Tyra Banks’ top models destroy apartment

March 10th, 2008 // 56 Comments

The current models seen on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model are being accused of trashing the $6 million loft where they stayed for 10 weeks. The girls apparently did $500,000 in damages which Tyra’s production company has yet to pay and also skipped out on a $1,500 electric bill. They had promised the landlord any damage would be minor, but the girls and the crew made the place look like Tara Reid’s stomach, according to Page Six:

Instead, we’re told, the crew “punched hundreds of holes in the ceiling to hang lighting equipment” and ruined the Brazilian wood floors, forcing the owner to tear them up and install all new flooring when the women moved out three weeks ago.
According to our source, while the beauties were staying in the 4,200-square-foot loft, they damaged a $15,000 chandelier beyond repair and splashed so much water around, the bathroom was ruined and had to be tested for mold.
“A plumber had to come fix the toilet and the water caused $90,000 worth of damage to the electrical store on the first floor,” said our source.

Here I always thought women were the cleaner sex. Compared to my female co-workers, my cubicle is a disaster area. I have to wade through 4 feet of coffee cups to get to my desk. Hey, wait, there’s a hand. And someone’s calling for help. Jon-Benet Ramsey? You’re alive! How the hell did you survive down there? You would steal McNugget sauces off my desk? My precious sweet n’ sour sauces?! So you’re the reason I had to use ketchup on my fries! *kicks* Get back in the hole!

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  1. Mike

    rub rub rub one out

    rub rub rub one out

  2. bspin

    im sorry but tyra is washed up

  3. CoM

    The Jon-Benet Ramsey thing was in terrible taste.

    I love it! Keep it coming, Fish!

  4. mamadough

    well, first off, they’re models. so obviously they have a complete disregard and lack of appreciation for anything that isn’t theirs. selfish twats. im surprised they weren’t bitching about all the runny poop they had to clean off the tiles around the toilet and the random puke stains here and there.

  5. Mike

    She reminds me of how pathetic I am.

  6. Why is she still presenting that show? She’s surely too fat to have an opinion.

  7. Stan

    It didn’t help that Tyra would come by every few days and shit all over the floors.

  8. Gerald_Tarrant

    She looks like Kathy Griffin with a tan and darker hair.

  9. Serial Rapist

    Fuck that fat pig and her bullshit show. They should all be hung from their necks and fed to the pigs.

  10. Andrea

    How can she possibly be that fat while stinking up the world with her constant “accidents”? Imagine the mountain of food she must eat to put on weight despite the leaky faucet in her ass.

  11. Pilatunes

    She’s a bit chunky now, but I’d still shag her from behind and tape one of her old Victoria’s Secret pictures between her shoulder blades.

  12. mamadough

    you know how you absolutely hate a show, but by some punishment of God, you get caught up in an episode? that happened with me and ANTM. i was so pissed that joanie lost. tyra banks will always go with the black chick no matter how much she really sucks balls.

  13. fergernauster

    YAY!!! I LOVE Tyra tales.

    Especially when she shits herself at NY Fashion Week.

    Atta boy, Superfish!

  14. I bet it was the Hawaiian one who talks with a Spanish accent.

  15. I wonder if she shit herself when she found out the bill?

  16. Gerald_Tarrant

    She could cut her bangs for Locks Of Love judging by how much of her big fucking forehead (not fivehead, more like twentyfivehead) is being covered.

  17. havoc

    Who is Tyra Banks?


  18. Snarf

    Keep the Tyra stories coming, I hate that fat ass bitch.

  19. OutRunner1

    @17 She’s the woman who’s ass leaked like a rusty faucet. All the size 0 models were okay with it though and one of them was able to resupply her with an Ex Lax to make up for the three she fired into her corduroy capris.

  20. @19, Gross! Rusty faucet?! That is an upsetting image!

  21. Jennifer2

    She is gorgeous. seems saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like BillionaireCupid.co m or something. But don’t know if it is her.

  22. Jennifer8

    She is gorgeous. seems saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like RugScooting.co m or something. But don’t know if it is her.

  23. Jennifer3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197

    She is gorgeous. seems saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like IGotPeanutBrittleInMyPanties.co m or something. But don’t know if it is her.

