Tyra Banks talks about being fat

January 25th, 2007 // 196 Comments

Tyra Banks is publicly talking about her recent weight gain (she’s 5’10″ and currently weighs 161 lbs), and tells People magazine:

“I get so much mail from young girls who say, ‘I look up to you, you’re not as skinny as everyone else, I think you’re beautiful.’ So when they say that my body is ‘ugly’ and ‘disgusting,’ what does that make those girls feel like? I still feel hot, but every day is different. It’s when I put on the jeans that used to fit a year ago and don’t fit now and give me the muffin top, that’s when I say, ‘Damn!’ I feel more comfortable when I’m lighter – I sleep better, I snore less, I have more endurance when I work out, my arms look better. I’ve made millions of dollars with the body I have, so where’s the pain in that? If I was in pain, I would have dieted. The pain is not there – the pain is someone printing a picture of me and saying those (horrible) things.”

Being fat is cool if you’re a sumo wrestler or a circus freak or a hot dog eating champion, but usually it’s just gross. I’m not saying fat people can’t be sexy, they just have to be clever about it. You know, like printing out a full sized poster of a supermodel and taping it to their neck. Or getting everybody in the world drunk. Or not being fat.


  1. greeneyedcat

    I don’t think this would get so much attention if she didn’t have that show….. where she judges people’s bodies

    And really, she shouldn’t stand like that.

  2. FriesianFury

    Now a days the world only thinks your cool or pretty if your half naked (or fully naked), running around like a dumb ass, bleach blond, or very skinny! There don’t have to be any reason for someone to put on weight. SO WHAT if she put on weight. Its her body and no one should say anything about it. The worse thing is people get a kick off of hurting other people’s feelings. When them there self’s have there own personal problem and to make them self feel good pick on someone else. There is worse things in this world then someone putting on weight. On more thing she is 5’10 and 160 lbs is not that bad of a weight for a person her height!

  3. anthonyBona

    Tyra takes care of herself. She can go up or down 20 to 25 lbs and be just fine. People need to get a clue.
    side note: I have a great pic of Tyra and myself at the MTV video music awards “after party” I used to model but have gained about 40 lbs and been through a lifetime of hardships. I have 1 autistic child, 2 that have had open heart surgery, 3 that have passed away and a few other unmentionables. Someone oughta tell her to get me on her show to do a hardship, “before and after” like a 6 weeks work-out thing, I could seriously use a pick-me-up.
    respectfully, Tony

  4. anthonyBona

    wow, I re-read that post and forgot to say what I was thankful for, sorry.
    Im thankful for the 6 children I have ages 3 to 13 and IM thankful for my wife and IM thankful for prayers.


  5. You all should go kill yourselves. The ones that say she is fat and a whore and all of that other horrible stuff you are saying about her. I am 17 years old. I weigh 131 and I am 5’1″. Are you going to say I am fat as well? Come on now… I am just waiting to hear it. The point of the matter is.. you all are being 2 year olds and saying stupid shit. You seriously need to grow up and get a reality check before you call someone else fat that you don’t even know in the first place. I hate people that do that shit. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Have a nice life.


  6. sexybitch

    #155 What life are you referring to? You told us to go kill ourselves after telling us what horrible people we are – and you don’t even know us! Don’t you hate people that do that shit? You should be be ashamed of yourself.

    Take the rest of your own advice, sweetheart, get a reality check, grow the fuck up and come back when you’re old enough to swim in the deep end of the pool.

  7. sophia

    Whoever’s site this is needs to wake up.
    Look around you…this is what makes the world go round. If you are that ignorant and need to put others down, you have some serious confidence issues. Is there any reason for this ignorance? You are only on this earth for a short while, so what’s the problem with living it the way YOU want to. It is the same thing as being racist…just another form. Would you go around telling everyone you’re racist? Of course not, many people would disagree with you. Perhaps you were overweight before and are trying to deal with it still; many are. But there is no reason to do so. I mean, look at me, im not saying im a saint or anything of the sort, BUT im 15 and i do know what respect is and what is not. My generation is more accepting than people older than me. I think you should stop and take a lesson from us. Does putting others down make you look better? No way, it makes you look like an ignorant egotistical bitch. My mother taught me values, and apparently your mother did otherwise. She is the one who told me right now to voice my opinion even though i told her i am only one person and it wont make a difference. But then i thought, smiling to someone could make a world of a difference, so why not take a chance. You have to be a leader, not a follower. So to all of you who think the same way as the owner of this website, you also need to learn values. I recently heard a quote saying “speak kind words and kind whispers will come back to you.” That is the moral i am trying to live out. Sure, there are only a few people i do not care for on this earth, but i still respect them and give them dignity, like they deserve. You, on the other hand treat them like dirt, and im sure you all know what it feels like to be treated that way.

