Tyra Banks has jiggly thighs

August 7th, 2007 // 236 Comments

Tyra Banks was spotted in NYC over the weekend shooting a commercial for her talk show, promoting the move of the show from Los Angeles to New York. Remember back when she was hot? Before she opened her mouth and everybody realized they hated her? I mean, she still looks pretty good when you can’t hear her, but even that’s getting kind of iffy. Check out her thighs. I’m not calling her fat, but if a pie ever suddenly goes missing you’d probably want to question her first.


  1. pee pee


  2. hot_plate-face

    #48… I bet if I were to stand next to your vagina and shout, I’d hear an echo.

  3. pee pee

    Everything is jiggly on this spade bitch.

  4. Don't Watch Tyra

    Angela Bassett puts her to shame. Now THERE’s a hard working woman who’s REALLY beautiful.

  5. justifiable

    Tyra’s thighs would look a lot better if she had some calves. They’re totally MIA.

  6. pee pee

    Niggar bitch!

  7. Crack Ho

    Wow, this is the first time I actually agree with something Jesse Jackson said.

  8. Shallow Val


    Echo, echo, echo…..

    Please, try harder. So, can you read….

  9. Loves to Watch

    56. peepee

    nice start. Lets see how many idiots take your bait.

  10. justsomebastard

    Well played #56. Now people can fight about racism too. By the way, Fuck You!

  11. Momma Said

    #55, that’s what my momma called “chicken legs”.

  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, her thighs are gross. 1 Tyra thigh = my whole body! She needs to realize that she has gained a nice amount of weight and start dressing the part!


  13. And Counting

    “56. peepee

    nice start. Lets see how many idiots take your bait.”

    So far, One

  14. dr phil

    I think “women of size” (hold on a sec, I’m having a laughing fit now…jesus…whew, ok) look at somebody like Tyra and shape her into what they want to see, a woman who is comfortable with her body and proud of it as it is, even if it doesn’t fit the Hollywood ideal or doesn’t even look much like it used to in her younger days. That’s not who Tyra is at all, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

    And I can totally understand the desire to shape Tyra into something, since her thighs look like Playdough.

  15. Ike

    I’d hit it like I was an escaped con!

  16. Britney's Ratty Wig

    Why does she feel the need to show so much damn skin anyway? If she just dressed better and wore more clothes she would look fine. She’s not fat, but she isn’t in shape either. Cover that shit up girl! To me her squished gigundo boobies look a lot worse than her thighs. Looks like to migets wrestling in a bag. Gross.

  17. Playing the race card

    She fat. She’s an idiot. I just don’t like her.
    I’d still fuck her though.
    Man have such low standards.

  18. Tyra Banks is freakin’ hot!!! She may be vain, and may be “thick” in some areas, but she is totally smokin’! Not the best outfit though…

  19. veggi

    This week on Tyra: Why my four boobs are better than two! Fuckin’ weirdo.

  20. Edan

    Brutal cellulite in pic 5.
    She just needs a trainer.

  21. kix

    She’s not fat. She’s just crazy and wearing an ugly outfit.

  22. Jillblondie

    Amen Jesse Jackson. Well said!

  23. K?

    She looks like, dresses like, & walks like a street-walker.

    Like my grandpa used to say; if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, walks like a duck….. It must be a duck.

  24. Gail

    If she dressed better, in clothes that were classier and fit her better, she’d get less eye-popping attention (like being posted on TheSuperficial). That’s why she wears this stuff instead. I can’t believe there are more than one or two people here who are complimenting this conceited attention whore. It’s like tuning into an alternative radio station and discovering that they’ve switched to an easy-listening format. For one thing – I understand that dumb jiggly girls make guys hard, but if you’re going to say “I’d hit it” at least give an obscene and twisted description of what you’d do to degrade Tyra. Respect the site.

  25. Texas Tranny

    I’d really love to be this bitch’s sissy maid. She could abuse me anytime, like an OTK spanking.

  26. normella

    she’s quite proportioned (except for her chicken legs but who cares?). i wish she would quit lying about her damn weight. she said she was 161 at her heaviest and then she lost 30lbs. there is no way she weighs 130lbs in those pictures, dude. I’m guessing she weighed about 190 at her heaviest (because she’s so tall) and is now at around 160lbs. She shouldn’t be ashamed. She looks like a regular person and she has a great figure.

    She just strikes me as a hypocrite for making such a big deal about not caring if people thought she was fat yet she lies about her weight. gayye.

