Tyra Banks has jiggly thighs

August 7th, 2007 // 236 Comments

Tyra Banks was spotted in NYC over the weekend shooting a commercial for her talk show, promoting the move of the show from Los Angeles to New York. Remember back when she was hot? Before she opened her mouth and everybody realized they hated her? I mean, she still looks pretty good when you can’t hear her, but even that’s getting kind of iffy. Check out her thighs. I’m not calling her fat, but if a pie ever suddenly goes missing you’d probably want to question her first.


  1. meh

    Look, don’t blame the writer. Tyra brought this attention on herself when she tripped out over her fat pictures and tried to prove she still fit into her SI Swimsuit Issue cover outfit from 10 years ago, by releasing a heavily edited and airbrushed picture. Obviously she’s still obsessed and a little delusional about the whole weight thing, even though her current identity is supposed to be “post-model.” I can understand getting a little upset when people rip on non-models for completely irrelevant weight gain, for example singers like Alicia Keyes. But when Tyra dresses up like this to promote her show, cmon, it’s time to pop her bubble (…weather balloon…zeppelin…whatever).

  2. wannabe oprah

    All she wants to do now is be another oprah.She should stick to modeling.

  3. IMOA

    Thanks for trying to correct me, but in this case you are wrong.
    It’s IMOA (Indian Motorcycle Owners Association).
    I don’t expect most people to even know what a Indian motorcycle is much less know IMOA though.

  4. bri_fari

    she looka like-a man

  5. her outfit is questionable, but i trust she has a theme of some sort. real women have curves, and she is a real woman. past supermodel, currently her own talk show. she is doing some great things with herself!

  6. Valkyrie

    #143, That’s what I do! Cuz IIIII’m responsible. Just did it and I’m goin’ to the gym (doo doo-doo doo-doo, skips off to gym).

    Keep keepin it real, 143.

  7. Pamela

    She looks amazing, a damm pretty good body. And then you, generally speaking, have the guts to makes critics about anorexic girls when the message you’r sending out is “every girl above size 0 is fat”.
    Tyra looks terrific, the kind of woman every man wants except gay designers who wants us to look ugly, real men want a woman with something to touch but bones, please do a favor to yourself and go and get a new pair of glasses.

  8. LayDeeBug

    #148 – Loud and Thunderous applause. No fucking excuse. WORD!!!

    People use that same excuse for diabetes, etc, and for suing McDonalds. Watch what you eat and take a walk sometime America, it’ll do you good, dammit!

  9. Micky Mc

    picture 10 – why is that woman carrying flip-flops in a holster?

  10. cricket3311

    Seriously…we’re now calling Tyra “fat”??!? No wonder there are so many girls with eating disorders in America.

  11. Pamela's missing brain

    Sheesh, you fatties are thick mentally too. Tyra made this big stink – on her show, not after her third helping of franks and beans, but who knows? – about how she’s happy with her weight gain and how devastating eating disorders are. Then she goes on a psycho crash diet and drops at least 25 pounds very rapidly, to unveil a nice-looking body that’s heavier and curvier than when she was in her supermodel prime. So she proceeds to publish swimsuit pictures that obviously fought a heavyweight bout with Photoshop, and came out many pounds lighter. And now there are these pictures – all I’ll say is, I want to buy the mirror she looked into and thought “I look GREAT!”

  12. cricket3312

    Seriously…we’re now calling Tyra “thin”??!? No wonder two-thirds of the girls in America are overweight.

  13. Vicious Cyd

    #160 – Don’t even TRY to sell that shit, sister.

    Just today in the paper I read about doctors who have patients who have, for lack of a better name, “Wannarexia;” people who WANT anorexia so they can be “cool” more so than being thin. So, put away you’re blame-thrower and find a better reason.

    That shit pisses me off. Women have to take some responsibility for thier fucking issues. I DO!!!!

  14. Vicious Cyd

    Ok, Cricket I see where you’re going.

    Sorry for the semi-rant.

  15. Al Sharpton

    It’s not her fault. Sistas in America were bred to be big and strong, so they could work the fields during the day, fuck their Masters at night, and bear children without missing a day of work. Plentiful ringdings simply was not a scenario anybody ever envisioned.

  16. Pamela

    Nobody is calling Tyra “thin” but she’s not fat at all so don’t call her fat she’s because some of you dosn’t like the way she acts or is. I don’t watch her show, I’m not judging a phrase or an action, I’m just judging a picture not how she maybe or not and let me tell you her body looks amazing, almost all the man at the office says she’s hot, what about if she’s not perfect? maybe that’s the beauty of it, to me she looks like a beautiful well proportioned woman caught on the middle of a photo call.

