Tyra Banks stands up for fatties

February 1st, 2007 // 441 Comments

On today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra Banks puts on the bathing suit everybody’s been calling her fat over. Then she goes ape shit and starts raging on anybody who’s ever ridiculed somebody over their weight. In an attempt to fish for some viewers, the clip cuts off at the end of her rant telling the viewer to tune in to find out what she says. And not that you couldn’t have guessed, but the part that was cut off was: “Kiss my fat ass.”

The worst part of the clip is when she tries to hit her “sexy” poses. I’m pretty sure nobody is “used to seeing her like that.” You don’t get used to seeing horror. You could spend everyday with Brian Peppers and everytime you ran into him it’d still be: “Ahh! Jesus, Brian, put the bag back on.”


  1. Danner

    Giant forehead girls activate!

  2. She still looks like a weeble.

  3. Me


    can we please stop talking about her? PLEASE

  4. D'oh Eyes

    Seems to me the Fish guy has been reading the Brian Peppers comments here…

  5. Ardee

    Gooooooooooooooo Tyra!

  6. misanthrope

    She’s only saying that because she’s the fattie now.

  7. Yenstah

    Unbe-weavable. Where did she buy that hair??

  8. N'Arianne

    She’s not fat. I am so pissed that people are calling her fat! She’s average now!!! FFS!!!! You should all be fucking ashamed for thinking she is fat!!! She looks like a real woman, and that’s great. I have ZERO respect for guys who say they could only love size ZERO girls. GO TYRA!!!

  9. GeannaSparrow

    …What the Hell happened to her hair? Someone confussed her head for the ashtray?!

  10. RoseColoredGlasses

    I LOVE TYRA!!! She may be crazy sometimes, but hello women are NOT perfect, Hollywood is a bunch of FAKE ROBOTS, and I appreciate women standing up to the numerous haters and stupid ass men who complain when women are curvy!
    Those men should die!!

  11. misanthrope

    And by fattie, I mean normal, but with big thighs and a huge forehead. And an annoying personality. And insincerity.

  12. N'Arianne

    I love the fact that she is BRAVE enough to gain weight and be so out there about it in Hollywood with all the freaking sticks. It’s more than most of us would do. She’s so cool.

  13. Spetsnaz

    She looks normal…above the knees. It’s like someone took anorexic legs and grafted them onto Tyra’s fat thighs.

  14. N'Arianne

    Oh, and I have it on good authority that she is still hot. :P

  15. RussianMafia

    Bullshit. Lazy slob. No excuses when you are rich.

  16. freakspeely

    How is she fat? She looks just like any other bitch you’d see on any given BET video dancing on a car or something. The way people are talking about her fivehead ass you’d think she looked like Star Jones pre-surgery…errr…”diet.”

  17. Spare Tyra Banks

    Weird. The fatties defending this fatty type in fat letters (caps). Maybe it’s all due to a very serious vision problem?

  18. Pointandlaugh


    HAHAHA! Shape of…..elastic!

  19. llllllllll

    This woman is such an attention hungry drama queen and has anyone told her yet how shittly
    tacky that bathing suit is? She talks about being so strong that she isn’t affected by all this yet at the end of the video she’s whimpering lookin like a big ol’ Chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

  20. Danner

    #18 I knew someone would see the reference. :)

  21. Good for her. She has a completely average body type and – whatever her weight – she wears it well.

    Beauty standards, and corresponding weight standards, have always varied depending on the time and place. Approximately 99.9% of the reasons guys like pin-thin girls is so their penis will look bigger, their muscles will look bigger, and THEY can FEEL bigger. (That’s an official statistic from the Bureau of I-Just-Pulled-It-Out-of-my-Ass.) The girl’s weight is just a tool to help them assert their own masculinity.

    I’m telling ya, it’s like what mothers always say about playground bullies: “They make fun of you to feel better about themselves!” Hence why racist people tend to be stupid, homophobes tend to be closet homos, and guys who think weighing over 100 pounds makes a girl fat… have wee weewees that can only look powerful if it’s railing a Barbie doll.

    (Irony alert: I just wrote a blog entry that makes it sound like I hate fat people. I guess I’m just an enigma!)

  22. misanthrope

    Um, the deal is, she’s sticking up for fatties. She *knows* she’s not anywhere near actual fat people. So, in a sense she’s sticking up for no one. She’s throwing pity out there for her ‘viewers’. She’s trying to say that she’s one of them. I guarantee she’ll lose weight in a few months and then be called ‘brave’, again.

  23. jesseeca

    holy crap nice muscle atrophy in her calves. how can she even stand up!

  24. Michelle Double D

    who is she trying to convince ? the fanatic crowd or herself ?

    i hate when women yell “IM NOT FAT” . its something people should see, not something you decide and force others to beleive.

  25. Wild Rose

    Boy, for someone who insists she’s so strong, she was getting awfully emotional towards the end there.

