Tyra Banks recreates Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, loves herself

February 21st, 2007 // 159 Comments


  1. TheLegend68

    That thing looks like a bag of nasty rotting meat.

  2. It is not the fat. There are plenty of fat people in the world. It is not the airbrushing. That is done all the time. It is not the ghetto ranting. We’ve all heard her people talk on Maury. It is the lightbulb shaped head that makes her so fascinating. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Too bad the bulb never turns on.

  3. Maybe she got hungry and ate most of her fat while she was waiting for them to take the picture…….just a thought.

  4. Jay from the Bay

    I am so sick of this fat ass. I’d love to see her and that tranny Miss J have a battle royale over the last twinkie.

  5. Amy3000

    What is wrong with her belly-button in the bottom pic? She’s got an innie in the top pic, but the in the bottom pic it just looks like a black hole o.O. As for the polka dots not being in the same places though, Tyra freely admittied that the bikini had been “slightly modified”… whatever the hell that means.

  6. wedgeone

    #45, #57, #65, #75:
    And you can tell he’s the troll Richport, because if no one pays attention to his lame ass for 10 posts, he executes the dreaded “cut & paste echo” of his lame shit over again!

    You were incredibly droll the first time you clicked the “Post Your Comment” button. What makes you think that the 4th one would be any less droll?
    PS – Take your own advice & autofellate. Then remove all memories you ever had of this site from your peabrain.

  7. Cardinal Ximenez

    Holy shit, the Cardinal knows some Guatemalan cave divers who could go spelunking in her damn naval cavity. Yes, those Guat’s, as your Eminence Cardinal Juan Guadalupe Jesus Alazondo Ximenez calls them… they were all jeezy weezy with the Honduran stinky, it blew my fuckin mind. They’d light up a blunt that killed several thousand cave bats. True story. Amen.

    And Yo… Take Tyra to the zoo!
    To the L.A. zoo, take these niggaz to the L.A. zoo

  8. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    do they have a newbie running photoshop? wtf?

  9. meee

    dude, there is NO way her thighs don’t touch when mine do. seriously.

  10. Nikky Raney

    i loveee tyra bbankssss
    but that photoshopping is terribly obvious :\

  11. Nikky Raney

    i feel so bad. i love tyra banks so much; she is amazing; and anyone who doesnt give her credit is lame.. she was a super model. and now shes a really motivational person who helps people she went from model to oprah-like. and shes really sweet and successful. i love her, but that is so airbrushed.. like.. too obvious. it looks like something my 10 year old cousin did on photo shop!

  12. sexybitch

    111 Do you mean motivational as in, I stuffed my face for months and it’s the public’s fault if they don’t like how I look and I’m really proud to look like this but I’m photoshopping everything because I’m a big fat hypocrite? Like that?

  13. HollyJ

    What’s it with this girl’s mound? Every picture of her looks like she has a dick tucked in there. That thing is like a mesa. Tyra Mesa

    Isn’t there surgery for that? Can’t the photoshop a smaller penis on her?

  14. sexybitch

    #113 Cisco Adler’s hired all the good photoshop people to work on his balls. Tyra’s gonna have to stand in line.

  15. BarbadoSlim

    @111…Tyra Banks might be a glorified pantie model but she was never a REAL supermodel. That term gets thrown around waaaaaay too much.

  16. lovescontroversy1

    she’s not serious. this bitch host’s ANTM… where 20 starved white girls compete for a worthless modeling contract while tyra beats them like dogs and devours their self-esteem along the way.

    HYPOCRITE maybe

  17. diamondprynzez

    This is even worse than that Katie Couric photoshop job.

    Her thighs look so damn fake.

  18. Tarl

    I’d be ALL OVER Tyra Banks!! She was a babe then, and still a babe. She is still hot in my book.

  19. bunnyhugger

    jessica rabbit was ultra HAWT! that roger was one LUCKY dude!


  20. marme

    yeah shes fu***ng annoying forsure but she looks good.

  21. Hollywoodchick

    I am a retoucher and i’ve never seen such obvious outrageous rebuilding of someone’s body. actually, i’m not even sure if they used her body at all. it is the fakest peice of shit i’ve EVER seen (just like Tyra!)

  22. mimi_bleet

    They shouldn’t have even bothered, because when you put them side-by-side it just makes the second one look so stupid.

    The first photograph looks so natural. You can see all the light shining on her skin.