  17. It’s reasonable to expect her figure to look like this since she’s aging and no longer modeling.

    What isn’t reasonable is for her to be dressing like she can still rock the Victoria’s Secret cover. She’s in serious denial. Check out picture #10 – even her damn shoes are too small. Look at those toes trying to escape!

    BTW – I’m about the same height and build as Tyra and I’m medically considered 10-15 pounds overweight. Not sure that’s fat….unless you’re a celeb, in which case it means you’re a moose!

  18. Sick of Bambi

    Shut up Pamela….you must be new here.


  19. reality bites


    Tyra is carrying excess weight that is NOT good for her.

    Why is it so effing hard for you people to wake up and realize that you need to exercise and eat well to be healthy. The human bod does not need a lot of fat on it. It’s not about extremes like skeletal Nicole Richie it’s about fucking accepting the fact that being healthy requires effort.

    EXERCISE and eat well.

    Here’s your miracle diet ladies

    You shouldn’t be eating more than 1500 calories a day and you should work out one hour a day (provided you don’t have some serious mobility or heart problems).

    I can guarantee that most of you eat WAYYYYYYYY to much and sit on your ass CONSTANTLY.

    Get over yourselves and go work the fuck out and quit eating so much. Tyra’s weight is NOT healthy. She should NOT be carrying around so much excess weight.

    And quit fucking feeling sorry for yourselves and making excuses. A lot of people are too sick to live their lives and would love to be able to exercise and be healthy. If all you need is to loose a little weight than you are REALLY FUCKING LUCKY. Take a look around. Many people have to deal with much harder things that working out a little more and eating a little less.


  20. Shallow Val

    #169 – Finally someone with cojones. I keep telling everybody but they don’t listen.

    Susan Powter said it best when she said “Diets Don’t Work.”

    reality bites – keep on bitin’, I like it!!!!

  21. Donkey

    It’s hilarious when people answer their own messages.

  22. Italian Stallion

    I bet her pussy looks like “sleeve of wizard”………………………..

  23. randian

    haha… reality bites really breaks it down well. staying in shape takes fucking work.

  24. reality bites

    Oh donkey I can guarantee you Shallow Val and I are different people.

    You know what’s also REALLY funny, when people get jealous because no one ever congratulates their comments.

    Since the message boards go crazzy everytime the fat debate arises and since I live on earth with the rest of you lazies It’s obviousto me that the world has a little health/fat denial problem. Here are some more tips for the lazy and useless.

    It is VERY IMPORTANT to get at least 30g of fibre a day (if you never eat fibre increase your dose slowly and gradually move up top 30g as it takes time for the body to adjust to fibre which if introduced suddenly can cause gas).

    ALSO cut down on your sodium people. Your salty processed nasty diet are really unhealthy. The daily recommended sodium intake is 2400mg a day. Count it up and you’ll see that most of you get like 10,000 mg a day. Which will cause mega health problems down the road. Excess sodium causes water retension and lack of fibre causes constipation which also makes people look bigger. Remeber sodium is essential and you do need some so don’t go below 1100mg a day. Make sure to get a lot of protein too but, don’t cut out the carbs (the atkins diet is bullshit and long term carb deprival is dangerous). The body does need some fat (like 20g a day) otherwise you can’t absord vitamins and nutrients and that can cause serious health side affects and make you look like shit. Too much fat is of course the problem most people which is obvious.

    Basically I suggest you use your porn box (also known as a computer) to look for stuff other than boobies. For example some fucking info on how to eat well and exercise properly since most of you can’t seem to fucking get it right.

  25. woodhorse

    Veggi (see #34) – is that two? You and Victor?

  26. I think since she’ s not a model anymore and that she’s a “Role model” for young girls. She shouldn’t be allowed to wear stuff like this anymore. It’s one thing to look hot but if you just believe your hot and than photoshop the hell out of your photo’s. That’s just not hot.

  27. shanna

    oh my god if you think she is fat then you need to open your eyes and take a look around and see what normal women look like. we are not size 0 super modles so lay off buddy.

  28. shanna banana nana shoshanna

    oh my god if you think she is fat then you need to open your eyes and take a look around and see what normal women look like. we are not size 0 supermodels so lay off buddy. look at these pictures of Tyra, she’s a supermodel, and she’s…hmmm…wow, when did Tyra get so fuckin fat??? the only thing size “0″ about her is the shape her mouth makes when she’s eating a cupcake in a single bite. there’s a small group of Ethiopian refugees living in each of her thighs. jesus.

  29. Shallow Val

    Yeah Donkey, I’m not a sheep. By coincidence there are two people on this site who actually have the right idea about fitness and health unlike the rest of the California Cattle.

