Tyrese Sure Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed Today

Tyrese has taken an unorthodox approach to looking stable in his child abuse case by posting a public video of him asking his billionaire friends for help in overturning his restraining order or something? I don’t even know. I’m no lawyer, but if you’re trying to make a case for being a “stable parent,” flying a banner over your kid’s school and sobbing on the internet while wearing a sweatshirt with your kid’s name on it is only going to give everyone Norman Bates vibes.

I have absolutely NO idea what this video was supposed to accomplish. Tyrese starts it all off talking to “the real fathers” who focus on religion and have solid sleep cycles or something before hitting the proverbial NOS switch on his emotional race car (Fast and the Furious is pretty much his only gig these days). Once he started dry-crying and gratuitously framing his “Shayla Rocks” sweatshirt, it became pretty evident that he’s fucking lost it.

Can someone tell Tyrese that making this video was probably the most counterproductive thing he could have done short of recording himself beating someone else’s kid? I feel for the guy and it’s upsetting to see someone in so much pain (even if it’s a little over-dramatic), but he needs to chill the fuck out. I’m sure there is a huge compartment in his heart that loves his daughter… his problem is it’s right next to the compartment that allegedly justifies beating her.

There’s more…

You know how Tyrese is always crying on social media because The Rock is in Fast and Furious movies now and makes a gazillion times more money than him on other projects because he’s not always crying on social media? I’ve felt like the guy needs to shit or get off the pot for a while now and it looks like he finally took a big, gassy dump on the 9th unnecessary car movie.

Cool, Tyrese. I’m pretty sure The Rock never threatened your daughter’s survival, but that’s fine. See ya never. Sorry you beat your kid and blew the only good job you had going for you. Anybody hungry? I’m ready for lunch…

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