Tyra Banks has jiggly thighs

August 7th, 2007 // 236 Comments

Tyra Banks was spotted in NYC over the weekend shooting a commercial for her talk show, promoting the move of the show from Los Angeles to New York. Remember back when she was hot? Before she opened her mouth and everybody realized they hated her? I mean, she still looks pretty good when you can’t hear her, but even that’s getting kind of iffy. Check out her thighs. I’m not calling her fat, but if a pie ever suddenly goes missing you’d probably want to question her first.


  1. frist

    FRIST!!!!!!! tyra is def bangable..

  2. Kathleen


  3. i love how people still make fun of tyra banks like shes Not hot, the woman was a damn supermodel, shes hot as all hell, and like 99% of all women the hotness drops when they open their mouth. jiggly thighs, hmmm… yeah shes still hot!

  4. Suzie

    I am astounded that you even believe that her thighs are fat. Like yeah she used to be skinnier but she is still beautiful.

  5. whackjob

    Thighra Banks. Love the old-lady tit strap-down look. I’d still hit it.

  6. now thatz a good looking girl…..bye bye

  7. michelle

    she’s still super hot!!! so what she put a little on but she is 5’10 and if you calculate her BMI, she is not overweight. before she was probably considered underweight!

  8. Splooge

    She’s definitely still sploogeworthy.

  9. hot_plate-face

    Her boobies are silly and dumb.

  10. cactus22minus1

    So did the writer(s) get switched out with the look of this site? Everything has been instantly dumbed down… not funny anymore… :(

  11. ***

    that outfit is fugly

  12. my comment

    Why does she dress like that?


  13. ash

    you’re calling her fat?! i mean sure she isn’t as skinny as she used to be but she is definitely not fat

  14. mrs.t

    I am astounded that anyone could look at those pics and isolate just one problem.

  15. costamar

    Most of you guys must be gay. She’s hot as hell.

  16. for a model, yeah, she's fucking fat

    no no no no no! This was supposed to be the last post on Friday, so all the fattie support group junkies could munch cookies and drink grape soda and write about eating disorder epidemics and their own personal histories with body image isssssssssssues and, um, oh yea, how Tyra is NOT FAT.

    But I’m guessing somebody just set off the national adipose alarm, because now my monitor’s shaking, as the hippos arrive and prepare to comment…

  17. justsomebastard

    Who gives a shit about her BMI. Those thighs do not look good. Models want to be judged based on their appearance, so lets judge them based on their appearance.

  18. Historian

    For the record, “BMI” was first mentioned at comment #7.

  19. Bite Me!

    I think the fish is on crack. There is a little meat on her thigh, but at least she does not look like Nichole Richie

  20. Joheki

    What’s up with poser Christopher Walken in pic. 15.

  21. regular or unleaded

    Still laughing at #16.

    Tyra has pretty eyes. But she looks like a black dude in drag now.

    It’s hard to love someone that already loves herself so much.

  22. ppm

    That looks more like john voight than christopher walken in pic 15. i

  23. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  24. randian

    jiggly thighs? you can totally see that those pics were photoshopped.. the pixellation is off… and when she “opens her mouth” she sometimes says valid things that empower women… she’s a lot better than lohan and hilton either way

  25. veggi

    23- In the fucking kidney!

  26. hot_plate-face

    It looks like someone already hit it. With an ugly stick.

  27. Spare Tyra

    You can’t have it both ways. Tyra Banks is vain, loud, shallow, and quick to criticize other models. She pretended to be well-adjusted to her heavier figure, then after unflattering swimsuit pictures were published she went on a crash diet followed by a publicity binge – continuing to this day – to show she hasn’t become a fatass. She has, and lots of guys like fat asses, but that’s beside the point. She’s more obsessed with looks – her own, because she’s a narcissist – than anybody else, and yet there will be 300 comments here “defending” her. Cows are such sheep.

  28. hot_plate-face

    Women are already too bossy and loud mouthed. They don’t need some fat cow like her making them feel better about themselves.

  29. doomhammer

    Looking at her makes my white cock feel so small. Thanks mega beast.

