Tyra Banks has jiggly thighs

August 7th, 2007 // 236 Comments

Tyra Banks was spotted in NYC over the weekend shooting a commercial for her talk show, promoting the move of the show from Los Angeles to New York. Remember back when she was hot? Before she opened her mouth and everybody realized they hated her? I mean, she still looks pretty good when you can’t hear her, but even that’s getting kind of iffy. Check out her thighs. I’m not calling her fat, but if a pie ever suddenly goes missing you’d probably want to question her first.


  1. Time Fries

    She was a sexy lady a decade ago.

  2. alternitivadiva

    shes gorgeous!

  3. Steve

    1) She doesn’t have a supermodel’s body anymore.
    2) I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, that’s for sure!
    2a) But I’d probably wear earplugs.

    so…that about sums it up…

  4. greeno

    that ho is nasty. nasty in a good way.

  5. Toe Jim

    I bet she has a jiggly snapper too.

  6. pirhan

    She’s like a watered down Oprah.

  7. veggi

    @100- why? is that where all her cheetos and payless shoes are stored?

  8. yo yo

    Tyra is so fat that she has more rolls then Betty Crocker.

  9. kate

    her thighs look great, and she looks beautiful overall. I’m still not decided on her personality, though.

  10. Kamiki

    I love her thighs – mine are positively waif in comparison – thanks Tyra for making the rest of us look slim.

  11. Doomhammer

    Are we still on “corn chip nail tips” ?

    Time to move on fish…..

  12. Triumph the Insult Skeeter

    Trya’s extraordinary-looking in some ways, even now. But her thighs certainly look very ordinary, like lots of chunky girls who don’t compare otherwise. You know the type – they look really hot all dressed up, wearing a short tight skirt, and then they sit down and cross their legs and…suddenly you’re reminded of the family reunion last Thanksgiving with that huge butterball turkey. You still fuck the girl, of course, but it’s nearly impossible to avoid getting an eyeful of her dimpled concrete-block thighs when she puts her panties back on and penguins off to the bathroom. Even doggiestyle is ruined a little bit because when you look down at her ass you can see the sides of those hamhock thighs spreading out even further than her buttcheeks (still, you do doggiestyle anyway, because who wants to look at her face…”what did she say her name was…?” hahaha). But you’d make an exception in Tyra’s case and go face-to-face because she’s got gorgeous eyes…for me to skeet on!!!

  13. First of all, #1, FUCK OFF!!!!!
    Secondly, There is absolutely nothing wrong with Tyra’s body. It’s natural. She’s beautiful. She’s crazy, yeah! But not like Britney crazy or anything.

  14. thiswriterisoncrack

    So she has WOMEN’S thighs!!
    Everyone calling people fat is just pathetic. Why is jiggly thighs an insult? WHO CARES????

  15. Me!

    The writer or writers of this site, if male, are probably homosexual. They only seem to enjoy emaciated females that resemble emaciated teenaged boys or females that have had A LOT of plastic surgery and slap on a massive amount of make-up (the ones that pretty much look like drag queens). Maybe you guys should focus your energy on male celebrities, since you probably wanna fuck ‘em and all.

  16. LayDeeBug

    #77 Vlad –

    Is it wrong that your description with the paddle turned me on?

  17. Tom Tom

    I think some of you made a wrong turn at the search engine.
    This is “The Superficial”. The site you’re looking for is “Women’s Liberation Front”.

  18. And Counting

    #78 – I thought I was putting fuel on the fire. Saw-reeee! Next time I’ll keep my big cake-hole shut and watch the procession.

    Dint think anyone was listening.

  19. Biggus Dickus


    You’re fat aren’t you? It is ok. Really. Just learn to love yourself and accept that guys are not attracted to chunky monkeys like you. Get a vibrator, close your eyes, and pretend a man would make love to you. When guys aren’t attracted to fat cunts it doesn’t mean they’re homosexuals. It means you are a hideous beast and your bloated figure fails to arouse.

  20. Cheerio

    Right on number 119. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  21. @116…..Hell no it’s not wrong. ;-)

  22. Valkyrie

    #95, I’m wearing Nike Airs. I hate Payless. And my ass is fat too. Hey, I played the honesty card.

    I still hate Tyrone Banks.

  23. dandy jim

    she looks good for a black.

  24. Vlad


    Nothing wrong with that. I like to play a little ruff sometimes. (wink, wink)

    Conscenting adults….. in privacy…… etc.

  25. Shallow "Fat-Assed" Val

    #119, YOU KILLED ME!!!!



    And #115, Seriously, the world is just as Superficial as you say it is so buckle up and get a helmet, or join the gym like the rest of us who just can’t give in.

