Tyra Banks has jiggly thighs

August 7th, 2007 // 236 Comments

Tyra Banks was spotted in NYC over the weekend shooting a commercial for her talk show, promoting the move of the show from Los Angeles to New York. Remember back when she was hot? Before she opened her mouth and everybody realized they hated her? I mean, she still looks pretty good when you can’t hear her, but even that’s getting kind of iffy. Check out her thighs. I’m not calling her fat, but if a pie ever suddenly goes missing you’d probably want to question her first.


  1. It’s close it’s a matter of inches.

  2. doggy style

    are you serious? she’s gorgeous? what do you expect women to look like, barbie? she’s a fucking supermodel!

  3. nagger please

    #49… Exactly.. She doesn’t have bastard children roaming the streets at night looking for old ladies to assault.. You gotta like her..

  4. clarkehead

    Those are perhaps the longest tits I’ve ever seen.

  5. susanist

    The owner of this Blog is a punk. Don’t take his comments on the looks of any woman serious.

  6. jenny

    yeah…shes not fat.

  7. Tyra_Fan

    Tyra is stunningly beautiful.

    And I think she is even more beautiful WHEN she opens her mouth and expresses her views; proving that not every supermodel and gorgeous woman is without a brain and opinions.

  8. Lucky#13

    That’s really… um… I can’t quite find the word I’m looking for… something related to disgusting, gross, sickening, repulsive, filthy, nauseating, sordid and distasteful. What I’m talking about are her legs. Not her face. She’s gorgeous. And funny. And I lover her attitude.

    … So anyway, SHE NEEDS EXERCISE. AND C’MON we’re not expecting her to be like Nicole Richie or Mary Kate or Kate Moss thin. Just a little diet and exercise would do.

  9. Lucky7

    Bitch is FAAAAAAATTTTT!!! Badunkadunk…afuckin..dunk

    And another thing, if Tyra claims to be a proud “black woman,” then why the fuck does she try so hard to look like a white woman with straight blonde hair, light eyes, nose job, and makeup that lightens her “black” skin? Shit, she even tries to walk like a white woman. You know why? CAUSE SHE IS FULL OF SHIT. If the bitch was proud to be black, she’d have a giagantic jimmy hendrix ball afro, throw away those blue contacts, keep her Bill Cosby nose, and walk like she just got done finding bananas in the jungle.

  10. Word

    She f-ing hot as hell. She has the best body in Hollywood right now.

  11. Wow. There’s a lot of racism on this board. I am amazed.

  12. flashjack

    That stupid writer should have his eyes examined. How in the hell you could call her thighs fat is unreal! He part of the problem with the girls wanting to look like scarecrows. The fucking moron.

  13. hellogirl

    i dont think that only the thin and well excercised body is pretty.tyra has a really feminine body!since she doesnt work as a model anymore she can have a normal weight.anyway,the models look like living skeletons and are starving.why all us are affected by them?(and the media who promote this as a beauty standard)

  14. NoComment

    Can we all please agree that there is NOTHING whatsoever wrong with the way Tyra Banks looks? Please. I had to scrutinize the pics to figure out what the writer may even possibly be referring to!

  15. ??Tyra iz beautiful..and zhe would fuck none of U fattfuckz??

  16. Woman with a brain

    She’s wearing clothes that would fit the body she WISHES she had. She’s the exact opposite of a woman who accepts her body. Stop praising her, you sound like complete morons.

  17. Toni

    How the hell can american people like all of you have such high standards of what it means to be in shape and yet you are well known as a nation of obese lard-arses? Instead of talking about tyra banks being fat maybe you should look at the one third of your population now considered overweight and the quarter of your population who are clinically obese.

  18. nagger please

    She’s lucky she didn’t get the usual black woman simian features.

  19. She’s gorgeous and, imo, a fantastic role model for young girls – MUCH better than Britney, Paris, Nicole, Lindsane….

    btw, the racist comments just show there’s at least 1 idiot redneck amongst us. Get back to the tractor pull, bubba.

  20. #218 you look like ape. Why are you putting down a race. Tyra is a pretty normal size lady.

  21. Ana

    Here come the defending fatties who will swear on donuts that Tyra Banks is skinny and Rosie O’Donnell is “healthy”.

  22. what?

    are you being serious?? she is NOT fat. you are the reason why girls are dying everyday trying to be 10 pounds. freak. get a real job or go get some help.

  23. Christ on a Crotch

    Shut up , shut UP, SHUT UP, already you god-damned bleeding heart fuck-wads. Christ all me…


  24. robert cobb

    She’s still smoking hot.

    And I bet that she would be GREAT in bed. Where do I sign up?

  25. ssdd

    Just another big ole’ meaty black bitch.

  26. jenny

    i think its kinda weird that apparently mostly males read this site …and it’s about celebrity gossip……

    attention guys….WOMEN DO NOT WANT HALF-GAY MEN!!!

  27. astella

    i always feel skinny watchin the tyra-banks show ;)

    this is why.

    she really does evoke confidence in women abt their bodysize with the amt of cellulite she has for an ex supermodel.

  28. Robert

    whaddya expect, she’s not 23 anymore. I’d still bang her

  29. -e-

    reality bites: 20 g fat daily? Only if you are under the care of a cardiologist and registered dietician.

    But back to the images of Tyra — Ummm… I’d hardly call her thunder thighs. Sure, Tyra might not be in the catwalk shape of her hey day but c’mon! She’s hardly large and in charge! She’s also gone on the record MANY times complaining about her cellulite. It happens. No one is perfect and flaw free… at least Tyra has the decency to recognize that.

  30. Most people are concerned about their looks and love themselves but no one love themselves more than Paris Hilton. Tyra Banks isn’t a working model anymore so she can relax and gain weight without our permission. She’s 5’10 161 pounds which isn’t overweight or obese. This is a personal attack on someone you don’t like but most women have weight problems and are sensitive about attacks based on this issue. She look like she feel good in her skin and that type of confidence is alright with me.

  31. I’m not concerned about my looks at all. I am 297 pounds and I love being fat. I can still have sex with ugly men and ugly women. They don’t care if I have diseases. They love my big fat ass.

  32. hollow

    tyra is ffiiiine.

    NO WAY is she fat. she’s looking good.

  33. loveutoobitches

    lol all girls thy’s jiggle when they are walking u fool* wow she is still skinny i guess people like u are the cause of anorexia and bulimia

  34. Innocent

    Some people are just fucked.
    Tyra Banks is gorgeous, she has
    a hot body. Again, people are just jealous
    because they’re sticks and have nothing to
    offer. Having bigger thighs is a good thing, it’s
    what a natural women is supposed to look like.
    She’s so sexy.

  35. Karisha

    I never thought she was hot at all. In fact with out all that make up, she is ugly. Really you should see her her face with no make-up, I did. The only reason she was a supermodel is because at the time that was the trend. There was a boom in “supermodels”. Not any more special than any other model. Just beacuse there is the word “super” infront doesnt make a difference. Just a way to make more money. Only reason she is a model is ebcause she is tall. She was cute when 16 years old, but not really anymore

  36. heather

    its funny how losers like the idiots who wrote this devote their life to talkin shit, get a fuckin life… tyra banks was a SUPERMODEL who made a hell of a lot more money than you pathetic people who made this website. im a traveling model myself, and yes i believe current high fashion models should be stick thin… but she retired you idiots, you dont get the pressures of modeling and having to be skinny all the damn time, hell when im in my 30s you can be sure im gonna stop caring so much… im 15 and i can honestly say im more mature than all of you assholes, you all need to get youreselves some lives and stop worryin about other peoples shit. peace

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