    Point is, I’m sure we have all looked in magazines and said “i wish i looked like her” or “i wish i was as skinny as her” etc, but the fact of the matter is…you’re not. You are who you are and there is no one and will never BE anyone like you. You are unique. It took me a while to realize that. We all come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Sure you can go under the knife, but you will still be the same old you. Tyra Banks shows us we could all use a little wake up call. I admire her a lot because she IS gorgeous and she IS a woman, not one of those stick figures who drink water for their meal. People have to realize you will never be perfect, because perfect does not exist. You could be happy with yourself, and happiness DOES exist. So choose what you would like to be known as. Ignorant and selfish or happy and content with yourself. Thank you
    Sincerely Sophia Jenrich

    P.S. if you have any problem with this comment, please feel free to write me at Funkeymonkey420_2@msn.com

  8. BarbadoSlim

    @157 boooooooring, and your generation?

    Your generation sucks, you’re all whiny, posers with zero originality, you THINK your individualistic but you are all a bunch of followers. A herd of individualists with nasty attitudes. The world would be a better place if you were were all wiped off the face of the earth and we gave it to the next one before you ruin them. You are the douchebag generation who will usher in the end of humanity.

    Do the world a favor and kill yourselves immediately.

    PS: Internet etiquette rule #1, familiarize yourself with the community before you open your filthy clam. THIS IS A CELEB SLAMMING SITE, and there’s the way out ———>

    Oh, why do I bother, your generation doesn’t even read.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    *THINK you’re


  10. kitty_kat

    I’m all for everyone being different shapes and sizes, but I have a feeling that Tyra’s weight gain is just a result of her being lazy and self-indulgent.

  11. kitty_kat

    A la Mariah Carey…

  12. alicia

    I cant belive anyone would say tyra banks is “fat and discusting” OMG shes human that means shes not perfect i guess? if tyra was so discusting and gross then how is she worth so much money? anyways 161lbs for someone who is 5’10 is not fat. Hmm maybe if she gained 300 more pounds she would be fat but i know she’d still be beautiful. and it is not only her figure who makes her gorgeous but its he skin complextion, her hair and her personality. i honestly dont think so many girls would look up to her if she didnt have such a good personality. if anyone has something to say about her then im guessing they arnt perfect because tyra hasnt done anything to deserve this even if she is human and she weighs more then the “ideal model” i think if there were more people who were actually human and healthy like her then more younger girls wouldnt be so self contious about their body. anyways thats my opinion about this whole situation and thanks tyra for actualy being a healthy roll model

  13. Melissa

    Ok. So you all are calling me immature because of something I said that actually made sense. I am mature thanks.. and I have the right to my own opinions as well. I wasn’t talking about every person in here, I was talking about the ones that were running Tyra down. That is all. So you all can think what you want to think.


  14. biatcho

    I have realized through the years that most girls named Melissa end up barefoot & pregnant by the time they are 19. Spunkbuckets I say!

    Shut up girlie & get ready for that huge Sequential 1 Math test you have tomorrow.

  15. m0m1e

    You guys have no clue!! Fat is when you have at least three rolls going down your back and you can’t get your thighs to separate no matter how wide you spread your legs. This girl is NOT fat.

  16. sexybitch

    #163 Yes, dear, and that “I’m am SO mature and I also have a right to my opinions” is just the sort of argument we can all expect from your age bracket. You really should pay attention to the site you’re on before you (and sophia) start posting your earnest little manifestos (BTW, if you’re signing in as “Melissa” you don’t need to give us your name at the end of said little mewling posts – we know who you are, thanks). You both might be happier at starswelove.com or runonsentencestreamofconscienceness.com – but, honestly, why do you think this snarky site is for you?

