Tyra Banks stands up for fatties

February 1st, 2007 // 441 Comments

On today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra Banks puts on the bathing suit everybody’s been calling her fat over. Then she goes ape shit and starts raging on anybody who’s ever ridiculed somebody over their weight. In an attempt to fish for some viewers, the clip cuts off at the end of her rant telling the viewer to tune in to find out what she says. And not that you couldn’t have guessed, but the part that was cut off was: “Kiss my fat ass.”

The worst part of the clip is when she tries to hit her “sexy” poses. I’m pretty sure nobody is “used to seeing her like that.” You don’t get used to seeing horror. You could spend everyday with Brian Peppers and everytime you ran into him it’d still be: “Ahh! Jesus, Brian, put the bag back on.”


  1. jrzmommy

    Very good! See, you didn’t have to get abrasive or destroy centruies old languages or show us your big swollen gums to do that. It was short and to the point. See how easy that was Ghoulia!

  2. meee

    um, fuck the tyra video. brian peppers is fucking terrifying!!

  3. Juliabella

    hahahahaha you people crack me up!!!

  4. sexybitch

    #12 How is she BRAVE enough to gain weight? As in “Cover me, there’s a dangerous corndog I need to defuse?” Thanks for taking on those chili fries mano a mano, Tyra.

  5. Lowlands

    Till my great delight i just see Tyra Banks knows how to arch her back quite good.But the problem is when she does that her belly is also suddenly prominent present.what you gonna do on that Tyra?

  6. sexybitch

    jrz, she’s still 1 for 739.

  7. jrzmommy

    Now, Sexy–you are on to a whole new way of thinking. A whole new marketing of America and our weight problem. No longer shall the likes of Ghoulia snort Obese Americans at our chubby countrymen when they visit the whorehouses of Quebec!……the world will call them BRAVE AMERICANS!

  8. Juliabella


    got my sickness??

  9. auds

    oh give me a break, tyra looks 10 times better than the average women EVEN with a little more weight… and honestly, she’s spent the last 15 years trying to eat as little and as healthy as possible to stay in her “super model” figure… who cares if she wants to eat more normally now? and all things considered being 5’10 and 160 pounds is actually not “fat” at all. it’s a perfectly normal and healthy weight… she’s probably a womens size 10 or 12 by now. it just LOOKS worse because she was a 4 for most of her life.

  10. Juliabella

    you guys are 70% fat anyways… you all eat junk and that, the world knows it!!! Ever watched supersize me?????? Pretty good picture hein!!!

  11. Charm

    The first time I watched it, she annoyed me, and I thought she was loudmouthed, full of shit.
    The second time I watched it, I feel like she may have made a point. It’s not even about her being fat, or fatness itself, just in general it’s about how women’s bodies are always being scrutinized. No one ever does this to men, because believe me there are alot of men in hollywood who have gone way down hill, and a lot of men in real life who were never hot or even remotely good looking to begin with.

  12. jrzmommy

    actually, it’s more like 30% are obese, Ghoulia. So you better watch it or else we’re gonna send them all north of the border for a Nacho and Bean Burrito convention.

  13. sexybitch

    #110 Ghoulia, just scarf down another poutine, why dontcha? Hein?

  14. jrzmommy


  15. Juliabella

    why don’t you roll them up here while you’re at it.

  16. Lowlands

    I mean,Tyra Banks is complaining and whining about people calling her fat…That would be the same like i was complaining about my own handsome looks…Do you see now how ridiculous this is?

  17. jrzmommy

    Nope, we’re gonna drop them outta big B-52s onto your village. INCOMING!!!!!!!

  18. Juliabella

    wwwwwoooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. the war is on the other side of the planet….actually,you should know, it’s controlled by your president!!!

  19. BarbadoSlim

    @110….prove that statistic, prove it right now or you’re full of shit.

  20. sexybitch

    #115 Another deathless response…that makes no sense. You’ll be thrilled to know that Taco Bell just opened in Montreal. Chow down, babe.

    From the Montreal Mirror: “In highly secretive fashion, the first-ever Taco Bell crossed the border to our belle province on December 18, 2006. Finally, the days of disrupting one

  21. jrzmommy

    the last thing you’ll see will be a 400 pound, purple polyester-encased, American buttock of a lady named Phyllis from Cincinnati falling out of the sky.

  22. sexybitch

    #119 Slim, 70% chance you’re right. Oh, hell, 100%.

  23. Juliabella

    sounds freaking scary jrzmommy…. you win, I surrender!!!

