Tyra Banks talks about being fat

January 25th, 2007 // 196 Comments

Tyra Banks is publicly talking about her recent weight gain (she’s 5’10″ and currently weighs 161 lbs), and tells People magazine:

“I get so much mail from young girls who say, ‘I look up to you, you’re not as skinny as everyone else, I think you’re beautiful.’ So when they say that my body is ‘ugly’ and ‘disgusting,’ what does that make those girls feel like? I still feel hot, but every day is different. It’s when I put on the jeans that used to fit a year ago and don’t fit now and give me the muffin top, that’s when I say, ‘Damn!’ I feel more comfortable when I’m lighter – I sleep better, I snore less, I have more endurance when I work out, my arms look better. I’ve made millions of dollars with the body I have, so where’s the pain in that? If I was in pain, I would have dieted. The pain is not there – the pain is someone printing a picture of me and saying those (horrible) things.”

Being fat is cool if you’re a sumo wrestler or a circus freak or a hot dog eating champion, but usually it’s just gross. I’m not saying fat people can’t be sexy, they just have to be clever about it. You know, like printing out a full sized poster of a supermodel and taping it to their neck. Or getting everybody in the world drunk. Or not being fat.


  1. Lesbianesque

    you got it ALL WRONG biatcho. Lonely psychotic freaks are the people who actually cut and paste people Myspace info, and take the time to look at their page, loser

  2. schack

    “the best thing to do is ignore racist posts?”

    the best way to change what’s already on the wrong track is just to wait for change to happen?

  3. Sheva

    Any bitch taking my 32″ size jeans is a friggin cow. Nuff said.

    Shoot I was 160 in high school when I was on the wrestling team and running almost every single day.

    And yeah, I was 5′ 10″ so no way this chick ain’t a pig.
    Of course that photo is not her in all her piggyness either.

  4. JaimieL

    Perez,have you looked in the mirror lately?

  5. whitegold

    #41 – Are you kidding me?!?! That title is Oprah’s all the way!!! I can’t stand Oprah!!! She is by far the biggest attention whore in the industry and a complete hypocrite. Damn I can’t stand that lady! #2 on the list would have to go to Angelina Joile. Tyra Banks is way down that list. Yes she loves the spot light and getting attention and being famous, but not in the same pompus way that those two do. She just likes it in the same way that any regular person would like it if they could find a way to get it. But really, I just wanted to post this comment to express my dislike of Oprah!

  6. fame is funny

    Oh my god. I know ambrosia didn’t post her dumb-ass MySpace page on here. This is too funny. Two of her heroes are….wait for it…TomDeLay and Jack Abramoff. Now Ambrosia…you do realize that Jack Abramoff went to prison for defrauding the indians, and Tom DeLay was indicted as well right? God save the youth.

  7. biatcho

    Oh great, fatty-stalker-lesbo alert in the house! More proof myspacers are fucking retards. Someone is upset because people make fun of a 43 year old fatass dyke’s myspace that you put out there for the world to see and you blame it on a stranger on the internet. Get a life lardass.


    If you’ve ever seen this girl’s plump little mother, then you know where Tyra is headed weight-wise. But she looks great right now with the weight. Only the Hollywood homos like rail-thin girls, heterosexual guys like a little something there.

  9. DecorativePoncho

    She looks fine to me. That height/weight is big for a high fashion model but for a normal person, just fine.

    I saw her in person a couple of years ago and she’s absolutely stunning — much prettier than in print/film.

  10. Lesbianesque

    bitch….where to start……YOU are the one who stalked me. You obviously googled my screen name, found my myspace page and came back on here and told everyone about it. Like I said before I’m THANKING you for that, because the more you call me fat and ugly and a dyke, the more people go to my page and see that I’m exactly the opposite of everything you call me, which makes you look like the jealous psycho freak with a crush on me that you are. What’s also painfully obvious is that until you post pictures on your page, and put yourself out there for “everyone to see” you will forever remain an annonymous fat ugly douchebag

  11. BarbadoSlim

    @43 are you threatening me douchebag, are YOU that good with computers? Did you just watch Hackers? Are you comin’ to get me Zero Cool?

    I quake in fear

    I STAND BY MY statements douchebag, and for your information I’m part black so I know about lazy un-educated attitude filled, fat-assed ghetto black women. That’s why I married white.

    BLOW ME and then Blow ME AGAIN

  12. biatcho

    Fats, you should now change your screename to Anthony Perkins.

  13. Lesbianesque

    #61……..I hate to butt in here, but douchebag is kinda my word, can you come up with an equally fabulous word to use on that teabagger schack????

    and bitch………..WHAT?????? are you ill today, cuz you’re seriously laggin’ on the comebacks

  14. danielle

    I highly doubt that you’re “part” anything….unless you’re speaking of a creature that lives deep in the woods of Kentucky somewhere. Whatever “part” that you “claim” to be seems to be typing right now. Making lame and “un-true” generealizations about a particular race is something only a retarded fucktwat asshole would do….aka YOU.