    Oh, yeah, and you’ll always have a home at hellokitty, too.

  17. BarbadoSlim

    “i honestly dont think so many girls would look up to her if she didnt have such a good personality.”

    @162…..*sigh* *hangs head in frustration* see, this is what I mean. Anyone who has seen this self-centered shallow fucking UNDERWEAR MODEL should know she’s no role model. Unless you aspire to be an empty headed mannequin. If you want good role models look around you at the people who work and contribute something to society every day.

    And no, drug dealers, hip hop artists, models, actors, wannabe gangtas,
    white rappers, whitestafarians, celebutants, mtv vjs, dj’s, X-treme athletes, and Jennifer Aniston etc… DO NOT make for good role models.

  18. sexybitch

    #162 alicia, I can’t believe you actually ended your accolade with the words “roll model”.

    Oh, blessed irony, we love you…

  19. RichPort

    Let me see if I have this straight… my troll picks fights with other commenters without a shred of humor. Its only accomplishment to expose its homoerotic agenda. Then some dimwit named Pharoah (which I’m sure is pronounced Farrah, like that Charlie’s Angel chick) responds with a 6 point arguement replete with wild assumptions and an ardent abuse of the English language and grammar. Finally, my troll then defends my name, thus attempting to complete it ascension to being me.

    What the fucking fuck??? I mean, I know there’s a bunch of fucking humorless dingbats here, but this is just digging for new lows. The responses to being goaded by some of you douchebags, especially my troll and the fucking teenagers, is beyond the realm of standard idiocy. I thought damnYELL was murdering English slowly… I see some of you have decided to feed it cyanide-laced brownies.

    Slim, your efforts in back-handing the moronic brainless amongst us are beyond commendable. Keep up the good work.

  20. this problem is everyone’s subconsciousness problem. u should chose- if u want to be thin or not. and after that only act.

    but she’s great.

  21. wedgeone

    #144 – Thanks for remembering that. I haven’t seen that name on the site for a while.
    Believe it or not, if you Google “twatwaffle”, you’ll get a few thousand matches. That surprised me.

    #153-154: Tony Bona?? That name alone … THAT’S FUNNY!!
    With that many kid issues, maybe you ought to try a vasectomy? Sounds like someone peed in your end of the gene pool. Just spend the rest of your time on Earth “practicing” with your wife & leave the kid-having to someone else.

  22. Meshah

    If you’re male and think Tyra is fat, then your pinky is probably bigger than your dick. And if your female and think Trya is fat then you’re jealous cause you aien’t got no titties or ass. You anorexic hoes.

  23. tatiwashere

    why are people calling her fat? she looks perefctly NORMAL! she looks like a HUMAN!
    so wat.. she just gained a few kilos.. i dont see wat all the fuss is about..she’s bootifull inside and out and if u compare her too all the other young celebrities in hollywood she above and beyond all them!
    I LOVE TYRA!!!!!

  24. getfit

    I’m a personal trainer and I can tell you that at 5’10 and 161 pounds, Tyra is definitely NOT fat. It’s so funny how everyone’s perception of fat and skinny has been altered by seeing paper thin stars on tv everyday. Most of them are underweight. And so was Tyra when she weighed 125 pounds (at 5’10) as a super model. If you aim to be that thin, noone’s stopping you. But why bash someone who’s an advocate for feeling good, looking good, and who’s actually healthy? Also genetics play a role in how thin you are. But by no means does Tyra’s weight gain mean she’s fat. It’s such a shame that people actually believe the hype rather than the truth.
    There’s nothing wrong with wearing a size 10 if your 5’7 and over. But if you’re wearing a 10 or over and you’re shorter, you may need to consider some weight loss alternatives. Remember it’s all about the height in proportion to your weight. Be healthy folks! It’s time to stop being so vain and think about HEALTH! How small is your waist? Women shouldn’t be over 32 inches…this a risk for heart disease. These are things we should remember and look into. Not simply looks. Grow up, folks!