  24. jrzmommy

    You’re goddammed right the war is over there and not on this continent. you wait, Canada’s got their hands full up there–you wait for jet to fly into the CN Tower.

  25. sexybitch

    #123 Fuck, you ARE French!!!

  26. jrzmommy

    And I’m gonna drop her after she’s eaten a bunch of greezy American McDonalds…….Ker-splat.

  27. Juliabella

    crash this shitty building down plz. and the olympic stadium too. this way we’ll have new shit.

  28. jrzmommy


  29. jrzmommy

    Why on earth would you want a plane to crash into a building over Toronto? didn’t you see what happend in NYC when that happened? duh.

  30. Juliabella

    when the hell did you become all serious?

  31. N'Arianne

    # 104. It’s Hollywood. It would be very hard for anybody in the public eye to gain weight and still feel good about stepping infront of those cameras, being scrutinized. It is brave to go up and do that, and show your flaws so openly. Would you do that? Funny comment though.
    Look at Keira, she’s obviously lost weight. Yes, she’s always been thin, but after making it big in Hollywood it seems she dropped yet another size to live up to some ideal.

    Good on all you guys who find curves sexy!

    Zero respect for size zero lovers!

  32. cole007

    NO MORE SLIPPING IN BRIAN PEPPERS LINKS! ARG! I HAD A FLASHBACK AND PUKED ON MY KEYBOARD. LAST TIME I READ ABOUT THAT GUY, I WAS SICK TO MY STOMACH FOR WEEKS. as an aside, is he dead yet? because surely for the love of god someone will just end it because that’s not obviously human or belongs at all on this planet. ((shudder deeply…wipes up puked…))

  33. kitty_kat

    You know, I really used to like Tyra. But now I think that she is a narcissistic and self-righteous brat. I for one am disgusted by this manipulative move. She made all of her millions by being skinny and beautiful, but now that she has finished living it up and is too lazy and self-indulgent to go to the gym and burn off that 8 pack of twinkies, she’s tugging on the heart strings of overweight women in America. Her frame is clearly meant for a thin person. She is just letting herself go and is trying to cover her ass by acting as if she is representing overweight women. Disgusting.

  34. Binky

    #76 That’s good. Unfortunately I get all my hard news from this site. I was kinda hoping we don’t get Tyra’s show up here – but it might be on the Comedy Channel.
    (And good luck with the addictions)

  35. Check the stats for 1999-2002. Not 70% overall but very close to it. We’re a bunch of fat fucking pigs.

  36. mia

    Vous voulez du vrai fran

  37. mia

    Et en passant, au Qu

  38. Juliabella

    135- LOL

  39. Juliabella

    BRILLANT. je commen

  40. mia

    On appelle

  41. mia

    Oups, Ils se croient… au pluriel..

  42. Topaz Vamp

    She’s not fat for normal people standards, but she is fat by actress or model standards. But since she is no longer a model (she retired from modeling, remember?) who cares if she no longer has a model body? Her body is just fine – a litle chunky in the thighs, but fine – for working as a talk-show host. After all those years of starving, I can understand her wanting to relax a little. Her job just doesn’t require the same type of body her old job did.

  43. Juliabella

    t’as ben raison. ils pensent tout savoir, tout conna

  44. sexybitch

    #131 N’Arianne, thanks.
    Your point: It is Hollywood, but be honest, it’s also a payoff – you trade being able to stuff yourself with whatever you want at IHOP for being paid to be a public figure with a public image.
    Be average size all you want – and at her height, she’s just about 10 lbs over. (And if her calves weren’t so scrawny, her thighs might look smaller…)
    But networks don’t pay out the bucks she’s getting for an average size, or chubbier figure, to host Top Model, so choose: the fries or the dough. And don’t whine because you can’t have both, you know?

  45. mia

    I didn’t realise this but people here really hate canada because we don’t want to fight??

  46. mia

    I mean, you already do enough evil and stupidity for a thousand years, you really expect other countries to be that silly and selfish?

  47. BarbadoSlim

    @135….FUCK! well played, fucking freedom of information, damn this democratic system that allows us access to information such as this!!!

  48. Juliabella

    Sad isn’t it???

  49. Binky

    135 Tabernac ! C’est tres ‘chubby’
    mais…I suppose I should be working…

  50. sexybitch

    #145 Mia, do you really want your buildings under terrorist attack, like your compatriot in #127? Because you came late, you might want to check out what she’s been spewing ever since the Angie thread before you start in.
    Julia, again, don’t make it all about Canada. It’s you a lot of us hate.

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