    If you want my monikers I’ll give them to you but I’m not “reality bites” (BTW I hated that movie but I like “bites’” posts)

    (sticks tongue out and says nyah)

  30. Jada

    The photos must be fake – she is wearing different shoes in some of them…

  31. shankyouverymuch

    Ok- everyone needs to stop making fun of poor FATTY Banks right now before she starts crying again!

  32. Shallow Val/LayDeeBug/Valkyrie/Fat Ass/etc, etc.

    oh and bites #174, nice comeback.

    People, carbs are not your enemies. “Simple carbs” are your enemies. And don’t be fooled by the saying “Contains Whole Grains” when it’s on a package of Lucky Charms. (Jeez, I hate that!)

    Eat black and brown breads and sugars and rices. Stop eating white flour. Stop boozing it up. Take some fucking responsibility.

  33. Valkyrie

    180 – Gee Jada, it’s not like models carry around extra shoes or anything….(rolls eyes)

    See what we mean, Donkey!!!!!

  34. cg

    yes Tyra is super annoying. No she doesn’t have jiggly thighs. that was a waste of time…

  35. PR Diva

    Geez…..way to publicize everything wrong with the celeb world. Girls don’t have to be perfect…….It’s blogs like this that are the reason so many girls have eating disorders. It’s just not right now….. I know it’s meant as a joke but honestly there are funnier topics.

  36. anna

    good god you all assholes. there is nothing wrong with being normal sized. and if you think there is you can go suck yourself.

  37. reality bites/ Rosie's Mustach

    #182. Thanks I’m glad someone gets it.

  38. yawn

    As much as I’m not into Tyra, anyone calling this chick fat/ugly is either

    1) Gay
    2) A lame white dude

    But then, I repeat myself. And she is not a model, you morons.

  39. nagger please

    There’s something unnatural about seeing a black woman with such a long wig.. Keep it nappy, playa…

  40. reality bites

    we “all assholes” are not saying she has to be perfect BUT TYRA IS NOT HEALTHY. That excess weight is NOT HEALTHY.

    Enjoy your DENIAL, and hey maybe try adding a side of exercise to it. Who knows you may be a little less bitter and be able to see things a little more clearly.

    No one who eats the way they should (check my other posts) would be that heavy and that is a FACT.

  41. Shallow Val

    #185, let me re-hash ….

    < <<

    Just today in the paper I read about doctors who have patients who have, for lack of a better name, "Wannarexia;" people who WANT anorexia so they can be "cool" more so than being thin. So, put away you're blame-thrower and find a better reason.

    That shit pisses me off. Women have to take some responsibility for thier fucking issues. I DO!!!!>>>>

    It’s not websites that give people anorexia (crap, I hate having to explain to dumbasses). You don’t “get” anorexia like a fucking cold. It’s a “family” disease that has nothing to do with body image but CONTROL. Some kids can’t control thier lives because of their families, BUT they can control what goes into their bodies, and ergo, they DEVELOP an eating disorder.

    If certain idiots picked up a book and read sometimes instead of hanging out on the net all day or reading fucking Cosmo (BTW I DO READ) they’d learn somethings.

    OH, and it’s called SUPERFICIAL; in case you didn’t notice.

    PS 187 your welcome, dammit.

  42. Fucking Webster

    186, are you trying to say “you’re all assholes” ??? Go back to summer school anna

  43. CornyCrackersWonderWhyWhiteBitchesStayOnOurDicks

    It’s too funny when all these faggot crackers with internet courage write and respond to their own corny posts.

    That would be you, #49

  44. nia

    DAaaaaaaaaamn! she used to be almost anorexic….she looks good for a plus size thought

  45. electricrelaxation

    “Honey, check it out, you got me mesmerized / With your black hair and your fat-ass thighs… “

  46. wedgeone

    #20 – Like #22 said, not Christopher Walken. Jon Voight.

    #119 – A toast to your wisdom. Here, Here!!

    #130 – Cracking up over here. Thx.

    #172 – nice one Stallion. I haven’t seen Borat, but when I heard that anecdote I almost crashed my car laughing.

    If she had some fucking calf muscles in her legs, and wore clothes more suitable for her age, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.
    She just needs to settle down, get married, and live the rest of her life in the solitude of anonymity with a family. The limelight no longer suits her.

  47. She has lost and gained weight a few times at least. That is probably excess skin for the most part.

  48. Lowlands

    If they’re looking for body-doubles for Beyonce’ legs you can call me in about a year from now.I think i’ve found them.

  49. AmericansAreObeseLazyAssholes

    Shit there are so many fat Yanks on this site defending fatness Tyra Banks isn’t fat – YET but I bet the ones defending her are. If you have a BMI over 25 you are overweight and not doing your health any good. OK fatties suck on that.

  50. Some extra babyfat seems to do her no harm.I’ve the feeling lots of others agree with me.

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