Tyra Banks gropes Rosie O’Donnell

April 26th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Tyra Banks dropped by The View and for some reason started grabbing Rosie O’Donnell’s breasts. Sure, it’s all fun and games when Tyra Banks does it, but when I do it suddenly I have to check in with a judge twice a week. Not that I’d ever grab Rosie O’Donnell’s breasts. Jesus, no. I’d rather put my hands in lava than on her chest.



  1. At-Law

    The heading should read “Psycho Drama queen gropes Piggy to make her squeal!”

    I think I just got sick.

  2. BarbadoSlim

    Tyra’s in the running for Rosie’s douche title.

    She’s looks like a giant forehead with a mouth in the middle.

  3. itspat

    how did she know which fat roll was the tits?

  4. Way to make Rosie’s day. Is that going to cause problems at home with the missus????

    Or a big gay 3 way…

  5. wedgeone

    That is the most disturbing, crass, uncouth, disgusting, repulsive clip I have ever viewed. They sicken me.

  6. Jimbo ?

    That is just gross. I am all for lesbians, but Rosie is not a lesbian. She is a fat ugly scary bitch that can not find any guy to fuck her so she has to do women. I don’t think Tom Arnold would fuck her and look how long he was with Rosann

  7. caljenna

    Why is Tyra moving like Lisa Kudrow in ‘Romy and Michelle’, does she have scoliosis?

  8. I felt about as inspired to watch that video as I would to let a midget repeatedly stab me in the groin with a searing hot hangar shard.

  9. Nando

    Tyra Gropes & Kneads Rosie.


  10. Jimbo ?

    FRIST – yes is was wrapping. How are you doing today. You were great in my dreams last night. I really like that leather teddy you were wearing.

  11. wedgeone

    Guess that I shouldn’t have eaten fish for lunch today. It never tastes as good coming back up as it does going down.

    Where were the obscenity police when this happened? If a dude would have grabbed a woman’s breasts on live TV like that, it would immediately get blacklined or edited out. The FCC has fined millions for a lot less offensive stuff than this.

  12. FRIST!!!

    WTC is a hangar shard??

  13. wedgeone

    The only thing more sickening than this video clip is getting trolled on a celeb-bashing website by a loser with child-sized genitalia and no life.

    LIKE YOU, #5!

  14. tits_on_snack

    #6 that’s all lesbians, minus the daddy-fucked-me ones in pornos.

  15. Plastic Sturgeon

    I almost hate Tyra Banks more than Paris Hilton.

    Rosie is ugly and fat, but at least she says what she thinks. She can also be funny at times.

    Too bad she is leaving The View. I was hoping she would eat that Republican, younger, blonde, chick on the show.

  16. PunjabPete

    So much evil in one room at once… The horror… the horror….

  17. Bitchplease

    Rosie was in heaven! She pretended to not like that, lol. I bet she had a hippo orgasm.

  18. There’s a really disgusting taste in my mouth after seeing that. I’m sitting in class, ignoring what’s going on, and now I wish that I had just been taking notes like a good little girl instead. God that was hideous.

  19. kathleen170

    Tyra’s just trying to please the lesbian.

  20. BarbadoSlim

    As Richard would say, Rosie is a sturdy, full figured and asymmetrical woman, yet, still very attractive.

  21. Plastic Sturgeon

    @19 No. More like Tyra is an attention and ratings whore.

  22. Plastic Sturgeon

    @20 As David Gest said of Richard saying of Rosie: “She is a strong willed, fabulous, out spoken individual, with thick, luscious, black hair, and a sturdy build.

  23. @18 – I like your idea of a link to your business. I think I will include mine from now on

  24. PunjabPete

    Please God, don’t Tyra declare another Panty Party right now… I just cannot bear to see that…

  25. Jimbo ∞

    Well, when you put it that way, Richard, I just might arm-rape her after all.

  26. It’s like she’s grabbing two sloppy hamburgers.

  27. Yune

    Dear Lord.

  28. PunjabPete

    The good news is that in tomorrow episode of the view, They will have Andy Dick on attempting to cram a 2X4 up Rosies ginormous blowhole… I think it is safe to say that there is nothing she won’t do now that they have buttered the door jam and are preparing for her departure….

  29. AmandaEqualsWhat

    Haha Jimbo… Your link didn’t work, but I see that your mind is working. Nicely done.

  30. Jimbo ?

    Hey I see my troll is back.

    @29 I will be happy to make a house call

  31. @10 Oh thanks Jimbo, I got it at Costco

  32. AmandaEqualsWhat

    @30, I’m all set in that department, but good luck to you.

  33. Jimbo ?

    Hey Troll – I am making a Costco run. I will be back in an hour. Please contine making witty comments for me. Also, If you get “AmandaEqualsWhat” address, email it to me

  34. veggi

    Didn’t Tyra grab another girls boobs on her own show….. that american idol chick? WTF, and I mean WTF is wrong with her?

  35. MrSemprini

    You can’t tell right now but I am weeping copiously. What a travesty. To think that Tyra gets away with this and I get community service for going into a Victoria Secrets, taking a bra off the counter and asking one of the salesgirls if they can “help me fill out this form”.

  36. Bob Ueker

    Jimbo throws another pitch and again it’s juuuust a bit outside…

  37. ivve

    I think we should start compiling material now for Tyra history month next year. Truly a shining moment in her illustrious career. Tyra, you are a bastion of hope for all young girls. Whether their dreams are to starve themselves to a runway career or grope women on national television, you support them all. Where would the world be without you?

  38. 12 – The shard of a hangar … reasonably self-explanatory.

  39. Yep.

    Tyra’s lost it.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  40. Binky

    I guess Tyra heard Rosie had guts and wanted to check it out
    (But I think she should have then moved beside Rosie,done the same to Carrie Ann Inaba…
    oh…sorry… and then given Elizabeth a wedgie)

  41. MrSemprini

    Does it count if you burp some throw-up?

  42. Pikachelsea

    wtf, why is Tyra so obsessed with boobs? Anyone remember when she grabbed that other chick’s boobs on her show? Closet lesbo much!

  43. wedgeone

    #41 – that’s what my bride said to the priest after she said “I do.”

  44. BlacKats

    Rosie makes first contact: http://rosiefirstcontact.ytmnd.com/

  45. fergernauster

    Oh, my. The shards of mammary lard were jiggling like jello there, to be sure.

    I wanna see it again… this time, in slo’ mo’.

  46. You guys are so MEAN! I love Rosie! Infact me and Rosie share 4 things in common, a great sense of humor, a set of floppy bitch tits, a dick, and the ability to rub our dick thru our own floopy bitch tits!


  47. allyoops!

    tyra touching rosie, not cool…

    however, if you follow the link to tmz.com, and look to the right you will see a another video of tyra groping a woman…now that is worth watching, twice…once to erase the image of tyra touching rosie, and once more to imprint the new memory…

  48. NCDave

    I’d rather grope a rabid racoons sac. That’s so nasty but it would be hard to tell if you were groping boobs or one of her spare tires, since rosie’s got more spare tires than Jeff Gordon’s pit crew.

  49. beer


  50. NotTheMomma

    I bet the pig goes home and takes a baseball bat to her crotch and masturbates, thinking about Tyra squeezing her boobs.
    Probably sitting on her girlfriend’s face right now, saying “Say you’re Tyra, say you’re Tyra!”
    What a bag of pig fat.

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