  26. Shipply

    Yea, as monkey whores go she’s not the worst I’ve seen.

  27. LayDeeBug

    #121 – Thanks Tex Tran, you’re a ray of shunlight in an otherwise boring FISH bowl.

  28. Sauron

    A fruitbasket on the top of her head wouldn’t do her harm at all.

  29. One more time, for the slow(metabolism) folks

    There’s nothing wrong with Tyra’s body, except for the head. The thing in the head (a brain? hmmm…maybe, although I watched her show once and I have my doubts…) desperately wants people to think the body is as supermodel-thin as ever, when it clearly, visibly, inarguably isn’t, nor should it be. In these pictures, shoe-horned into her too-small clothes, she looks like a WNBA hooker with a ‘tude. She’s shooting a promo for her show, which seems to be mostly about how she can move her head around like a chicken when she talks, so this is fair game for ripping.

  30. Spook

    And a bone in her nose…..
    And big plates in her lips…..
    And about 20 brass rings around her neck.

  31. Lola Lola

    She’s chunky. Nothing wrong with that and of course, she is slimmer than 80% of Americans but she’s also in denial. She’s NOT a model anymore. No one would hire her cause she’s too fat…fat for a model that is…Is she still pretty, well of course but its time she noticed all that pie has caught up with her.

  32. Mrs. Buttersworth

    Tyra’s beautiful but that dress makes her look like crap in a sack. Does nothing to flatter her curves and accentuates all the wrong parts. (Like her mashed mammories, oddly proportioned legs and spreading waist.) Nothing wrong with being curvy, but that smedium dress is a mess.

  33. Penis Mightier

    She’s hot but she’s also a huge fucking fake bitch….and not as bright as she thinkls she is.

  34. @127 LayDeeBug…..your so welcome, now I can’t get that picture out of my head.

    Off to bathroom to beat my meat, thinking about fucking and spanking. Yummy

  35. Come baby Come... Baby, Baby Come Come

    She isn’t black she’s a coconut.

  36. Ruby

    @133: “…and not as bright as she thinkls she is.” HAHAHA. You’re a fuckhead.

  37. oh, the last name i’m going to call… is the thin girl. looks like tyra is the one who’s gonna leave top model, immediately go to your room and pack up your things.

  38. Spook

    No. She’s definitely black.
    Here is a picture of her telling a story to some kids.

  39. No.

    Never mind her thighs, in the 15th picture there’s a guy behind her with a WAX FACE.

  40. lindsay

    shes not fat and its posts and media and other shit like that making little girls that have round thighs and and bigger bellies feel fet and pop pills and get these disorders. Tyra banks is an African American woman and shit so am I and most of us black families go to family reunions and have cook outs and other shit. Tyra looks fine, I’ve the same shape of a body like Tyra’s and that dont stop men from flirting with me noone ever calls me fat, but thats because she was a model and used to have to be skinny, the girl is thick not fat, her thighs jiggle and so what? thats not news btw we all know what she looks like.

  41. Toomey

    I always told deddy there was too a sasquatch

  42. Jamie

    What the hell is wrong with you? She is not fat. She does not have jiggly thighs. You have major problems. For real. DO you even know what a real woman looks like?? Apparently not, asshole.

  43. IMOA

    Nobody is going to tell you to your face that you are fat. It’s your responsibility to look into the mirror and say “wow, I’m fucking fat, I better do something about this”.

  44. IMOA

    By the way #138, she looks nothing like that picture.
    Her hair is much shorter.

  45. gated community

    @140 lindsay – once I was driving home and I decided to stop in a “black neighborhood” to get a few groceries. I’m pretty sure it was you in front of me – XXL spandex pants, white t-shirt that…almost…made it to the top of the pants (…sigh…), yelling at 4 kids who looked nothing like each other, cart filled with TatterTots and pork rinds and marked-down cupcakes. Lookin good, sista!

  46. ali

    shes cute but a little fucking nuts. and she doesnt need to worry about her weight.

  47. jenny

    check out this embarrasing runway video. i feel a little bad for the girl, but it’s too funny. http://www.mypetpeeves.com/plog/index.php/archives/2827#comments

  48. Lovely

    #140 Since when does being an African American Woman have anything to do with it being ok to be fat?? It’s almost worse… now you’re black and fat… it’s an excuse to have big thighs now?? Please -put your race card back in your playing deck and reserve it for something better than this occasion-

  49. lindsay

    143 but im not fat im over weight slightly over the weight i should be at 5’9″

  50. lindsay

    Oh and 143 its LMAO not LMOA , laugh my ass off

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