Tyra Banks recreates Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, loves herself

February 21st, 2007 // 159 Comments


  1. RichPort

    That doesn’t look photoshopped at all.

  2. kb1908

    I thinks she looks great! Better than Beyonce! and finally it doesn’t THAT photoshopped you can see she has gained weight, and she is still sexy!

  3. yeah…i feel much better about myself now!!
    Thanks Tyra.

  4. ja5on

    I can paint a more photorealistic portrayal of Tyra Banks than whoever did that photoshop job.

  5. BarbadoSlim

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just give it up fat ass.


    back to ghetto———————–>

  6. BarbadoSlim


  7. DecorativePoncho

    I look forward to Tyra’s firm but fair leadership for the whole human race.

  8. Erin

    Top 10 yes I think so ;)

  9. serial snarkalec

    Looks exactly the same except for the big dick now in her pants.

  10. peanutbuttercrotch

    her body looks like a damn cartoon!

  11. 86

    Where are the rolls??? The ROLLS??!!

    Cuz you know she gots more rolls than a bakery.

  12. I think we should be pointing fingers at Sports Illus. for not “embracing her body”. They’re the ones who photoshopped her so ridiculously.

  13. Kfed

    Her belly button in the first photo is an outy, but note the second photo… hmm completely different.

  14. lustpockets

    I think it was just a matter of time before the n**ger in her over took everything else.

    She is now what she truly is, a fat black bitch with attitude. Fo Shizzle.

  15. velveethra

    They even made her hands smaller. Why oh why didn’t they fix that forehead?

  16. NicotineEyePatch

    They should have just used the original cover and photoshopped a 2007 calendar next to her on the sand. Cheaper and more realistic.

  17. misanthrope

    Good gravy. That’s a whole lot of Photoshop. Embarrassing. But, it’s nice to know that I could be a SI swimsuit model too. Heck, with just a little more Photoshop… Rosie frickin O’Donnell could be an SI cover girl!

  18. Love how Tyra has that whole show about how she’s fat and proud (“Kiss my fat ass!”), then goes out of the way to duplicate her famous cover of ten years ago to show us she’s really not that fat (which she isn’t). Tyra, your insecurities are showing big time. And is it just me, or does it look like Tyra’s had a little rhinoplasty? Her old nose looks a little thicker, particularly along the ridge. Watch her do a whole show now on how she hasn’t had a nose job. Do you think if we start a rumor about her having vaginaplasty, aka a cunt tuck, she will show us her cooter on TV? Maybe have her OB-GYN appear with speculum to give expert testimony. All to uproarious applause by her zombies – I mean, audience.

  19. BarbadoSlim

    This is what makes this woman a true piece of shit. Wasn’t sh just gonna “keep it real,” why all the computer touch up. SHE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THAT. I would have had some(not much) respect if she had gone sans photoshop.

    And I don’t need to read all her apologists blah blah blahing how all magazines do it blah blah. SHE LIED and she’s full of shit and she’s using overweight people.

  20. shakeitout

    she really isn’t fat, and not just in this incredibly over-photoshopped picture.
    she does, however, look close to a zombie in the second photo.

  21. bigponie

    I can’t find any differences between her and spongebob squarpants, they look identical.

  22. lambman

    um, what the heck is going on with her bellybutton in the second pic? seriously, that doesn’t look right.

  23. Stuey75

    she also said on her show that she still had the same bikini and its supposed to be the point, that she can still fit in it.

    ummmm thats not the same bikini, dots are different. sorry tyra i dont by the photoshoppe dimage, i mean shes hot and all but dont lie. let it allll hang out, beef curtains and all

  24. Kate

    WTF did they use MS Paint for retouching? Even I could do a better job than that!

  25. ScarletDove

    Doesn’t anyone remember her on Oprah when that SI came out? She sat on Oprah’s stage, looked back at the image on the screens, and said, those aren’t my hips! She admitted they were photoshopped then!!!

  26. Italian Stallion

    She may have gained a little weight, and these pictures were most likely photoshopped a little, but I would still love to lick the chocolate out of that pudding……..

  27. gossipmonger

    Recently there was some interview on TV with her, regarding this covershot and the bikini. She claimed that it was the same bikini but they had to add a bit of fabric to the sides of the top, as she had in fact grown somewhat since. Now look carefully at both pics… Its NOT the same bikini, the spots are all in different locations on both top and bottom… She’s SO full of it and this is SO photoshopped, it’s laughable..

  28. Shan

    What I think is crap is that she even admitted that she had to have extra material shown into her original swimsuit so that it would fit! I don’t consider that she is back in the same thing..it isn’t the same size!

  29. BarbadoSlim

    @19…woo, not only did she get the “LaToya” nose option it also looks as if she has worked on her cheeks and lips. Proud black woman my ass, girlfriend’s just some white girl with a tan.