    You married white…..great, now you’ll produce chalk and you’ll live happily ever after, right?

    Let’s not forget the MANY uneducated little twits that are “white”.

    Paris Hilton
    Britney Spears
    Lindsay Lohan
    Tara Reid…shall I continue?

    Go read a book you lamefuck.

  15. biatcho

    Anthony Perkins… you know, Psycho.

  16. BarbadoSlim

    Sorry if I used your word there bulldyke, it’s just that they’re so far up inside Tyra’s pisshole, it seemed appropriate.

    An one last thing YOU CALLING ME RACIST for my OPINIONS prove me wrong: tell me Vivica Fox, Queen Latifah, the Allen Sisters, Beyonce (Whitney Houston you say, is not fat? that’s ’cause she’s a crackhead) etc…are not all a bunch of fat asses. Show me a ghetto bitch that doesn’t have an attitude, and has read a book in her fucking pathetic life.

    prove me wrong

  17. BarbadoSlim

    Don’t even bother welfare queen.

  18. lauratiggerann

    hehehe, anyone else think it is humorous that #64 first makes an incredibly judgemental and stereotypical remark about kentucky and THEN proceeds to bitch at someone else for making “untrue generalizations”

    i love this site :)

  19. heyheyhey

    52–yeah it is, bcuz 1) they probably aren’t going to care what you say on here, and 2) half of the people who make those comments just wanna piss people off on here and get us amped up. happens all the time in internet forums and discussion boards. ignoring them shuts them up

  20. sol

    she may not be fat as much as really really constipated. that would explain almost everything in the story and the picture.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    Yup, shuts them right up.



  22. Lesbianesque

    #65, I got it, it’s just WEAK. Like I said on the other thread, go back to delivering your pizza’s , brush up on some wit tonight, and come back tomorrow and BRING IT….you seriously disappointed me today

    still lovin’ hating you

  23. kitty_kat

    I understand that not everyone has to be skinny… but Tyra needs to lose some weight. Being chubby does NOT suit her. She looks horrible. She’s completely let herself go.

  24. happy_bunny

    I like Tyra. And her big ol’ booty too.

  25. biatcho

    Sorry to disappoint but you should learn a lesson from this… imagine how your parents feel every time they are forced to look at you. Perhaps you can shape yourself up and not be so dykish & fat, then they’ll love you again. promise!

  26. goldstar777

    She retired from modeling, she can gain as much weight as she wants. BUT she shouldn’t be surprised about criticism, as she did make her living off her face/body…comes with the territory unfortunatly.

  27. LilPresh

    Yeah-I totally agree with #40. Her comment made no sense. I couldn’t care less about her stupid weight gain, but I wish celebrities would quit trying to sound deep all while forgetting to be lucid.

  28. D'oh Eyes

    hahahahaha, did she just say, BRING IT?

  29. She’s good looking, not a drug user, not anorexic, and not smoking tampons. If only she wasn’t a pompous ass.

  30. biatcho

    Yes, i was just asked to “Bring It”. We all need more comedy in our lives people. More lesbianic comedy.

  31. uuhleesuh

    are you fucking kidding me??? shes nowhere near FAT. yes, she has gained weight but she still looks good. i met her and shes a hottieee. she could probably gain 30 more pounds and still look just as good.

  32. ambrosia

    First of all f i must i will stop posting my measurments im dfinetly not lying about my size my post makes sense and tom delay and jack abhramoff are my heroes cause cause of their personality ye i guess some of their actions can be percieved as wrong but how many of u went to ocean 11 and loved it same thing just smarter people who are in their middle age

  33. Regnig

    Anyone else ever notice how she gets all ghetto talking to black folks.. but straight laced and – yes I’ll say it – white when talking to white folks? Did I just say folks twice? Ah shit…

  34. BarbadoSlim

    you could answer with “it’s already been BROUTGHTEN!!”

  35. wedgeone

    #26 – “SHes gross you need a reason to be that fat girls should not be co….”
    You get an “F” in grammar class today. Try again later to write something coherent that can be understood by the rest of the English speaking world. You’re as bad as LiLo, yet you think that you’re going to college? Wake up & smell the coffee (or espresso, whatever).

    #43 – while your concerns against racism are commendable, please make sure that when you call someone a fool, you don’t have the word “out” misspelled, K?
    “Who is more foolish – the fool or the fool who follows him” – Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

    And SPEAKING of misspellings, it’s so nice to see the return of the queen of irony, DAMYELL, who once again calls someone a “retarded fucktwat asshole” and yet said “generealizations”, which is spelled incorrectly. Not to mention the wonderful observation in post #68 that I won’t reiterate.
    I really LOVE this one – “Let’s not forget the MANY uneducated little twits that are “white”…. Since when did 4 constitute MANY? In actuality, 4 corresponds to “Few”, and not “Many”, you Twatwaffle!