  25. PinkAcoustic82



  26. fitnessqueen

    She is getting fat. That’s a bad suit.

  27. Most of you are total ASSHOLES! How can you treat someone that way?!! You’re MEAN! What the fuck is your problem?
    How can any of you say Tyra is “A fat ass”? She’s gorgeous! Who CARES if she’s gained weight? There’s no need to go running her down. Sure, maybe she doesn’t look as good as she used to, but it’s her choice, and no need to run her down for it. I honestly don

  28. Poses


  29. nickyboy

    For an average woman Tyra would not be considered as too fat, that is at her current weight. But Tyra is getting too fat by the standards she set for herself in the past as a supermodel and by the standards she now sets for others on America?s Top Model. She has definitely retired from the runway but through America?s Top Model she remains connected to the world of fashion and being judged by outward appearances. Were she truly retired and not judging others there would be far less interest in her putting on weight.

    Tyra no longer seems to have the incentive or discipline to watch what she eats and her visible lack of muscle tone now that she is in her 30′s, more pronounced since her recent retirement indicates she does not have any passion for exercise. It seems apparent now that she probably dieted and exercised much more during her runway years than she let on at the time. Her decision to make 2005 her final appearance on the Victoria?s Secret special was made in the nick of time as the changes in her body were starting to become obvious.

    Even though Tyra still looks good, especially when compared to the non-supermodels of the world, I am afraid that her habits, genetics and the passage time are revealing the more rotund Tyra of years to come. One need only look at her mother, an attractive but obviously full figured woman, in the current issue of People to see Tyra?s future natural form. Without a disciplined regime of diet and exercise an average weight gain of only 5 pounds a year would put her well over 200 lbs by the time she is in her early 40′s. This is a conservative estimate, if we are to believe that she has only gained 30 pounds since 2005, since she averaging a gain of 15 pounds a year. Tyra?s famously large and natural breasts, which along with her height have served her well in the past to distract from her lower body weight, are another indication of her natural propensity to store fat. The rest of Tyra’s body is now simply catching up to her very ample bosom, providing a natural belly cushion of support as her well-flaunted endowments succumb to the effects of gravity.

    Perhaps the current attention will inspire Tyra to push away the plates of comfort food and hit the gym, but I doubt she will go that route as her interests now lie elsewhere. Besides her current audience is no longer made up of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition fans or those who attend the fashion shows in Paris and Milan. Her current fan base watches daytime television and they are more than happy to see Tyra progress towards the plus sizes that many of them wear. You can hear them shouting ?go girl!? on the Internet and declaring that Tyra will only become more beautiful in the future as her ever growing curves obscure any memory of the what many of them view as the oppressively thin and taut Tyra of the past. Tyra may still be ahead of the fashion curve the girth of the population increases and the thin models of the world face scorn and even unemployment if they fail reach the new Body Mass standards that are being imposed in some countries. Tyra may even be in demand someday to help overly skinny models gain weight. With her height and bone structure Tyra could weigh 260 or more with little effort and before we know it the hostess of Americas Top Model could be a contestant on The Biggest Loser. Now that would be must see TV.

  30. Taylor

    Mr.#103 RichPort, it sounds like you thought I was a boy. But anyway, I suggest you do the reading, buddy. That comment was clearly not for you, buster…you totally let me know that. lol

  31. kati

    all of you calling her fat are wrong. She is not fat and its wrong to thhink that way. you people (mostly the guys wanting to “tap that”) are rude and the meanest people i know. your guys’s expectations are so high that girls starve themselves and do other stupid things to please society. tyra is just trying to make a point that theres other things to worry about besides being skinny… like she said on her show… its one thing to be unhealthy and obese, but its another to be a few pounds over the normal but happy. i mean come on… shes flawless! i love her

  32. Tyra is NOT FAT!! She is 5’10 and weights 161 pounds. It is perfectly natural. Tyra don’t let the media get to you. They just want to make up stories about you. They are obseesed with celeb’s gaining and losing weight. Tyra is such an insperation to me, and also a role model. I look up to her soo much. She is such a beautiful person in the inside and out. LOVE YOU TYRA
    check out my website for you http://www.tyrabanks15.piczo.com

  33. Melissa

    Whatever. You all can say what you want about me. Don’t worry about me. At least I am not pregnant or something stupid. I can take care of myself. Also, at least I don’t do drugs, smoke, or drink.. and I am sure the ones that are talking about me do one of those. So all of you that want can keep talking about me. You will get yours one day. I am not worried.

