Tyra Banks has hairy armpits

January 31st, 2006 // 117 Comments

If you’re going to be a super gorgeous supermodel or an insane TV talk show host that likes to say “fierce” a lot, at least have the sense to properly shave your armpits. I understand when women occasionally forget, but there’s no excuse when you’re planning on making a public appearance. You don’t see Tom Hanks walking down the red carpet wearing his pajamas, and you shouldn’t see Tyra Banks at a party sprouting body hair. It’s unnatural, like a unicorn with a huge wart on its ass.



  1. Look at her in this picture. she is too high to remember how to shave.

  2. illflux

    Nasty! I already thought she was a loudmouth moron after (having to) watch her model show and talk show, but now she’s gross as hell, also! By the by, I don’t really see hair in the pics, but her armpit looks like some kind of scarred trauma victim (which, if is really the case, I apologize for my insensitivity).

    I really have to disagree with the “super gorgeous” part, I never found her very attractive at all. But to each his own, I suppose.

  3. The Devil

    Hey, you don’t fuck her armpit.

    I’d do her anyway.

  4. lunarobverse

    Uh, am I the only one who thinks that that close-up picture of Tyra Banks’ armpit… looks like… some OTHER part of Tyra Banks?

    And I can’t tell if that’s good or not.

  5. Mary45

    If you didn’t see the rest of the body attached to that pic you might think it was something else ewwww

  6. Zed

    Maybe she should just skip the whole sleeveless thing altogether and wear something to cover up those armpits rather than letting them hang out there for all the world to see and throw up over.

    It’s looking mighty ugly under there…

  7. senin

    Note to Tyra: cover up your nasty, scarred armpits. If you’re too high or too lazy to shave then consider parting with some of your cash for laser hair removal…

  8. escapevelocity

    #4: luna, you’re not the only one.;p

  9. spamnews

    It has been at least ten minutes since I looked at Internet porn but I think that that armpit bears a very close resemblance to … a vagina! I’m just saying.

    I’d hit that.

  10. cornelius_prot

    fuck the hair, her armpit looks like a retarded monkey’s hemmorhoid.

  11. bootface

    im scared :(

    i’d still hit it

  12. escapevelocity

    #4: actually, that was the first thought that came to mind. i had actually thought they were trying to imply that her armpit looked like a vulva by comparing it to an actual picture of one, but had realized that it was actually a close-up of her armpit.

  13. I know I’m going against the general current here, but…

    So what? It’s not like there’s an unrazed forest there, just a little fuzz. She’s still a beautiful woman, one of the few (from what I’ve read) that hasn’t had cosmetic surgery. So, she’s got a little hair. Big deal.

    And yes, her armpit looks a little weird when you blow it up like that. My armpit looks like a deranged alien queen. The armpits of the world, unite…

  14. HollyJ

    Is that her armpit skin or does she have a rotting medjool date glued up in that crevice? Her armpit is NASTY.

  15. Okay, who Photoshopped in the labia?

  16. mikeski

    “Hey, you don’t fuck her armpit.”

    Maybe *you* don’t, but…y’know…

    Erm, nevermind.

  17. Sebastian De La Ghetto

    cooch armpit. id knock it down.

  18. escapevelocity

    #15: Definitely not photoshopped. Nobody’s clever enough to think this up.=p

  19. _goodeyesniper_

    holy crap! how dare she have body hair like every single other female human! She. Is. A. CELEBRITY.

  20. escapevelocity

    it’s not so much as the hair, but the peculiarity of how her armpit looks. wonder what happened to make it look like that. i’m actually more curios than judgmental.

  21. PinkRose

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one who notice that Tyra says the word “fierce” a lot on her shows..LOL!!

  22. PKClover

    If you were desperate, you could squint and picture this as a Tyra upskirt shot. You know … no panties upskirt shot.

    Oh shuddup! You know you were all thinking it! Or at least you are NOW.

  23. Damn you PKClover. Damn you.

  24. marizzlefoshizzle

    come on! Doesn’t anyone think: BOOB JOB SCAR!! You can get them through the armpit so it’s not as obvious…

  25. Ultraviolins

    Is she still a model now? Maybe standards start falling to the wayside when the need to attain physical perfection isn’t there. I can’t imagine that a contestant on ANTM wouldn’t be eviscerated by the judges for even joking about walking around in public, arms flailing about in the air (more importantly, with armpits less than a foot away from someone’s direct line of vision, should the guy in the pic turn his head), with unshaven pits. Ever.

  26. gossipwhore

    god, her armpit totally looks like a shriveled testicle. thank god she has big boobs.

  27. word_lounge

    i cant really se the hair… but i do see a shaved vagina.

  28. HughJorganthethird

    Relax she just got back from Germany. U know, when in Rome…

  29. I never found her that hot to begin with.

  30. bite_my_skull

    Actually, cibby, I’m not so sure about the no plastic surgery thing anymore. That scar in her armpit looks like something from a boob job. Maybe it’s not, but the first thing I thought when I saw that was “breast augmentation.”

  31. gailmariecat

    I think she should see doctor about that armpit.

  32. amma

    …I think Tyra is gorgeous, and seems like a really nice person.
    I think Tyra’s armpit is wrong, wrong, wrong. Its not the fuzz that is so troubling, though I could do without it. Its the scar…It totally looks like another body part.
    But, what is the scar from???

  33. christenwentboom

    am i the only person that can’t look past her fivehead?

  34. That guy on her lap looks like he smiling at the camera asking “you gettin’ this nasty sh*t?”. LOL hahahaha

  35. playahater101

    Most women, when wearing a tank top, check to make sure they shaved their pits. Hell, you even check when you put on deoderant. She must have run outta the house super fast to not notice that much hair.

  36. billabong021

    Oh man, sucks to be that guy in the pic. I mean, does anyone else see that his existance in this picture’s been eclipsed by Tyra’s hairy arm pitt?

  37. Tracy

    She needs to get that shit biopsied… Me thinks it’s cancer.

  38. ESQ

    It looks like to me she is recovering from what looks like a scar from the massive razor burn she rec’d the last time she shaved her pits. If you forget to shave or just too damn lazy to shave DO NOT wear a sleeveless shirt for others to notice that briar patch underneath those arms. Good grief!

  39. unshavenfan

    It is very “Natural” and I like it. I think it looks sexy :-)

  40. Suite4

    Well hairy or not, the guy who’s holding her looks very happy.

  41. DiamondStudded

    Eww gross!
    She’s also admitted to having cellulite on her butt & arms. Good thing she’s got a pretty face…and a talk show.

  42. escapevelocity

    #39, unshavenfan: … because it looks like the vulva?

  43. keepitrealchick

    i don’t get it…what is that there?

  44. mrs.t


  45. rachel

    Ok I feel like a total pervert but it looks like a totally shaven girl getting screwed from behind…doggy style, yeah baby! =)

  46. HollyJ

    I’m with 24 and 30. You can totally see the slightly lightish scar of the implant insertion line. TOTALLY busted for breast augmentation.

    Shame, since she’s always claimed hers were “real.”

  47. AngelFire

    Looks like Paris Hilton’s skanky cootch!

  48. citygirlin212

    Helloooooo, earthlings……are you kidding about hairy armpits being “unnatural”. Reminder: Women actually naturally have hair on their bodies. And you know what??? They poop too! Surprise!!

  49. Lilmissy

    What are you a pervert, Gee’s you think anything is kool!

  50. jennyjenjen

    Good call on the boob job scars 24! Hey 13, they’ve all had surgery!

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