look playboy ready.

  15. Corinn

    Um, she IS pregnant people. How is she supposed to look? Besides, she isn’t strolling down the beach somewhere, forcing everyone to look at her. She in the middle of the ocean on a yacht for crissakes! Sheesh, let her be.

  16. Schmidtler

    If you’re so fat and misshapen that the only bathing suit you can fit into is this ugly ass thing, why bother? Couldn’t she just duct tape a tarp around her giant fat ass instead?

  17. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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    I reckon a good 5 cup sizes gained there, which seems greedy to be honest

  18. Uma Thurman Pregnant Swimsuit Yacht
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    They’re like when you put the south and south or north and north together on a magnet. She obviously has two south magnetic boobs.

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