    The second, in contrast, has no natural light reflecting on her skin because her stomach/arms/legs are airbrushed to a ridiculous degree.

  23. grits2005

    exactly what are you peopel looking at here lmao. photoshopped or not thsi woman is not fat in any sense of the word. If this is what society calls fat then all of us women have a hell of a road to go. I agree shes annoying but fat she is not.

  24. PongGod

    I’d do a Photoshopped Tyra Banks any day.

  25. she photoshopped all to hell. is that a manaquin?

    http://www.carpemundus.com – great spellerz

  26. sid


    So here’s my salute to Black history month.

    Lorne Greene says to Fiddler, in Roots: “Mind your tone, fiddler. Mind it, and mind it well.”



    gimme a weak with this bitch.
    waht ya gotta do is tie her down with leater cuffs (and maybe a ballgag, to cut down on the noise) and run a train on it, after i’m done i hand off to my man Scotch and so 4th.
    one week of that and you don’t need photoshop.
    know what i’m sayinnnnnn.


    maybe blast some of the rock gods know as linkin park, limp bizkit, staind.
    just to get pumped.

  29. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #123 Of course “thsi woman is not fat in any sense of the word” – that’s BECAUSE she’s been photoshopped, you moron! Try to keep up, for chrissakes.

  30. Lowlands

    They took a window-dummy and photoshopped her face on the dummy.Is it me or is her laziness getting worse day by day?

  31. hellcat1983

    OH my god that HAS to be SO embarrassing for her. And if she’s not embarrassed by the fact she’s overly photoshopped, then she sure as hell should be! My god, that is the WORST photoshop job I’ve ever seen!


    for the record, tyra is still super cute to me. but she has that bad vibe that she likes it kinky and that shed be ok with things like handcuffs and digging holes out in the middle of nowhere to keep bad secrets.
    i like her but i don’t like the messages she sends you know?

  33. hellup

    was gonna comment earlier, but i fell into the gaping hole that is her bellybutton in the second pic… there’s no way a ‘skinny’ person could have so much shadow there. poor photoshop indeed…

  34. Lowlands

    On the first photo her bellybutton looks more like a gaping asshole with a haemorrhoid.


    lowlands don’t tell me you wouldn’t keep that bellybutton in a barbed wire cage all to yourself, so that you could plunge into anytime without repurcussions


    i would keep it in the cage and let my wife join in.

  37. TheLegend666


  38. Lowlands

    #136)I’ll bet you got a healthy sexlife,like most of the posters here (cough,cough).

  39. Lowlands

    I think the surgeon who took care of her boobs couldn’t find the right shaped silicons for her.That’s why he probably used coconuts instead of silicons.

  40. Lambency

    I wish I could turn into a video game character. :(

  41. BritishBitch

    I don’t believe its the same bikini. Why would multi millionairess Tyra Banks hold onto the same bikini for a decade? Doesn’t make sense…

  42. Lowlands

    She want us to believe it’s the same bikini as well?Yeah right,we’re all cookook.

  43. BellaNY

    You GO girl!!

  44. nidge

    Both pictures are extremely Photoshopped, but at least Tyra is allowed to look somewhat black in the more recent photo. The Sports Illustrated original has her looking more Vaguely-Mediterranean than African-American.

  45. Truthseeker013

    Re; #2- what he said. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

  46. dharma

    this is so funny… i love how she talks about it with such passion like it changed the world for black american women ,No bitch its just another picture of a girl with a nice stomach and big titts for guys to jerk off 2 its not that seriouse and in the second video she comments on how shes going to the beach to do it yeah right tyra your fake as hell ,very appropriate for black history month looser

  47. grits2005

    129 im not a moron u retard, i said photoshopped or not shes not fat and tahts what i meant to say. we all see her on tv all teh time and if tahst what you call fat then you must be anorexic as hell

  48. melons

    This was dumb. In the first one she looks effing hot, its that curve of the hip. In the second one she is just standing there like a douche. I am pretty sure she would give someone shit on ANTM if they came up with a picture like that. Dumbass.

  49. kinah

    Okay, anyone remember MAD TV’s parody of Celine Dion loving herself in some show of her own?
    The first Tyra video is SO MUCH like that parody, it’s not even funny.

  50. freakNpink

    I must admit I love Tyra and her talk show.
    I feel shes one of the few REAL woman in the entertainment industry today. But really whoever did this cover screwed up.

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