  27. Vlad

    First I’d bend her over and pour butter between her thighs, just so I could squeeze in. Then I’d take a ping-pong paddle and spank her ass while I fuck her. All the while I’m yelling “squeal piggy squeal”.

  28. justsomebastard

    Fuck you too #63. I came here to start an argument, and you stopped that from happening by criminalizing the bashing of racism. Way to go shit for brains. That worked out fucking great.

  29. my comment

    She’s like a Brontosaurus. Head and brain way too small for such a huge body.

  30. Lovely

    # 64 lmao… and my thighs

  31. lambman

    Tyra is crazy as the day is long, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

    also she is still really, really easy on the eyes.

    If people think she looks fat, they can go worship Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen at the annorexia clinic

  32. marme

    I dont care…I’ll eat what I whan….”licks fingers from the fried chicken”

  33. Cali

    she looks AWESOME- curvy and super sexy

  34. nikky raney

    first off. i like the site’s new look. it’s cute. second of all…
    i think tyra is beautiful lol.
    c’mon post more jessica alba.
    everyone always tells me i look like her
    and when i read all the comments about how hott she is

  35. Lexy

    are u freaking serious? tyra is goregeous!
    just because she isn’t anorexic or stick thin like these hollywood bimbos, she’s fat and sloppy? what is wrong with you all? real women have curves. ya digg?

  36. a

    You people are crazy, this is the best I have ever seen her look

  37. say hello to my foul smelling yellowish green discharge

    The point is, Tyra herself thinks she’s fat. That’s why she’s so desperate to prove that she’s not. Which leads her to wear these silly outfits that make her look…FAT. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps her feeling bad, but she has no insight into all that. Speaking of which, where’s my assistant with the fuckin Haagen-Dazs?!?!!

  38. Annie Rexia

    After seeing those thighs, the greeks would have made her the goddess of thunder.

  39. shubs

    shes gorgeous. but im realllly scared of her lower leg to thigh ratio. either her legs need to be fatter or her thighs need to be thinner. it looks so weird, like her legs are gona snap off! and i aint too sure about the boobie spillover in the main pic, hmmm

  40. Razor

    I can beat that.
    First I would starve her for two days. Then I would rub her down with baby oil. After that me and her are fully nude in an empty room. It’s empty except for a bucket of fried chicken in the corner behind me. The object is; protect the chicken from oily Tyra.

  41. Fat but Fit!

    …as if. Anyway, this is pretty late in the thread to get to Nicole/anorexia and “real women have curves” and all that. A passing ice cream truck must have pulled all the DMV ladies away from their computers right after this story was posted.

  42. star69

    Just because she’s a mega bitch and thinks of herself as a supermodel and has some industry people convinced she is somehow, and has a show where SHE picks America’s Next Supermodel (WTF), am I going to say that she’s a fat, cellulitis covered, old hag who needs to quit modeling forgood. If she wasn’t the bitch she is and didnt think so highly of herself, I would have not cared about these pictures, because the modelling industry creates nothing but anorexic girls all over the world. But theres a healthy body, which is proportioned well and not jiggly like this ghetto ass, and than there’s the bitch ghetto fatass who thinks she needs to be the judge on who shoud be a model or not.
    Have an another burrito Tyre, I mean Tyra.

  43. Tim

    “protect the chicken from oily Tyra”

    LMAO! one of the best closing lines ever…

  44. bl

    nope, still incredibly hot and completely fuckable, horrible show and opinions aside, still really really hot.

  45. Tyra's Left Ass

    She’s not fat. I bet more than 1/2 the people posting on this story right now are FUG, wearing shoes from Payless,and are about to wipe the cheeto crumbs on their leg so they could tell me to fuck off. HA HA HA HA HA.

  46. Richie

    I would eat them thighs up with some mumbo sauce!!!!

  47. Soleil

    what exactly is wrong wither her thighs…I don’t get it….

  48. veggi

    hahahaha! Tyra’s Left Ass Is HUGE!

  49. Her last sports illustrated was airbrushed and photoshopped to the extreme. They cut away at least 15% of her thighs and belly for the cover and these latest pics show what she really looks like. The best part was how obviously bad of a job the graphic artist did on her. I think they were sickened with her vanity and decided to punish Tyra. Working with her would be hell. I love watching arrogant super models get old and go crazy. The superficial has a special place for them.

  50. Tyra's Left Ass

    You should see Tyra’s Right Ass! ha ha ha

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