Tyra Banks, Ryan Seacrest eligible for Emmys

Good morning! There’s nothing like waking up to a slap in the face by the fact that our country is barreling towards rampant retardation at friggin’ lightspeed. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (I’ll assume formed by Mr. Wizard) has announced that reality TV hosts such as Tyra Banks (above) and Ryan Seacrest are now eligible for an Emmy. Whoopee! The AP reports:

The award recognizes that reality TV has become “an integral part of television and our culture,” John Shaffner, chairman and CEO of the TV academy, said in a statement Tuesday announcing the new honor.
Besides Seacrest of “American Idol,” Mandel of “Deal or No Deal” and Banks of “America’s Next Top Model,” other potential nominees identified by the academy include Ty Pennington of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” Jeff Foxworthy of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” and Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris of “Dancing With the Stars.”

If Jeff Foxworthy wins for Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, then it’s official; the terrorists have won. And I’m talking big time. Sort of like if the Harlem Globetrotters challenged Gary Coleman to a Slam Dunk Contest – but beforehand they tied his shoe laces together.

Photo: Getty Images