    I wouldn’t want to get Tyra pissed off at me. The woman can really rant!

  26. Niecy

    The bathing suit is just really unflattering. I mean, you can tell that she has put on weight, but she doesn’t look bad.
    I don’t like her hair though.

  27. RussianMafia

    I agree with 24 and 25… It’s like saying “I’m pretty!!!!”

  28. BarbadoSlim

    I’ll repeat my what I’ve already said: She’s a big ol’ ghetto fat ass under all that Maybellene.

    bring it on douchebags!

  29. mztry

    All you f-ing asshole MEN who call this woman names… may you find yourselves forever single and die alone and lonely.

    TYRA IS BEAUTIFUL! And she CARES enough to take on the issues and support other women.


  30. Binky

    Insiders are saying her next reality show will feature full-sized real people.
    The tentative name of the new show is ” America’s Next Top Waddle”

  31. crazyotto

    a poor hoes oprah

  32. cardio

    Stating that she’s a “normal” woman does not automatically mean she’s not fat. Normal women are fat.

    That doesn’t mean she’s not attractive or sexy or that she is. It just means she’s fat. So scream “I’m not fat” all you want. You’re still wrong.

    And in that clip, she’s not too bad, but in the photo that originally caused her to get all upset, she’s a cow. Everybody stickin’ up for fat chicks out there needs to relax a bit. Fat is fat no matter what euphemism you try to give it.

  33. 86

    7 Bwahahahah!

  34. Brian Peppers would look so hot in that bikini…but kind of fat.

  35. 86

    I am really sick of people trying to get attention!!!!!!!! Its like the only way to get anyone to watch your crappy shows anymore is to act a fool. Take Miss America for instance, same shit. No one gives a damn so you gotta create a stir. These people are soulless. I don’t know who to blame, The Real World or Jerry Springer.

  36. N@ughty

    wow! The wonderful world of Cover Girl will LOVE this! maybe she and Queen Latifah can do a commercial together on make-up…wait, Tyra’s better off supporting other “big” women in Lany Bryant commercials..speaking of fat women period…where is Tyra’s so-called “idol” Oprah to lose another 50 or so pounds when u need her? i saw her show a couple days ago. she’s big as a house and no one’s talking about her!


  37. llllllllll


  38. Krom


    If you’re reading this — you’re hot, and the more curves you gain, the hotter you’ll become. Shake what your momma gave ya.

    Your new boyfriend, Krom

  39. N@ughty

    speaking of fat women…where’s Oprah, Rosie and Kirstie Alley? Aren’t they getting all the Jenny Craig they can get or something? or are they still somewhere chomping down burgers and pizzas and other fast food? hey! maybe they’re all out together eating doughnuts. go check the Krispy Kremes on 59th and N.

  40. misanthrope

    @35… That’s what I’m sayin. Fat or not, she’s not being sincere, never has been. She is beyond fake. She tries to be like the regular gals. First of all, it’s laughable and second of all, why would you want to be a regular gal?! She’s giving out a backhanded compliment.

  41. llllllllll

    And just to set the record straight, Tyra is not defending fat women..if she were, she would say YES I’M GAINING WEIGHT AND I LOVE IT! What this Chocolate Lab is doing is clearing herself of being called fat because she doesn’t like it! So in other words, what she’s really saying is, “HELL NO I’M NOT FAT AND WILL NEVER BE…YUK.”

  42. metaphor

    But is she for real or is she just cynically jumping on the PC bandwagon? She probably got fat deliberately so she could rant about it.

  43. Juliabella

    People complain that Nicole Ritchie is skinny, ppl complain that Tyra is fat, ppl complain too much I find. To my taste and the taste of many people LIKE NUMBER 8, go for the curves…

  44. Juliabella

    that’s it! she’s not fat. she’s curvy. we’ve seen worse than that….

  45. cardio

    @43 – We’re not complaining about Tyra being fat. We’re complaining about her denying that she’s fat and then she asks us to leave the fatties alone anyway. And just because I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick, doesn’t mean there aren’t guys out there that like fatties.

  46. misanthrope

    @45… word.

  47. marklarsen

    Give all fat models a show on TV.

  48. cardio

    @47 – both of them?

  49. egtown

    why does she think she is a diva?
    and why does she think people care what she says?
    i cannot stand tyra banks…
    she thinks she is doing things to change the world (wearing a “fat” suit, being homeless person)….wow, really newsbreaking stuff—how
    many times have we seen specials with reporters going undercover?
    thanks for being so innovative, tyra.
    and its a little hard to stand up for all the “fat and ugly” people when you used to be a model….if i was severly overweight and unattractive, id be pissed that tyra thinks she knows what im going through…

    and who told her that her hair looked good that way? her momma?

  50. Juliabella

    I don’t have a dick of my own…but I don’t find her pretty either…she just doesn’t look that bad and maybe better than a lot of skinny skanks.. if you would stop yelling and dressing up that way!

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