Uh Oh… A New Miley Cyrus Music Video

I can’t get over the fact that the diaper queen herself has decided to go all Wilson Phillips on everybody and prance around nature like a sorority girl after she ate some low-grade mushrooms.  Miley Cyrus’ new “Malibu” music video is basically her telling the world, “Liam Hemsworth took me to the beach and now I don’t need to shove my face between a tranny’s butt cheeks anymore for attention.

There are hints of crazy throughout, almost as if you can feel the director on set saying, “great, Miley- that’s great stuff just smile and dance- yeaaa, that’s great.”

*Miley grabs a hand full of grass and starts eating it with her vagina.*

(whispers to cameraman) “Just cut now and pretend like we’re still rolling till she gets tired- then we’ll reset with her in front of the waterfall.”