  30. Populist

    Saw her video rant on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. This chick seriously believes she struck a blow for the civil rights movement by posing for the SI cover. Time to throw MLK in the dustbin of history…Tyra posed in a bikini ten years ago! And that second cover is about a real as a Playboy photo.

  31. mztry

    How beautiful she is!

    THANK YOU TYRA for fighting the attitude that is displayed here.

    WOMEN be ashamed of yourselves if you are making fun of this woman.

    MEN… you will never get close to a woman this beautiful… inside and out!

  32. TheLegend68


  33. shameshame

    #33 ahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!
    holy shit, i knew she didn’t look like that naturally, she’s always looked like a dolphin head transvestite. AND that is the most obvious rhinoplasty i have ever seen.

  34. Italian Stallion

    I see the Wisemen is now The Legend……

  35. jrzmommy

    I can understand photoshopping to make her look thinner, but why make her darker than the first one? It’s supposed to be about progress!

  36. BoardBetty

    28 – so right on! It’s not even the same suit. The dots are in completely difference places and taking into consideration that they might have “added” extra fabric the like she stated wouldn’t account for the different spots around the edges and seams.

    Clearly, she’s also had some plastic surgery. If she’s gained weight so much how come her cheekbones are actually more pronounced now? I’m gonna bet that she’s at least had her chin, cheeks and nose (for sure) done.

    I will give her this – when she first started to hit it big I saw her on some late night show and I remember thinking, “Great googly moogly! She’s dumber than a cup of dirt!” She was so inarticulate. Now, I’m not saying she’s any more articulate these days, but she has certainly done well for herself.

    Where are the brave women like Jamie Lee Curtis who will show the world how they look without being photoshopped?

  37. BarbadoSlim

    @35….hehehe holy shit, what tipped you off?

  38. LooptyLoo

    She says that she needs to add material to the sides of the top and the bottoms made a little bigger. Looking at the before and after the polka dots don’t match up at all. It’s an entirely new suit.

    Air brushing out the belly, smooth out the skin and sides to make a nice hourglass…

    Her thighs aren’t touching. She’s a fraud.

  39. itspat

    do NOT mention those Jamie Lee Curtis pictures! every guy who was unlucky enough to look at them was unable to have an erection for a week. what her husband has to tolerate, somehow, while he retch-fucks her is his problem, not ours.

  40. jrzmommy

    I thought Tyra was all about I’m liberated! I don’t have to look super skinny no more! I’m a woman! So what’s her point? Ugh–once a mirror kisser, always a mirror kisser.

    Trolls…can’t live with them, can’t cut off their eyelids and tie them to stakes in the burning desert sun………..

  41. Pam Anderson did her anti-fur nude PETA poster when she was like 7 months pregnant and they were able to airbrush out the bulgin stomach.

    This picture is such bullshit, why, if she weighs about 40lbs MORE now than she did in the origional cover (Which she has admitted to) is the space between her thighs even larger?!?!? NO Woman can gain 40 pounds and have NONE of it go to her thighs. this picture is a load of Crap.

  42. RichPort

    #1 – Apparently all of your lame comments are photoshopped. How does it feel to lose each and every fucking time?

    As for Tyra, I’d fuck the fat right off of her.

  43. nicholelibra

    Speaking as someone who’s had plenty of practice with photoshop in HS for yearbook, I can say without a doubt that this picture has been photoshopped to hell. All of the blemishes that are naturally present in skin are gone. the biggest giveaway would have to be the fact that the shadows between her legs are so dark, and that most of her skin is one solid shade. Look at the first picture, there’s a varation of shadows, in all different shades, but the second picture only has about 2 variations.

    Not to mention that there are several bulges missing. And I don’t mean that in a synical way. Based on the clothes that you wear and daily activity there should be a bump or crease here or there, but yet it’s smooth from top to bottom.

    Also, if she had fabric added to the bikini, then why are ALL of the spots in different positions?

  44. RichPort

    You can tell it’s the real RichPort because I’m FUNNY!!!

  45. BarbadoSlim

    The picture on the top, at least looks, realistic in how the light is reflecting on her wet skin. The bottom one just looks like a computer generated image. Anyone remember that computer animated toon Re-boot? That is what this is, the computer animated chic was hotter though.

  46. Me No Know

    #33: No, Foxy Brown is a baboon. Tyra is clearly an alien. It would explain the strange orange glow radiating from her skin. Perhaps the effects of the sun’s UV rays filtering through earth’s atmosphere?

  47. Kait

    IF you scroll up so that you don’t see the head and only see the body, it looks like a computer model from Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball XD

  48. ch474

    I bet when she gets out of the ocean she has to pour out a cup of water and several small fish from her belly button.

  49. ch474

    Dumb twit. Check the last video where she tries on the bikini before alterations. She looked fine, and would have made a much better shot than without her hips and tummy Photoshopped to hell. So she’s got stripper boobs! Flaunt it!

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