Tyra Banks gropes Rosie O’Donnell

April 26th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Tyra Banks dropped by The View and for some reason started grabbing Rosie O’Donnell’s breasts. Sure, it’s all fun and games when Tyra Banks does it, but when I do it suddenly I have to check in with a judge twice a week. Not that I’d ever grab Rosie O’Donnell’s breasts. Jesus, no. I’d rather put my hands in lava than on her chest.



  1. heyheyhey

    geez, whats the deal with lesbian bashing on this site?

    yet when the Isaiah Washington post was up bcuz of his “homophobia” against a male actor, yall were all over him. its very interesting.

    #14–no, not all lesbians are too ugly for a man to want them. i should know cuz i’m one, and me and my girlfriend are both scary hot [check the myspace!]..there are plenty of ass ugly women who somehow find a man to be with them, just like men don’t turn gay just cuz they’re ass ugly

    rosie sucks.
    tyra’s obviously psychotic

    lets focus on these points, shall we?

  2. meee

    hahaha that’s awesome

  3. bribear__x3


    who would want to touch her breasts?


  4. lambman

    Looks like some giant foreheaded psycho is trying to get herself a job as Jaba the Hut’s replacement.

  5. cm

    Great going, Tyra, I’m going to have nightmares for a month.

  6. woodhorse

    #20 LOL. But seriously, Tyra became hysterical when Quatro burst forth and said “You Must. Reach.. The . Artifact”

  7. wedgeone

    #56 – Quatto, not Quatro.

  8. #55 i second that.
    Tyra, you USED to be glamor girl of the century. now you’re just a fuckin weirdo. grabbing rosie? i mean yeah, you’re a lesbian and you’re trying to find small ways to let it be known to the public, but grabbing a man that looks like a woman that just looks like…a man is not only the end of humanity, but u just ruined my hard on!!!

  9. I think I know why Tyra was screaming when she grabbed Rosie’s tits. They were biting her. See, she doesn’t have tits. Remember that scene in “Total Recall” where the dude lifts up his shirt and he has that little guy living in his stomach? Rosie has two of him on her chest.

  10. Truthseeker013

    Rosie went home happy. Isn’t *that* all that should really matter?

  11. Superfish

    #60 wouldn’t it be better if she went home dead?

  12. woodhorse

    #57 Sorry. Should have researched better. I was just caught up in the vision of Rosie unconscious, arms flapped out, small ugly person emerging from tires of white flabby flesh, the joy of someone speaking other than her….. you get it.

  13. woodhorse

    #59!!!! me (#56) and #57 already said that…..

  14. woodhorse

    43 – funny and rude.

  15. no1justminda

    that’s not the first set of saggies Tyra has grabbed publicly…

  16. JD

    At least when she grabed Katherine Mcphee boobs it looked good, Link to that:http://www.watt-up.com/fplayer/kat.htm
    What next Rosies cock?

  17. StudsyMcSex

    Studsy has just lost to Satan in a card game and must now play a terrible round of Death Is Not An Option: feel up Rosie like Tyra did or stick his willy into a bag of angry, buzzing Africanized bees.(Jeopardy music)

    *whips out willy*

  18. CarnieWilson

    I can understand her milking katherine mcphee’s boobies for ratings, but this makes absolutely no sense, this would make the ratings go in the opposite direction, I think tyras trying to sabotage the view.

  19. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Clothing hanger, or airplane hangar? I don’t get it. Sorry, the flab kneading has really done my head in.
    Ew. I can’t even comment. Just ew.

  20. sol

    i would have been less disgusted if that had been Tyra and John Goodman. or even Tyra and John Candy (in his current state).

  21. Looks like the View will be going back to its boring out shit without Rosie..sucks..that chick from Survivor(Elizabeth is the stupidest person alive…talk about a Republican croonie,,she’s f’n stupid…replace that twat,not Rosie,,

  22. I’m surprised that Elisabeth was actually laughing at this, a woman grabbing another woman’s breasts is SO UNREPUBLICAN !!!

    I would’ve suspected that little sneaker designer to instantly die of a vagal shock … So long Pro-war Celiac Morning after-pill fake Survivor …

  23. wedge1

    Hmmm …. maybe this was Tyra’s audition to be Rosie’s replacement?
    Raisin is a better name for Rosie methinks. Her naked body probably has more lines & creases in it than a raisin. A 350 pound, pasty white raisin with dark hair.

    Eerrrrp! {running to the toilet to puke}

  24. HughJorganthethird

    first, take two plastic bags, then fill them with 4 week old cottage cheese. Beat them on the pavement for 5 minutes and viola! You have a perfect approximation of Rosies tits.

  25. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Huh, Who knew that Models knew how to milk cows?

  26. rebecca

    is Tyra like plum crazy???

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