Tyrese Probably Isn’t up for the Father of the Year Award

Tyrese Gibson is in the midst of a heated child abuse court case over his 10-year-old daughter Shayla. His ex-wife, Norma Gibson, claims that Tyrese has been beating their daughter for a while — sometimes so hard that she has trouble sitting down. Shayla is even supposed to testify against her father in court. Honestly, a 10-year-old taking the stand is never a good sign.

It should be noted that Tyrese hasn’t been doing so hot lately. A few weeks ago, he tried to pick a fight with The Rock for making the Fast and Furious franchise relevant again and back in April, Wendy Williams tried to convince everyone think he was gay.

Tyrese sent his daughter into hysterics after he hired a plane to fly a banner over her elementary school with a cryptic message […] the day before she’s set to testify against him in a case of alleged child abuse.

According to Norma Gibson‘s legal team, Tyrese hired the plane Monday to fly above a high-profile elementary school in Van Nuys, where Tyrese’s 10-year-old daughter Shayla attends.


We’re told the message is a direct reference to Shayla testifying Tuesday over allegations Tyrese pinned her to the ground and viciously beat her until she was unable to sit afterwards.

Those involved in the case believe Tyrese was trying to influence his daughter before court. (from The Blast)

Yikes… I don’t really know who to believe in this situation. On one hand, dragging a child onto the stand to testify could be the lowest you can go to send a man into full-blown desperation mode. On the other, Tyrese could just be that big of a piece of shit that he’d try and make his daughter forget how he used to whip her ass with an airplane banner… OK. I’m going to go with option two.

What does he think this is, a romance drama? Sorry, Adrian Peterson — you’re going to be in for a saaaad Christmas this year.