Tyra Banks gets her own holiday, you still have to work

Tyra Banks celebrates her 500th episode of The Tyra Banks Show today. She stopped by The View (video after the jump) to announce that Mayor Bloomberg has officially proclaimed today “The Tyra Banks Show Day.” Sadly, it’s not a national holiday and I should probably stop downing this champagne. But it’s so bubbly! Anyway, while on The View, Tyra weighed in (Pun intended.) on the Miley Cyrus debacle:

“She is a 15-year-old, and I just wish everybody would leave her alone! It was just a little sexy.”

Wow. Tyra Banks on The View discussing Miley Cyrus. It’s almost like the producers over there want to beat us senseless with excitement. I’m pretty sure I have a black eye. No, wait, that’s when I popped the cork on this champagne. *chugs* I like it when it tickles my nose who wants to go to the strip club and then we’ll nachos with the car drive I’m okay. CAPTAIN KIRK!

Photos: Splash News