Tyson Beckford sues Diddy

tbeckford_sue.jpgTyson Beckford has filed a $5 million breach of contract and copyright infringement lawsuit against Diddy, saying that Diddy’s Sean John clothing line continued to use his image and likeness to advertize the line without permission after his contract ran out. Beckford’s attorney says, “What we have here is a blatant case of wrong doing on behalf of Mr. Combs and Sean John. They willfully continued to use Mr. Beckford’s image without permission because he become known as the face of Sean John … My client reached out to Mr. Combs several times before coming to my firm. His manager Beth Ann Hardison also contacted him to seek a resolution. They were not heard.”

I should take this opportunity to point out that I will no longer be calling Diddy ‘Diddy’. Instead, I’ll be referring to him as Se