Tyra Banks Talks About Feud with Naomi Campbell

November 15th, 2005 // 2 Comments

tyra_banks_thumb1.jpgTyra Banks reveals some of the details on her 14-year feud with Naomi Campbell on her show this week. Banks blamed the media and the modeling business for making it seem like a Tyra-versus-Naomi battle.

The press had cast Naomi and I as rivals before we ever met each other,” she said. “Back then there were 10 top models … but there was an unwritten rule that only one of them could be black. And Naomi was that one black girl.”

I love the idea that the modeling world is like some big-breasted version of the Highlander where silk-skinned beauties spend their days bitch-slapping and jello-wrestling each other in order to become The One. If that’s the case than Tyra was wise to quit, because Naomi is constantly beating hell out of anyone she runs into. But what really pisses her off is when you pinch her butt and call her Naome-so-horny. Not a good idea.

Tyra reveals how model feud got ugly [NY Daily News]


  1. Random_Poster

    Is Tyra a whiner? I have heard that you don’t know what effect you may have had on another person, when the situation was unimportant to you. This must have been the case, with Tyra. Naomi seems to have had bigger, more important and serious things happen in her life…while Naomi was the greatest happening in Tyra’s life. (Sounds like a pretty good existence to me)

    Tyra was obviously hyper affected by this relationship whilst Naomi was not at all. Its hard to watch a 30 something cry about the effect the playground bully has on their life “today”…you would think as a grown up one would rationalize and say…ok we were both young and immature then…. that person is not that playground bully any more….he/she 30, like me.

    I’m sorry I don’t want to seem insensitive but…Tyra needs to get over it, I felt like Nomi wanted to tell her that, but was trying so hard to be sensitive to Tyra’s feelings and Tyra’s needs. Tyra on the other hand was only interested in trying to make Naomi feel guilty. Let’s see if the truce is for real.

  2. I knew enough to say that probably because I just heard the end or just thought it would be negative.

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