Tyra Banks pays her bills

April 27th, 2007 // 64 Comments

Tyra Banks ate at the Brooklyn Diner with Russell Simmons and his children on Saturday, and walked out on a $120 bill without paying. According to the manager:

“Everybody waved goodbye and there was nothing in the billfold. We kind of figured it was okay. It was so chaotic, she thought someone must have paid the bill.” As Banks explained on The View Thursday morning, she had offered to pick up the check, then Simmons insisted he would, but ultimately neither did in a misunderstanding. “I read the [newspaper] and they’re saying I’m cheap and I didn’t pay the bill,” Banks said on The View Thursday. “So I’m on my way after this with my $120 and I’m going to give it to them.”

How come when Tyra Banks skips out on a bill and says it’s a misunderstanding everybody is sympathetic and believes her? But when I skip out on a bill and say it’s a misunderstanding suddenly I’m a “disgrace to society.” Sure, I threw the bill on the floor and spit on it. And sure, I punched the waiter in the face. And, yeah, maybe I did run out of the restaurant while screaming, “Suckers!” If anything, that should just mean I’m more innocent.



  1. Truthseeker013

    “How come when Tyra Banks skips out on a bill…?” et al? Basically, you’re short a couple of things that she’s got. If I have to explain further, then I have to take away your Man Card.

  2. Well if i was a celebrity, i’d just assume people in the restaraunt who had the benefit of breathing the same oxygen as me should pay for my meal. I mean… Come on..

  3. Lowlands

    I like the way how she’s carrying her chocolatemilk cans in front of her.Normally those girls dressed in Delft Blue are carrying the milkcans on each side.

  4. Lowlands

    If her boobs are chocolatemilkcans then her nipples must be Belgium chocolate bonbons…I’m just showing my poetic part.

  5. iamsosmrt

    #48. You are right she’s not really political, more cause oriented. She could still shut the old vagina mouth occasionally.

    I wish she would dedicate herself to the cause of female balding. She should market some herbal hair growth shampoo for women made from organic shit from Africa. Then she could be the president but, also a client. I can see the infomercial now; it would have all these testimonials by celebrity clients like Tyra, Christina Ricci, the Gilmore Girls Alexis Bledel and Rosie O

  6. iamsosmrt

    Correction she should call it
    “Nappy Ho Head”

    Ah that’s better.

    Wait… nope, know I feel even dirtier.

  7. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    Any female who doesn’t give head is worthless.

  8. iamsosmrt



  9. Lowlands

    It could be that because they’re both black, i think she’s and was very good and close friends with Naomi Campbell…

  10. woodhorse

    Lowlands your poetic part is much better than the demeaning part. Yes, she has a sixhead but please say sixhead and not coconut. Angelina may be sick but now has a sixhead (still beautiful though) hope she’s OK – no one calls her melon head of any kind. Just saying. Otherwise, I adore you vote for raises for you each time your assistant tells me tol

  11. allgravybaby

    i love tyra but daaayum has that forehead grown a bit more!??? daaaarnt!!??

  12. Liverpool FC

    #41…….go and suck a donkey dick you inbred shit.

  13. harry

    seriously, who is the writer of this. because secretly i want to marry you. but not in a creepy way just in a we never see each other yet you write me a letter filled with spite and hilarity way.

  14. Rachel

    i think everybody beleives her because 1) she hasn’t really ever done anything to make her in the same class as naomi campbell, and 2)because she’s paying it without sweating. she’s a nice girl who just happens to be a supermodel until she proves herself otherwise.

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