    Will you please stop typing your half-witted attempts at humor, ya monstrous stinkloaf. They only PROVE how you contradict yourself TIME & TIME AGAIN!! Do YOU REALIZE HOW STUPID YOU LOOK WHEN YOU DO THAT???

  36. biatcho

    oh my lord ambrosia, put the pom poms & the speedballs down and walk away from the computer. walk slowly towards your kitchen where your parents keep the cutlery. Without causing a stir just happen to grab the sharpest knife you can find, not the biggest, just the sharpest. now run to the bathroom screaming “the flying monkeys are gonna kill me, they’re after me… AAAHHH” and then lock the door behind you. I think you know what to do from there.

  37. Regnig


    ROFLLMAO!!! I love you wedgeone. You are my hero.

  38. biatcho

    yeah, ditto on the twatwaffle comment. not too many people on here make me laugh outloud and that did big time.

  39. D'oh Eyes

    Ambrosia, do you ever wonder why people get a really puzzled look when you talk to them? THEY CAN’T UNDERSTAND ONE DAMN THING YOU ARE SAYING.

    Periods are your FRIEND. Run-on sentences, BAAAAAD.

  40. wedgeone

    #82 – Please STFU. Wait … first explain how Oceans 11 relates to illegal government lobbying & corrupt politicians. Since you can’t, NOW STFU!
    “i guess some of their actions can be percieved (SIC) as wrong” PERCEIVED?? WHO ARE YOU KIDDING??!!? Have you been Britney Spears’s press agent for a while now? That is almost as stupid as any of DamYell’s contradictory cut downs over the last week.

    Please let me quote from this week’s news article about the Abramoff scandal & who went down:
    “- Abramoff is serving six years in prison on a criminal case in Florida. He has not yet been sentenced on charges of mail fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion stemming from his Washington lobbying work. A Texas Indian tribe filed a federal lawsuit in July against Abramoff and several of his colleagues, alleging that they engaged in fraud and racketeering. Abramoff is cooperating in a bribery investigation involving lawmakers, their aides and members of the Bush administration.”

    There is a difference between “Perceived” and “Proved”. Guess that’s why you won’t study Political Science “if you get into college”.

  41. wedgeone

    Thx – I openly admit that twatwaffle isn’t my creation (I don’t remember who created that one – one of the regulars I think), but it seemed appropriate in this instance.

    Feel free to start using the word – maybe we can get it added to the next edition of Webster’s. All we need is DamYell’s pic for a point of reference.

  42. biatcho

    lesbifats is going to say it created twatwaffles. just because it incorporates its two favorite things: vagina & food.

  43. meee

    ambrosia, you’re a fucking liar because i weigh 108 and i’m 5’3 and i wear a 1-3.

    plus, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK. stop lying to yourself and being a bitch in general.

  44. dreamhypnotique

    Tyra Banks tries so hard to come off as sincere, thought-provoking and intelligent, but from what I’ve seen of her show and read from her in interviews, I think she’s a vapid, narcissistic poser.

    She’s rich though so she’s probably laughing at everyone who hates her, while trying to maintain her “Oh my god I can’t believe girls are starving themselves to be models” expression on her face.

  45. wedgeone

    #92 – ROTMFFLMMFAO!! That’s awesome, b!

    Pretty Baby – is TwatWaffle your creation?

    I think that DamYell’s time on the library PC ended, so she hasn’t been around to see how she got slagged. Bummer!

  46. Lesbianesque

    you got that right bitch
    so…..with all these nicknames you’ve been giving me…….I kinda feel like we’re going steady or something

  47. Me No Know

    Goddamit!!! Can we stop with the discourse in race relations already? Race rears it’s ugly head in too many of these posts. It’s getting old. We get it. All black women are overweight, loud, welfare having, illiterate bitches and all white women are underweight, crotch flashing, trailer trashy, drunken, STD-riddled sluts. End of debate. Can we please move the fuck on?

    In relation to this thread:

    Tyra looks fine but that bathing suit is fugly as hell. I think my grandma has the same one in her closet. She wears it with swim fins and a plastic daisy bonnet. On another note, just because someone is thin, it doesn’t make them hot. Please see anorexic douchebag in post below for clarification. Or any of the other countless anorexic douchebags prominently featured on this site.

  48. mike hawk

    @#61 BARBADO SLIM YOU ARE THE FUCKING MAN. not meaning to yell atch’all but the words LMMFAO can’t justify the tears of joy rolling along my jovial cheekbones. YEAH MAN!!! oh, and @43 welcome to the new millenium, mom. I gravitate towards the Slim…email me.

  49. cherie

    the fuck happened to her?

  50. I’d fuck him.

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