  30. hot_plate-face

    #29… It’d look bigger if you took it out of your mom’s mouth.

  31. Nanda

    I guess that her pretty face is just nature’s way to repay her for what they did to her personality.

    I personally like it that she tries to talk now! It makes me feel good about myself… Back in the day, when she’d just walk and stand still in front of cameras (the easiest job in the world, I might add), she was far more humilliating.

    Now she’s just a pretty rich lady whose thighs are just about 5 times bigger than her brain. Good for her! Now that she’s done with runways, she can just sit back and enjoy her steaks… I mean, her fame!

  32. Historian

    “Empower” at comment #24.

  33. Shallow Val

    Nothing wrong with the body that a tiny bit of gym work couldn’t fix but the outfits have GOT to go….what is it with the big statuesque girls wearing the little-gals clothing. Tyra and Mariah with their “I’m big and proud” but dressin like they’re still 17, c’mooooon.

    Yeah, yeah, I know it;s a photoshoot, but come on, you’re not a “model” anymore so….Oprah it up girl and put on a nice suit.

  34. woodhorse

    #14 – that’s our Superfish. Astounding. I would like a show of hands: how many men find it attractive for women to tightly strap their giniferous mammary glands so that it looks like there are 4 instead of 2? Only Victor? Well,…..

  35. Simply Put

    She’s a loud fat black bitch.

  36. bubba lubdubski

    and your belly fat makes homer simpson look like a lightweight.

  37. I love her. She’s pretty dumb, but at least she’s not mean or OUTRAGEOUSLY dumb. She’s just a sweet lady. And she’s still totally hotter than most of the other women in Hollywood, if only because she’s so nice.

  38. the teacher

    Nice one #30. Now shouldnt you be in the coat closet eating paste?

  39. hot_plate-face

    No, I’m too busy in the closet eating your mom’s pasty pussy.

  40. Clem

    I agree with most here, she is hot. But I want to see what she looks like first thng in the morning with no make up, no wig, ….and no clothes.

  41. Lovely

    She’s a model…. her job is to not be fat… she’s not doing her job
    We don’t need her empowering any more fat people with her “love you body” no matter what size it is bullshit….

  42. hot_plate-face

    #40… she looks like your drag queen father.

  43. Cindy

    I agree with other commenters that Tyra looks very hot, and I think she works very hard to empower women to rise above body image issues and achieve both physical and psychological health.

    Ok, I just looked at the pictures. She’s quite the attention whore, huh? Still on her ridiculous quest to fit into clothes that looked awesome on her 10 years and 25 pounds ago. So…ummmm…scratch that first part, k?

  44. hot_plate-face

    #43… Cindy… you’re the reason red ball gags were invented.

  45. I_Smoke_Pole

    Eat shit

  46. Christ on a Crotch

    #27, thanks, good parley.

    Boy did SHE flip out over that bathing suit fiasco. For about five seconds before her flip-out, I thought she was actually being “for real” about loving yourself, and all that happy crappy, but then, look out, someone called her fat and it was on.

    Just when you think someone is mayyybe a little real, the “real” real comes out and they are just as vapid and vain as the rest of them.

    What an asshole.

  47. your momz

    Umm since when did not looking like a coked up skeleton mean your fat? Obviously your just looking for something to do with yourself today becuase her thighs look pretty nice to me. But oh wait, this is the world of the superficial and you are getting paid to pull shit out your ass, my bad.

  48. Shallow Val

    #44 in defense of Cindy, read the other half of her post.

  49. Jesse Jackson

    Why all the negativity? She’s not on welfare, and she doesn’t have 5 kids by 5 different (long-departed) men. So she gave into KFC, big deal. That’s about the least destructive way to express her heritage.

  50. Nanda

    I think people should be encouraged to love their bodies as they are. But that’s not what she’s trying to do. She’s not an actual plus size model or one of those hollywood personalities who actually try to rest on their talent to do accomplish anything.

    She’s just a former anorexic model who doesn’t need to starve anymore, and I don’t think that she encourages that “love yourself the way you are” thing. She just encourages you to look hot enough throughout your life so you don’t need it anymore when you turn 30.

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