  24. Keith Moon's Ghost

    Only $500,000 in damages? Lazy cunts.

  25. D. Richards (Saint.)

    The models aren’t to blame:

    It was Tyra’s fault. She lost a fried-chicken leg — or, she believed she did — and was like a hound dog searching for a coon-hole.

  26. mimi

    Jon-Benet Ramsey?

    Super-A-hole… you are evil AND nasty!

  27. mike

    He threw in Jon-Benet Ramsey to give Jimbo wood. Happens every time.

  28. The Laughing God

    My peach cobbler was so nice on Saturday. See the trick is to, make sure the peach is firm, but not too firm, soft, but not too soft, almost pre-rot, pre, not rot. Then to dice them up and mix it all together with my “special ingredients list”. Shh! I am not telling you! Martha has been after that recipe for years! The glower on her face when she looked over at her husband Mathew and saw his face awash with pleasure on his first bite is the only thing that give me pleasure my old years. Mercy me! Mercy me! Oh, ho, ho…no, no I think I will cut back on the amount of marijuana in it next time.

  29. Gameshow host

    Ok, the next question is for Tyra…Tyra, please complete this phrase:

    “Winnie the __________”?

  30. Racer X

    I’d hit that fat ass.

    /no condom

  31. woodhorse

    That fivehead sure isn’t getting any smaller. Maybe they could remove some of her brain for cosmetic reasons. She’s not using it anyway and it blocks everyone’s view at the theatre.

  32. lulu

    what do you expect? They’re crazy get-whatever-they-want-daddys-little-girl BITCHES!

  33. billa


    Tyra had lip augmentation!!!

  34. Shep

    Wow, I can’t believe Fish didn’t sneak in at least one poo joke on this one. This website may be getting to upscale for me now, lol

  35. Spazz

    Put a fork in her. She was done when CWebb broke up with her.

  36. NY Ted

    Believe me…Women are PIGS in more way then one!

  37. Laury

    I agree with #3, the JonBenet Ramsay joke was not funny at all. The death of a child is no laughing matter. I usually love your sense of humor but that was horrible.

  38. Joco

    That fat ass nappy headed ho

  39. Joco

    CWebb did the 3F Club on her.

    1. Find her

    2. F*ck her

    3. Forget her

  40. Sounds like the film crew screwed the place up more than the bimbos did. You’d think the people who owned the place would have noticed them drilling holes in the ceiling from the beginning.

  41. prorsum

    Boo on the Jon-Benet Ramsey comment. You may be crass but you generally don’t lack class like that.

  42. Igottabemeeee

    I have to agree – dead children aren’t really funny.

    The production company is probably arguing the bill. You know how quickly you can pad construction costs.

  43. mafme

    If no one laughed at dead girls, would there be laughter in this world at all?

  44. Olivia

    Tyra is OBVIOUSLY doing better than you all are…
    shes not on blog websites, trash-talking people she doent know


    tyra is beautiful in every way

    you say shes fat ?!?!
    but then u turn around and say that nicole richie needs to put on some pounds ?!?!

    MORONS .

  45. erika

    jon benet ramsey? good one… seriously, is there a different writer for this site? this fucking sucks and is not even remotely funny. ive never commented before, but this shit is so bad it deserves one.

  46. martin loser king

    Tyra is a fat nappy headed ho who leaves skidmarks on her panties. If you don’t like my post then go suck on her fat ass

  47. WHO

    How sexy she is! i just heard someone said on Yahoo group that she is a member of an online site WealthyDater.com. you know the site is a rich men seeking fun site.

  48. PrettyPinkPonies

    Waaaahhhh he made fun of a dead girl waaaaaah

    Shut up, no one cares, it’s not like it hurts her, she’s dead, so you’re just upset because it hurts you, and you should be ashamed! You’re not the one who died! Shame on you!

    Self righteous idiots taking yourselves all seriously

  49. How bad is a bathroom which you can splash water around in? Bathrooms are wet room, if the owner had a problem with the water they had it wrongly installed to begin with. The ceilings and floors sound like the crew messed up.

  50. davis

    She’ll never be a Naomi C.

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