  34. Hammer

    Maybe I should beat the crap out of all of you!

  35. dontbejealous85

    tyra looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! How can people call her fat? i think models look disgusting these days…i mean 5’9 and 90 lbs. that isn’t right! I think all the people who think she is fat need to back off-at least the woman has confidence which u all obviously dont have if u have to put her down!

  36. PamalaJ

    I am disgusted with this. I cannot believe people are actually saying she is a role model. Even tyra herself said “THIS ISNT REFLECTIVE OF HOW MY BODY LOOKS NOW”. Her problem is trying to make sure everyone knows that she isnt a heavier girl, yet defending those pictures saying ITS OK TO LOOK LIKE THAT. She is going on TV everywhere to make sure everyone knows she ISNT FAT, THAT SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THOSE PICTURES. Then comes out on her talk show in the bathing suit with heels, (lets not forget the fake hair) This “GIRLS GIRL” is a judge on NEXT TOP MODEL. Need I say more? Tyra says there are young girls who look up to her and now wonders how those young girls feel when they hear tyra is being called fat. What your saying is they cant look up to someone who is heavier? This mission of hers is for everyone to know she isnt as fat as the pictures printed. I have never seen a moment of her show due to not having the tolerance, my local news stations sadly update me on this and I am fumming mad. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? OH yes… a former SUPERMODEL. I could go on and on and any comment I read saying to leave her alone is bull. Who cares what she looks like, including Tyra herself. If I hear her ONE MORE TIME talking about it doesnt matter what she looks like, but yet this is what its all about, I may be just throw out my TV. I am disgusted. What comes around goes around. Keep judging those young girls on TV, keep defending yourself with your high heels on because this is exactly the problem. I would love a sit down and have a conversation with you Tyra. You may just see what most do, that you yourself are the problem. Am I suppose to respect her because she thinks her being heavier makes her more relatable for her show? Not all women are threatened by a thin woman. To think us regular girls will like her because she is EVEN with us is a shame.

  37. Alright so Tyra is fat. I don’t really see why some people are stereotyping her. Seriously, come on. We should simply say that she has become fat, and leave it at that. Instead of TRYING to piss everyone else off and all that stupid bullshit. Because the people who are on here trying to piss everyone off are dumb asses who have no friends and want attention. I’m sure Tyra DOES wan the attention… but that doesn’t make her the BIGGEST attention whore in the world. And muscle does weigh more than fat…but I’m sure EVERYONE knew that already. But to the people that are getting so upset cause other people are calling her a whore and a fatass….you kids should defiantly just calm the fuck down. And you should try to ((not lose more weight…)) get in better shape. And the guys who say “15 more pounds and I’d still hit it”…that’s just atrocious. And Well maybe it’s okay to be fat…cause then you’d be harder to kidnap but i would never want to be cause once you start eating and eating and eating you can’t stop unless you’re metabolism is like GREAT. You’re going to get fat…and once you’re fat enough you’re bones could break just by walking to the damn refrigerator… now do you think kids would want a role model like that? No…i think not. She should either lose the weight or go far far away and never show her fatness until she’s skinny again.
    Oh and for the people who say people who have myspaces are lame and retarded and what not. you’re seriously lame yourself i bet you have plenty of friends who have myspace and you don;t think they’re lame… myspace is somewhere where you can find old friends and talk and even meet new people but you really shouldn’t do that last part…you might end up dead in a ditch. but yea back to my point myspace is only lame if the person is using it for stupid things like getting 1.00 friends and you don’t know half of them and NEVER will or for picking up chicks or guys or using it to hook up with people.
    Jeez today’s society is so FUCKED UP. “Can’t we all just get along?”….HA! We’ve proven that that is a negative on the getting along. cause a lot of you bitches are so hypocritical and ignorant and fake. But hey aren’t we all?

    i look forward to hearing many more mean responses to this….correcting my grammar and punctuation and what my opinions are…cause honestly..It make me laugh like a raving lunatic to read what some of you people write down.

    until we meet again


  38. Miss Vannah

    im 5’11 and over 300 lbs.

    funny thing is, i dont hate myself. i know plenty of people who would say im pretty funny. it sounds cliche for the fat girl to be funny, but theres just another positive thing to think about. i can admit and not care that im fat, because i like who i am. tyra is not fat. tyra is normal. when are people going to stop letting the media control their idea of what the ideal body is? everyone is different. lets keep it that way.

    i have 2 different myspaces with tons of pictures. i dont show my whole body, but who cares. you wont lose sleep at nite. you can send me all the hatemail you want to, but it will only prove your close-mindedness. (is that a word? perhaps not..)

    anyway. if you feel the need to add me though, go ahead. im ver friendly.

    -miss vannah nell

  39. Miss Vannah

    my bad. i didnt know it wouldnt show my myspace accounts.



  40. DatGurlV


    Tyra is NOT fat AT ALL, and in my opinion, you must be insecure about your own bodies to critisize someone else’s body, who doesnt even deseve criticism. (Not that anybody does, but im making a point.) Just because she is not a f***ing size 2 doesn’t mean that she isn’t beautiful. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes.

    NOW as for all the racial commenent: Being Black has NOTHING to do with your attitude, your personality or anything. When Black women act “ghetto” you usually do something to upset them, like calling them derogatory names. Also, the person that commented on how Beyonce, Vivica A. Fox ect. are all fat: WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!????????!?!?!?!?!?? They are all gorgeous and have great bodies.

    FOR ALL THE AGE COMMENTS: All of you “adults” are acting pretty immature to me. insulting peoples personalities, intellegence, and even sexual preference, and you dont even know them. Yes, teeangers do not know eveything, but it is up to you “adults” to help us and encourage us.


  41. Melissa

    If you guys want to see my myspace to see that I actually have my life together and am not a stupid fucktard like you all are saying… here it is.


    so go fuck yourselves and leave me the hell alone.

    Thank you and have a great day.

  42. well, if she’s 160 she is fat and ugly

  43. jflash214

    She has to be fat, part of her new job of being the next Oprah.

  44. LaKaren

    I think all this is crap. nobody has a right to judge her only GOD ALMITY himself & if any of you have a problem with that i want 2 c u try & take that up with the big guy. Trya is her own person with her own life & its none of yall buisness wether she gains weight or loses it. i doubt any of u would want anybody judgeing them & all up in their buisness all yall need 2 get your own lives & stay out of hers i bet somewhere down the line a family member or ancestor of yall’s was slightly plus sized & they would be ashamed of what u really think of them. your children watch t.v. & look up to these people & if they could hear some of the things your saying i would feel sorry for them.everyone is beautiful no matter how they look & thats the example u should be showing your children everybodies body type is different & no matter how hard they try they cant change the way they look. grow & get a life & PRAY THAT GOD HAS MERCY ON YOUR SOULS. Trya your beautiful & dont need to change a thing its only the devil trying to take you down.

  45. LaKaren

    I think all this is crap. nobody has a right to judge her only GOD ALMITY himself & if any of you have a problem with that i want 2 c u try & take that up with the big guy. Trya is her own person with her own life & its none of yall buisness wether she gains weight or loses it. i doubt any of u would want anybody judgeing them & all up in their buisness all yall need 2 get your own lives & stay out of hers i bet somewhere down the line a family member or ancestor of yall’s was slightly plus sized & they would be ashamed of what u really think of them. your children watch t.v. & look up to these people & if they could hear some of the things your saying i would feel sorry for them.everyone is beautiful no matter how they look & thats the example u should be showing your children everybodies body type is different & no matter how hard they try they cant change the way they look. grow & get a life & PRAY THAT GOD HAS MERCY ON YOUR SOULS. Trya your beautiful & dont need to change a thing its only the devil trying to take you down.

  46. heidiho

    omg get over yourselves, you aint even funny, an barbadoslut, u seem like a right ol’ heffa, i bet you’ve got a big ol’ nose too, an your girl biatcho, u fkcin mongrels, *cringe* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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